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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 パク・ボゴム ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』♥ Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok

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June 13 Article about Bogummy. 

Credit to ABS-CBN Lifestyle and Almira Blancada


In Focus: Park Bo Gum Characters We Love And Would Totally Date In A Heartbeat IRL

By: Almira Blancada


With the announcement of Park Bo Gum's first fan meeting here in the Philippines that's about to happen this coming June 22 at SM Mall Of Asia Arena, we're sure that every BoGummies is excited to attend and hangout with this dapper actor!  

Currently known as South Korea's "Nation's Little Brother", Bo Gum first acted in the 2011 film Blind and ever since, he has climbed his way into our hearts with his undeniable charm! But, aside from being a handsome and generous young man IRL, as we all know, Bo Gum has also played characters that are too perfect to handle. And if we ever meet someone like these characters in real life, we would totally date them instantly! So, if you're curious to know which characters we're talking about, scroll through our list now! 

1. Kim Jin Hyuk of Encounter (2018)

From the drama that made us hold on our seats because of how addicting it is, Park Bo Gum played the 29-year-old handsome and free-willing character Kim Jin Hyuk. He's adored by almost everyone, even by the elderly people who lives in his area. Aside from being good-looking, he's also quite a risk-taker who doesn't mind living his life just to be with the girl he truly loves. He's caring, understanding, and totally someone you could describe as the guy who you would want to be with forever. With his sweet personality, we're not surprised that politician daughter Cha Soo-hyun fell in love with him! 


2. Lee Yeong of Love In The Moonlight (2016)

Lee Yeong is the Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty. He's the kind of person that always brightens up the room when he walks in. Although he's a responsible guy who enjoys listening to music and reading books more than anything, he also has a prankster side which truly makes him so adorable.

And one more thing that truly made us fall in love with him even more is how he protects his love interest Hong Ra-On. At first, they had this cat-dog relationship, but when he finally realized his true feelings, there's no moment that he wasn't a gentleman towards her! Well, there's totally a reason why this drama caused Bo Gum a rise with his career because his character is just a total boyfriend material. Plus, their love story is definitely something we wouldn't mind watching over and over again, and wouldn't mind experiencing IRL, too! Can we have our own Lee Yeong already? 

3. Choi Taek of Reply 1988 (2015)

One of the characters that made us cry and laugh at the same time is Choi Taek of Reply 1988. The first time you see him, you might think he's handsome yet foolish. But the more you get to know him, the more you see that there's more than his playful persona. He's decisive and very honest. That's why when he wants something, he usually gets it because he's always determined.

Same goes when he fell in love with his friend Duk Seon who he wasn't afraid on showing his feelings, but also understood that he has to work hard and show that he deserves her before he could be with her. Taek is always affectionate towards Duk Seon and treats her like a princess. You can say that he's absolutely proud of his feelings for her, and he would do anything to prove it.

It's safe to say that almost all of the characters that Park Bo Gum played is an ideal boyfriend to most of us. And as much as we want to see him try a 'bad boy' role next time, we wouldn't mind seeing another gentleman character being played by him because it's truly perfect for him—-we think it's because he's one IRL.


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Koreaboo posted 2 articles about Bogummy and BTS V... 


One about their visit to the cafe in Busan: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/busan-cafe-bts-v-juice-cat-park-bo-gum-friends-reunion-hanging/?preview_id=509150 


A Busan Netizen Spotted BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum Chugging Melon Juice at Her Café

BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum also fed her cat during their hangout at her café.



Just today, a café owner in Busan uploaded a post on her official Instagram account sharing a story about how she witnessed BTS‘s V and Park Bo Gum together at her café.




The post starts off with, “I don’t know if this is a dream or real life. I can’t believe BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum came to my café.




She then continued, “From the moment they came in, to the moment they left, they were friendly, mannerly, kind and handsome. I realized once again that they are world-class stars for a reason. I was happy to meet them, I’m thankful, and I’ll be cheering them on.



And at the end of the post are hashtags that read, “They chugged melon juice all in one go.




According to the café owner, the two gave snacks to the cat that was there, took photos together, and had an all-around enjoyable time.



BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum are well-known to be close friends who make time to hang out together in the midst of their very busy schedules.




And it appears that BTS’s visit to Busan for their upcoming fan meeting was no exception for the two best friends to meet and catch up.



The other one Bogummy's replies to V's posts: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/park-bo-gum-bts-v-photos-happy-toes-comments-hilarious-best-friends/



Park Bo Gum Responds to a Hilarious Comment Made About BTS V’s Toe in Recent Photos

Park Bo Gum has V’s back, even on Twitter.




BTS‘s V recently shared photos of himself on Twitter, and his best friend, Park Bo Gum responded to an unexpected but hilarious comment made by a fan.


In the shared photos, V can be seen walking in a leisurely manner while holding an umbrella and showing off a gorgeous smile.



The photos were captioned, “Busan is nice“, and Park Bo Gum responded to this in the comment section with the remark, “Your footsteps look like they’re enjoying themselves, too.




This then drew many fans’ eyes to V’s feet, and one fan made the hilarious comment, “Your toe seems to be having fun, too. Hahahahaha.




And when Park Bo Gum saw this, he replied to the comment himself with an emoticon of a smiley covering his lips with its index finger as if he was telling the fan to keep it a secret.




It wasn’t long ago that V and Park Bo Gum were spotted together at a cafe in Busan, and it appears that Park Bo Gum is looking out for his friend on Twitter as well with the secret of V’s toe almost getting out



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Thank you @autumnight for kept updating the first page. Whenever I visit this forum and seeing the new pict of bogum, its make me happy!

@Sakurafairy his English is really good, wow!  :wub: he was touring Busan with his friend, V. Really want to say thank you to V, I know he is super busy and just comeback to Korea. Their friendship is precious. (We know that our boy wont stay in his hotel room)

@gumtaek tngt last update OMG, he's age backwards. Lol we celebrating his 27th birthday but why he look like he is in his twenty. :huh: 



We will get a new update from his fanmeeting this week, cant wait!

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I found this article. Its kinda weird tho. Maybe the journalist is their shipper or something:sweat:

https://www.kstarlive.com/article/2019/06/17/park-bogum-left-a-comment-on-bts-v-s-photos-and-he-did-not-let-anyone-else-join-his-chat-with-taetae-236642/w7SLxdmkoulHEP BB

Park Bogum Left a Comment on BTS V's Photos, and He did NOT Let Anyone Else Join His Chat with TaeTae

Park Bogum is all possessive(?) towards his best friend V. 


On June 15th, V took to BTS' official Twitter account to share two of his photos he took in Busan, before the fan meeting. In the photos, V is seen strolling around the park while smiling to the camera. V wrote, "Busan is nice."




Image Source: Twitter '@BTS_twt' 


Best friend Park Bogum then left a comment, "I can tell that you are happy from your steps." When a fan tried to join the talk, however, Park Bogum jokingly rejected him/her. The fan wrote, "I also can tell that he is happy from his toes." In reply, Park Bogum simply gave the fan a shushing emoji, indirectly tell him/her to... leave the conversation. 




Image Source: Twitter


Park Bogum and V are well-known as best friends. The two have been several times caught spending times together and giving their support to each other. 

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