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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 パク・ボゴム ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』♥ Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok

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Park Bo Gum teasingly said that he visited a Tower Record shop and saw many

unsold #Bloomin' CDs.


Then someone shouted: "I will buy 30."


Bogummy then very seriously said  2x (the 2nd time he asked the translator's help):

"I am only joking. Don’t buy a CD anymore. Keep your money."


credit: littlebogummydiary IG

Trans & tweeted by @sword0616



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13 hours ago, gumtaek said:

The first part was the best and funniest thanks to Mimi San! Even the interpreter has burst into laughter and tears. Bogum bites his lips before making a further joke of the sound of Cicada.


Ah I see... because min-min-min is the sound that min min-zemi makes? :sweatingbullets:

So that's what the whole wosha wosha, chongwa chongwa was about :joy: 

@rahma92 looks like the MC wasn't confused, she started it lol 


19 hours ago, gumtaek said:

Here's a continuation of video segment where they and the audience were laughing so much!


Is this one translated yet? 

BG:  I first take a shower... face, shampoo...

MC: So you go home without taking off your make up first? 

BG: It depends on the situation... 

MC: So basically you take a shower after coming home... Somewhat, thank you very much.

BG: Why are you saying thank you??   

MC: That's true... why am I saying thank you? Shawa shawa shawa.... 

BG: *laughs*


Hahaha the MC is cute :joy: Shawa is shower in Japanese but when she said it like that it sounds like cicada sound again :joy: 

Are there other videos that have not been translated yet? This is fun :D

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6 Shows in 2 days, I hope Bo Gum is getting some rest now :heart:






Cr: logo


@rahma92 he's only saying chongwa chongwa and sorry at the beginning of that video and I've already translated the part where he said "I will never forget chongwa chongwa"... :D

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