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Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 パク・ボゴム ♥ Debut single『Bloomin’』♥ Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok

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Inside the Fanmeet Venue..some really went in early!

Dx0LG0AU0AEoml6.jpg                                                                                                @linomoon_rico Twitter


Happy 30,000th !:D:D:D


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Unseen pictures of JH from Cuba at Bogum’s fanmeeting



unseen pictures from Press Conference and interviews



Looking forward to his fanmeeting today 

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@gumtaek The kiss that JH gave JM in the playground was an ad-lib. Bogum decided to kiss him, P.O didn’t move during the scene and stood still during the kiss which made it weirder. When the MC teases P.O, he said it’s because he likes kisses. 


While showering he washes from down to up. He prefers mother’s cooking, pears over apples, snow boarding, cards over cash, dogs over cats chocolate, chicken over pizza and jajangmyeon over jampong. 


He sang drunken truth to one lucky member in the audience, he was singing over the phone while she sat in her seat. He didn’t use the mike so that only she could really experience the drama moment. :wub:

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