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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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Na PD is totally sneaky genius bastard. Now number of the ladies who are expected to watch the show has risen to 16764612578981267657XXX . And I guess, all those ladies will definitely stare wide at the screen. hoping to catch a glimpse or two...


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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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Park Bogum and Irene wear couple knits on 'Music Bank'


Newsen - Nate: Park Bogum and Irene complete their couple look, chemistry that Deoksun would envy

1. [+376, -39] Look at his broad shoulders!! Bogumie's rocking the comma hairstyle~

2. [+345, -46] They're both pretty~ ♡♡♡

3. [+177, -56] They indeed match..

4. [+282, -238] Irene keeps using Park Bogum for media play ㅋ

5. [+57, -28] It annoys me how good they look together ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+33, -19] Feels like they have a thing for each other. Date^^~~~ You two match

7. [+29, -4] Both are such good MCs ♡♡♡

8. [+25, -7] They're shooting their own We Got Married every Friday on Music Bank ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+23, -7] Why is Irene so pretty


Dispatch - Naver: "Looking good in whatever pose"... Park Bogum vs Irene, heart flutters

1. [+8,656, -566] Park Bogum's flaw is that he's nice to every girl TT

2. [+5,780, -276] The two people I'm most envious of in the world are Irene and Hyeri

3. [+5,196, -162] As a Reply fan, he had good chemistry with Hyeri but it turns out that he's a chemistry fairy


Hankyung - Naver: Park Bogum "What's Hyeri's name saved as on your phone?"

1. [+8,261, -291] Park Bogum's an actor of good character.. Don't ever lose your roots. Hwaiting!

2. [+5,751, -261]  Why does he have such a pretty way with words?~ I want to see Bogumie everyday

3. [+4,960, -248] He's such a warm person

4. [+4,476, -216] The Reply cast did so well in their interviews

5. [+4,119, -223] He's so cool... Hwaiting!

souce : kkuljaem

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4 hours ago, rynn_peace said:

'Entertainment Weekly' Hyeri, Message to Park Bo Gum "Husband, I love You"



KBS2 Entertainment Weekly broadcasted Feb, 13rd had interview with Girls Day.

Girls Day member got a question "If I were Hyeri, whom I would choose as my husband?" For this question, Hyeri answered " I will live by myself". But 30 minutes before, Hyeri delivered a pleasant message "Husband, I love you~" to Park Bo Gum

[+5066/-740] Lee Hye Ri Park Bo Gum, hwaiting for both of them!!!

[+3242/-530] All baduki, all kkakka... sabeomnim (master) and samonim (master's wife/ lady/madam) are so cute

*(I think suntaek shipper call themselves with baduki and kkakka (snack), they called Taek as sabeomnim and DeokSun as samonim)

[+3752/-832] Both of them are so cute to each other in every interviews .. Park Bo Gum Hyeri I hope only good things that will happen to you

[+2667/-526] Heol kekekeke it's really good

[+2117/-553] Kekeke Girls Day so cute


AWWWWW I miss these two :3

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"Handsome Princes" Park Bo Gum Yeo Jin Goo must be close friend



source : kukmin ilbo

Actor Park Bo Gum and Yeo Jin Gu have been seen watching musical "Le Passe Muraille / The Man Who Walked Through Walls" on Saturday, February 13rd. The female lead Bae Dae Hae took photo together with them and uploaded it in her SNS.

[+62/-0] Two warm hearted young men, Park Bo Gum and Yeo Jin Goo ~ If they do movie or drama together, it will be awesome

[+65/-2] Bogummy ... seems you spent a nice saturday with Jin Goo ~~

[+53/-0] It's so heartwarming~~ I break into a smile just by looking them

[+53/-1] It will be amazing if both of them acting together in movie or drama. I guess all movie directors are looking at them

[+48/-0} They are really good looking haha

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From musical actress Bae Da Hae's IG. Park Bogum & Yeo Jingoo went to see musical 'The Man Who Walked Through Walls' at Hongdae Art Center on Feb.13.


After that, Bogum went back home by himself by subway, he was spotted at the nearest subway station.

He is majoring musical acting at university, he watches musical a lot, so he is spotted often. I hope to see him perform musical someday.

KBS drama awards Dec/2015, Bogum is saying "Chookahae" (Congratulations!) to Yeo Jingoo when Jingoo won the new actor award.


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26 minutes ago, ppp_una said:

I wonder if he also took a picture with Yoo Yeon Seok at the musical (he's the main lead).  Chilbongie and Taekie together - cuteness explosion.  Life would be complete 


My friend said they watched musical when the main lead who performed is Lee Ji Hoon, not Yoo Yeon Seok.

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On 2/13/2016 at 0:35 AM, deeand said:

why I can't find news related hyeri or girl's day show up at music bank when PBG is MC-ing?

found this at hyeri instagram? beautiful and cute at a sametime.


Hidden Content



Here's the link to the video


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Can I share this? This is when PBG was still not in the limelight.But his passion for acting is still visible,and he's so polite and respectful towards people too.Also see 'Choi Taek's 'baduk etiquette' in action around [2:00-3:00 mark],how cleverly he dodges the bullet,even the interviewers praised his conversational skills lol.


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7 hours ago, Yesin Lee said:

Park Bo Gum and Hyeri's Timing is perfect! Look at them next to each other in the survey! and same percentage! It's really a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! PLS VOTE FOR PARK BO GUM AND HYERI. Here is the link: http://sia.interest.me/survey PLS KEEP ON VOTING UNTIL FEBRUARY 24, 2016! Thanks! :)


Bogummy is like my daily vitamin! Thanks all for postings! 

Edited by ksks111
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The official poster for YOF-Namibia is out! And they look like they're having SO MUCH FUN.


By the way... just as a reminder so nobody gets in trouble... please make sure to delete the images when you're quoting a forum post, because quoting images is against the forum rules.

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7 hours ago, catrinrita0316 said:

Hello! finally decided to make a Soompi account. I'm a lurker here and been a long time fan of Park Bo Gum. Happy Valentines! from PBG

hello wish you have a happy spazz with us.

Thank you for everyone fo give me a lot of Bo Gum vitamins love you all. and wishing you and your family healthy, happy and wealthy :lol:.

1 hour ago, beldaran said:

By the way... just as a reminder so nobody gets in trouble... please make sure to delete the images when you're quoting a forum post, because quoting images is against the forum rules.

is it okay if I put quote picture in spoiler? I just can't push delete button to rid away Bo Gum pictures they were to lovely :tears:

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