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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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@mellinadear, how can we forget the R88 kiss scenes, uri Bogum was so good at it. Btw, since we are in this topic, i'm just curious, regarding the kissing scene in final episode of MDBC, it is really just on the philtrium? Coz when i watched it from different angel, seems it's not. Aigoo, i am so bad for asking this question :lol:

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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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@mellinadear I concur, In Reply  due to Taek's character  love line was slightly more mature while in moonlight I started to look forward to get angsty part because they were like puppies most of the time  lol   both were youth romance after all so we have yet to see mature romance from him that's something to look forward,  I hope he works with a charismatic or older actress when the time comes ^^

@mai5116 lol, I'm pretty sure he had to kiss corner of her lips one of those takes that's why he says he doesn't  remember pfff let's not pressure him :D 

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@stroppyse A million thank yous for your translation! 

I couldn't help but teared up when I first read that article. Our boy... How can one not love him? Always considering, always thoughtful about other people. I'm not sure why but the more I read about him, the more my heart aches. I'm sad that he has to sacrifice a big part of his ordinary life for the popularity he has now but for his and fans' safety, I guess it can't be help. Just hope that he won't be too burdened by his popularity and I also hope that fans will be more considering in the future.

Also, thank you @mai5116 :).

@ruka18 LOL OMG jjamppong :lol:. Why do I have a feeling that this word will become famous after this? "I'm super jjamppong right now" haha.

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Thanks @stroppyse for the translation. Feel sorry for him. He's worried about what people might think if he starts to respond less to fans (for safety reasons). There are sometimes when celebs do avoid shaking and then some fans will say he/she has the "celebrity disease". For BG to be able to voice it out, it's understandable. He's beginning to be more aware of the world he's in right now. Where people will keep digging and digging his past just to become see if he was the same or has some flaws. 

Being a Celeb is hard and I pray & hope that Bogum finds the strength to hold on and keep his head up high within that crazy industry.

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Thank you so much for the translations. Seriously, who can resist this boy? Not only is he outwardly beautiful, but more importantly, inwardly as well. The part where he says he is entitled to privacy resonated with me so much. And the way he said it, like he is apologetic that he is entitled to things that he can't share with his fans but at the same time he is protective and adamant for one shows how strong his convictions are. I am sure he will be able to balance things out eventually. I am so very happy he can say things likw this out loud. Such courage and openness.

And I am very glad he is able to roam around LA without worries. He has always been such an adventurous tourist, and I am sure he is enjoying the freedom right now. I am quite content with pictures of his back taken from a safe distance. I get iffy sometimes looking at fanpics of him so close, thinking if the cam was shoved to his face, so those LA pics are a delight for me. 

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@onlysb1, thanks for clarifying my curiousness, LOL! So, what i thought it's not wrong actually. Okay, i won't pressure him anymore, i'll just take his answer as to wait for him to become more MATURE. Aigooo, Bogum-ah, you make me :lol:

@stroppyse, then i should tag you more often! No, seriously, cheongmal kamsahamida for your effort in doing the translation for all of us here. I really appreciate it. And thanks again for the latest article translation. It touched my heart on how concerned Bogum was towards his fans. And i can understand the phase he's going through right now, for not able to do what he used to eg : taking his favourite subway. Compare to one year ago, his popularity has skyrocketing without he ever expected. But Bogum-ah, you really deserves it after so much hard work that you've put into. I really hope people should focus more on his acting rather than digging up his personal life. For me, no matter how popular the actor/actress, their personal life is not something that we can meddle into. Unless the statement comes straight from themselves.

I'm happy to see that he's enjoying his time in LA. Being able to jog around without being mob, he must be relieved :)

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Park Bo-gum to hold HanaTour autograph event

Updated : October 31 2016


Actor Park Bo-gum will hold an autograph event for fans on Nov. 10 at the HanaTour headquarters in Jongno-gu, Seoul. 

Park has been an official model for HanaTour since June. He is holding the event to promote HanaTour’s 10th anniversary online International Travel Show. 

The event will be limited to 100 fans, who will be chosen at random from applicants. 

Applications will be accepted from Monday to Sunday via https://ko.research.net/r/hanatourfanevent

The travel show will run from Nov. 7 to Nov. 27. It will feature winter travel tips, travel destinations and promotional sales events. 

By Lee Sang-won (sangdoze@Heraldcorp.com)
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Wow, thanks for the news @sara2908! So, that's what the update for Hana Tour that i've posted this morning, i'm sorry i can't understand Hangul :blush:. So, he's going to have 2 fan signing events after he came back from his overseas trip, another one on the 19th.



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@mai5116Bogum will be super busy after coming back from the trip. Wondering when will be his trip to Europe. 

I am waiting for FM news. Really hope it will be release earlier so that it is easier for fans to make plans and worrying whether can get the tickets.

Will be reading all the interviews later to truly take it in. Thanks to all translator. 


Bogum in the top 3 OST chart



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@sara2908, yes, i can see that too. Maybe he'll be traveling to Europe after the 19th fan sign event because it would be too hectic for him to fly again after Hana Tour event and get back to Seoul before 19th. Just my assumption, lol :D. And yeah, i'm looking forward to his FM news, which country he'll choose to. BTW, i'm not sure if he'll attend the AAA event ceremony. The award event will be on the upcoming 16th November. Some of the artist has confirmed their attendance.

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4 hours ago, mellinadear said:

A reporter mentioned The last kiss scene in an interview.
"viewers wanted to see more intense love scenes and they were disappointed/regretful because of the final philtrium kiss".

Bogum shyly replied, you have to wait for him to grow up a little, and become more mature
then he'll "tada" surprise everyone.
As for philtrum kiss, filming timing was tight, and he only knew after looking at the monitor
after filming that scene, he totally forgot how he acted.

Trans ©: snorants

Me: Boy..wait for you to grow up? LOL. *gives him The side eye* The car kiss scene in R'88 was very Good, don't tell me about being mature first. :D

For those who can't remember.

  Reveal hidden contents




I will join the side eye team here. He was pretty good in Reply 1988. What was he talking about need to grow up a little and become mature? What scene he has in his mind to come to this conclusion? hahahahaha

I would love to see his shy face. Can the reporters snap a picture and post it next time. ahahah.... And did he really made the sound effect of "tada"? so cute of him. Adorable to the max!!

Well, after filming the  scene only he knew it? hahahaha okok, i will let it go this time don't want to be so hard  on our cute cute boy. I will wait for your great performance in next project. :)

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4 hours ago, stroppyse said:


Here is a translation of the article. As always, I'm so impressed at his capacity for caring and his ability to think through things.

Btw, I should mention that I came on the thread because @mai5116tagged me with a thank you for an old article I translated, and while I was here, happened to run across this article which I couldn't resist reading. :) So, thanks @mai5116 for getting me here on the thread again. I enjoyed reading and translating this article. 


To. Park Bo Gum, Don’t Worry Too Much


Actor Park Bo Gum is a person who knows how to express himself. ‘I’ve become cooler’ ‘My style has changed’ words like these seem common, but a person who actually says these words are rare. Thinking to themselves and expressing it in words is the difference between heaven and earth. 

When I met Park Bo Gum for the 2014 KBS2 drama ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’, he didn’t know to act like a new actor and hide things, instead talking honestly about everything. One year later, when I met him again for the tvN drama ‘Answer Me 1988’, he was forthright about developing into a young man who had met the work that he was forever grateful for and knew the direction that he wanted to go. 

Seven months later, on KBS2 drama ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds’ I again met Park Bo Gum. This time, unexpectedly, he was worrying about something. Saying “I don’t know how I should treat the fans” he was concerned that his changing popularity and interest might distort himself. 

“Through ’Moonlight Drawn By Clouds’, I have received much love. They say it’s ’the weight of the crown’, but if I said that the crown wasn’t heavy, that would probably be a lie. Rather than when we were shooting, it was at the fan signing at Gyeongbok Palace and when I went on the award trip to Cebu in the Philippines that I felt the responsibility of their interest. Especially at Gyeongbok Palace, I didn’t know that so many people would attend. I thought only 200 people (who got autographs) would be there, but enough people came to completely fill the palace grounds. It’s because of the fans that I am able to do what I do. But misunderstandings could arise, so I’m concerned. That day (of the fan signing), if I greeted them, many more people trying to see better kept pressing in closely. That’s when I realized. Ahh… with a movement of my hand, with one word, an accident could happen that harms a staff member or another person.”

Calling it “a double edged sword,” as his fame rises, he is more aware that his actions will require him to be more careful. 

“I feel that’s sad.  It’s strange.  Fan love is something that I can use as a source of strength, but that I can’t express the gratitude that I feel just any way I want to has become the reality now. I’ve become more careful in my actions. It’s also a little sad with respect to my personal life. Before I am an actor, I am also a person… I don’t really want it, but a lot of people are curious about my personal life.  They say it can’t be helped, but the wish that is in a little corner of my heart is that since everyone has a personal life and things that they don’t want to reveal, that people won’t keep trying to dig things up.”

‘He doesn’t know how he should act’ is what he says, but from the listener’s point of view, this seems to be a positive concern. It’s because it properly felt like the sincerity of a mature star to be able to talk honestly about how he feels, even to his fans. 

“My intention is not to become famous to gain more money and honor. To become an actor who would always be fresh and memorable in order to convey comfort was my desire. While I’m acting, no I want to act straight until I die is the way I feel. Umm.. because I received so much love, my true desire didn’t disappear either. It’s just, nowadays, how to respond to fan love is something that I need to think about and consider.”

P.S. Earlier, he was so busy with everything, he wasn’t able to register for his classes. Park Bo Gum was able to register for the classes that he wanted, so until the end of the year, he’ll be balancing both classwork and work. Of course, now he won’t be able to take his usual subway to travel around. 



Bo Gum is thoughtful as usual. His kindness and cares towards fans are beyond words. I am sad that he has to forgo his favorite subway  for commuting but this is the best for everyone for now. My question is how is he going to university? I remember he registered and approved to use school bus and i hope he still  can use it since is not opened to public......right?

I read the comment of the knet on this article. All comments are positive. People tell Bogum not to worry, he just need to repay the love with his good acting skill. Some fans even said a true fan will understand and give him privacy. I am so touched reading the comments. Bo Gum brings positive energy to people and it is so warm to see this happening.


4 hours ago, ruka18 said:


lmao at jjampong.:lol: why is he so cute even when he's angry?:lol:


this proves that he is a food maniac. Even when he is angry he still think of FOOD!!! hahahahahahahhaha Please join variety food program please!!! 

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