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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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          hi chingus, reposting here Bo Gum's accompaniment of Lee Seung-chul when they guested in "Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook". thank you @Sakurafairyfor the article. by the way, i like your new profile pic.


         stay safe everyone! God bless us all.




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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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11 hours ago, Rom828 said:

article. by the way, i like your new profile pic.

Ohhh thank you chingu dear. :wub:







Bogum Park's 10 Questions 10 Answers


Q7. What was the atmosphere of Seobok's shooting?

It was a fun and happy scene, but there was also a sense of tension. I received good energy from the staff and actors who were with me, and I had fun filming it because I could feel like I was traveling to various cities.




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Bogum Park's 10 Questions 10 Answers



Q8. What was the most memorable shooting? 

The most memorable moment was when I filmed the scene where the emotions of "Seobok" were expressed at the institute in the second half of the movie. I had to act alone expressing various emotions without any effect, and it was a little awkward because I had to imagine when CG went in, but I was so excited and curious about how the scenes would turn out after the second half of the work.





Q9. What's the point of watching "Seobok"? 

I think it's the emotional line of'constitution' that changes from the beginning to the end of the movie. Watching Gong Yoo's performance on the spot, I felt the desperate feelings of "Kiheon," and I remember admiring how he could express the subtle difference in emotions like that, so I think the audience would be impressed.





Q10. To the viewers who waited for Seobok, "Seobok" appreciates that "human desires need morality," and what I have, and thank you for today. It's a work that allows everyone to think about various things. It's a work that many actors and staff worked hard to capture the story of "Seobok" within running time, so I hope we can get a lot of attention and love from you.

Photo credit to CJENM

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How Korean stars like Park Bo-gum stay relevant even during military service






Park Bo Gum Talks About His Film “Seobok,” His Impressions Working With Gong Yoo, And More




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@Sakurafairy: I was about to post star.com.my's article about Bogummy's continued relevance in spite of his MS. Glad to see that you already posted it. So happy there are already many of us in the thread and that the thread is moving faster!

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                    Seobok has many conversations/dialogues/questions that seem simple on the surface but if you ponder on it, you'll find out there's more to it and the questions are difficult to answer.  some of the dialogues are mentioned in this  article/review :





A “Seobok” review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the dialogues that seem to be apt moreso now than ever before.

During a confrontation scene, Gi-heon snaps at Seobok who questions his reason for protecting him:

Seobok: All men die anyway. Why should you get to live? Are you worthy of being saved?

Gi-heon: You’re right, every word you said. I’m not worth it. I deserve to die. But I’m doing every damn thing I can to live. Is that so wrong? Tell me. What did I do? What else should I do?

The two continue to reflect on their lives as they draw close to each other.

Seobok: What does it feel to be dying?

Gi-heon: Not good. It sucks actually.

Seobok: Why?

Gi-heon: Because you’re dying. Why else?

Seobok: Then did it feel good to live?

Gi-heon: There were good times and bad times, and definitely some shitty times. I’m confused now. I can’t tell if I want to live or if I’m just scared to die. I don’t know anymore.


As Seobok discovers his purpose for living, Gi-heon gets the real reason why he continues to protect him, even defying his superior’s orders.


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“Park Bo-gum, Do Gyeong-su, Kang Hae-neul, Kim Woo-bin, F4 to lead the 'Korean Wave'”




The Japanese edition of Newsweek, a world-renowned weekly magazine, is one of the representative young actors in Korea. As the Korean Wave fever reignited in Japan last year, they emerged as the protagonists of continuing the popularity of local Korean content in the future.


Newsweek briefly introduced their basic profiles, including the cast, and pointed out the attractive points of each actor. 


Park Bo-gum described as with "a calm smile and the best ability of acting,"

***skipped unrelated 





@gumtaekI'm happily posting everything I see and read on any websites especially if it is saying positively. We want this thread to move fast. 

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Belated Happy Birthday Sa Hye Jun! (May5)


Chingus, did you ever bump to any clue in any scenes in ROY drama about his birthday? Thanks! 





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A live radio broadcast hours ago where Bogum's letter was read again by the radio host. 


[A heartfelt letter from Park Bo-gum in Sun-woo's voice!]





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Belated Happy Children's Day to all the children in the world.  (May05)


Here is the cutest child we ever know.






cr:Park Bo Gum photo albums



the first one is fanmade by  cr:kimchifangirlfb


@KimchiNoonaAll I know is Kim Jin Hyuk's bday. I'll check the drama again. Maybe I missed it. :P

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@KimchiNoonaI have no idea about SHJ's saengil. Those fans have eagles eyes indeed. All I know are the birthdays of these beautiful people:

Choi Taek - October 8,1971 [49]

Kim Jin Hyuk - April 12,1990 [31]

Park Bo Gum - June 16,93 [27]



Sa Hye Jun - May 5,1990(?)[31]

***if im not mistaken, the age of SHJ is late 20s  or early 30s. 



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                 Bo Gum is really an amazing person, one who gives his best in everything he does. here's the MV of "I will give you all". you can feel his very sincere love as you watch the video. 



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@Rom828yes yes yes to that... plus whoever works with him shines also like Go Yeon Jung (the fl in the mv). After that I will give you all music video she became a household name and became more famous and got more dramas. Modesty aside thanks to the popularity of Bogum and the mv she has able to take more opportunities than before the time of mv. All articles stating the name of Bogum make  her more to be known. 



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20 hours ago, Sakurafairy said:

“Park Bo-gum, Do Gyeong-su, Kang Hae-neul, Kim Woo-bin, F4 to lead the 'Korean Wave'”


The Japanese edition of Newsweek, a world-renowned weekly magazine, is one of the representative young actors in Korea. As the Korean Wave fever reignited in Japan last year, they emerged as the protagonists of continuing the popularity of local Korean content in the future.


Newsweek briefly introduced their basic profiles, including the cast, and pointed out the attractive points of each actor. 


Park Bo-gum described as with "a calm smile and the best ability of acting,"

***skipped unrelated 



@gumtaekI'm happily posting everything I see and read on any websites especially if it is saying positively. We want this thread to move fast. 


@Sakurafairy, thanks for sharing this. I'm glad that Bogum made it on the list who were among the


actors that said to be mesmerizing the hearts of the Japanese viewers.    :wut:

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7 K-Dramas Where Fans Were Divided On The OTP

Yes, this feature is here to reignite wars – but peaceful and respectful ones. Love triangles in K-dramas have historically started battles between fans that have lasted years and well into today. They’ve brought out the worst in people, but also their undying love for the team that they have chosen. Here are seven K-dramas where fans divided on OTP. 




In order to start this list off right, we must begin with the epic of all fan wars when it comes to K-drama OTPs. “Reply 1988” aired in November of 2015. It was written by Lee Woo Jung, who had also written the previous dramas “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994.”


Based on the past K-dramas, viewers seemed to accept the fact that Deok Sun (Hyeri) would end up with Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol). But to the shock of a lot of viewers in South Korea at the time, she ended up with the aloof genius Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum).


Therein ensued one of the biggest fan wars in K-drama history – Jung Hwan vs. Choi Taek. Who was your choice?





Of course we will always be TEAM TAEKI FOREVER! 




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                        below is an old interview of Bo Gum. quite long but a good read; it will make you appreciate him more and you will realize that Bo Gum is still the same, then and now. he hasn't changed though he is more famous now.    


                        happy weekend chingus! stay safe. God bless us all.                 :hooray2:







Park Bo Gum, From Boy to Man


He was really well-brought-up. The boy who, due to his good looking face, was known in his neighborhood as the “Mokdong Kind-hearted Hottie” while growing up, has slowly, uprightly grown into a well-grounded adult who knows how to be sincerely grateful. Even with few words, one can plainly see the actor’s healthy outlook in his clear, pure eyes and face. Park Bogum, who has reached hottest star status in Korea though Reply 1988, doesn’t get exalted. He has grown into an adult who, in this, his hottest moment, prepares for tomorrow with calm reason. Those who follow him will surely not be disappointed.

[Note: “Mokdong Hoonam” Mokdong = Park Bogum’s neighborhood. “Hoonam” = good looking guy + kind]


How many times have you already said “thank you.” (Laugh.)

You really say “thank you” quite a lot.

(laughs) I’m just really grateful for everything. For people liking me, for cheering me on, I’m simply grateful for everything. I’m grateful for having learned that having grateful thoughts brings forth even more things to be grateful for and I’m grateful for having learned this early on (laughs).


What are the most recent things for which you are most grateful?

There are too many things to be able to choose just one (laugh). I’m grateful that so many people came to the fan signing with [Go] Kyungpyo hyung even though it was such a cold day.


It’s already been one month since Reply 1988 ended.

It’s really a pity that it has ended and I really miss it. I miss it a lot and I miss everyone. Youth Over Flowers was like an extension of Reply 1988 but having returned home, I miss it even more. I recently met Sung Dong-il sunbae and Kim Sung Kyun sunbae at a movie premiere, but being used to seeing them in SSangmundong, it was awkward and strange to meet them outside of it (laugh). I really miss everyone. I miss our time in Phuket when everyone was together.


At the end of 2015 10Asia held its own Broadcast Awards.

Park Bogum was the only one who received the “King of Welfare” and “King of Good Chemistry” award at the same time.

The “King of Good Chemistry” award is a special award and a compliment to the fact that wherever Park Bogum goes, “good chemistry” is sure to follow.

The “King of Welfare” award is an award for providing social welfare services that even the government cannot provide, but Park Bogum has provided in spades.

I’m grateful that 10Asia has awarded me the “King of Good Chemistry” and “King of Welfare” awards and that 10Asia likes and approves of me. I’m very thankful (laugh). The reason I am the “King of Good Chemistry” is not because of me, but because of the people who acted together with me. It’s because of my fellow actors that I was able to receive this award, so I want to thank them and also thank the directors who were able to capture this good chemistry. I also want to share this happy event with the Blossom Entertainment family who has guided me to this point. (Laughs out loud)


We really can’t but call you the God of Good Chemistry. There are many viewers who even say their hearts throbbed more watching you co-host “Music Bank” with Irene than when they watched “We Got Married”. What is the secret to this “Crazy Chemistry”?

I’m just so thankful. I have to work hard and continually learn so that people will continue to say I bring out good chemistry. I don’t think I have a particular secret, but if I had to pick something, I think it would be trust in the other person? I think I trust the other actor. I think you wouldn’t have that kind of chemistry if you didn’t know and trust your fellow actor. However my acting is, I trust that my counterpart will accept it and I think respect for the other actor is the secret to good chemistry.

[“Michin Chemi” (“Michin” –> “crazy” spelled with the Chinese character “mi” (美) for “beautiful,” meaning “beautiful crazy” chemistry]


Park Bogum’s Visuals (looks) are healing. If that is not social welfare, I don’t know what is (laugh).
How do you feel about winning the award for contributing to the social welfare?

(Covers his face while smiling) Aigoo, aigoo (laughs out loud). I’m unworthy of such praise. I’m very embarrassed (laughs).


Let’s ask this in a different way. What is it like to see Park Bogum’s face in the mirror everyday?

It’s different everyday. This is because my face swells up very easily.


Park Bogum’s face is swollen? I really can’t see it (laugh).
Do you have your own secret method to bring down the swelling on your face?

I don’t know if I can disclose this (laugh). I’ll let you in on a new method. Even though I’m disclosing my own very close secret (laugh). I found this method because my face gets really swollen. If you add three pumps of syrup to green tea and drink it, the diuretic effect will bring down the swelling. In actual fact, it was a make-up artist who let me in on this method. If I have an event scheduled in the morning, I always drink this. Should I call this hot syrup green tea (laugh)? It really helps.


The Choi Taek character was called “SSangmundong Heedong” and his weaknesses and vulnerabilities such as his taking medicine like he was drinking water were often highlighted, but he was also a character who displayed a very manly side at unexpected times- for example, he princess carried Duk Seon without any effort and he confesses his love without any restraint or hesitation.

I think so as well. I think Choi Taek is the embodiment of “an iron hand in a velvet glove.” The writer and the director played the biggest part in creating a good character. Of course, there were also difficulties, but every time I had difficulties I asked for a lot of directions from the director. Through meeting the Taek character, I’ve come into my own as an actor and I also learned the game of Baduk. I also had the opportunity to act with great people and I’ve added the heartwarming “Reply 1988” production to my filmography credits. These were happy, precious times. My time in SSangmundong was happy and precious.


I heard the Choi Taek character was a difficult character to play. Was there any aspect that was particularly difficult?

It was very difficult to express without any words through subtle expressions. I tried really hard to express emotions without any words, but I think Choi Taek’s emotions were clearly expressed to viewers thanks to good editing.


Watching “Youth Over Flowers,” it seems that Park Bogum’s character is very similar to Choi Taek.

Out of all the characters I have played so far, you could say that the Taek character is the character that most resembles me. Through Taek, I learned to act in a relaxed manner without trying to add anything. Song Dong-il, Lee Il Hwa, Choi Moo Sung, Kim Seon Young, Ra Miran, Kim Sung Kyun sunbaes were all like parents to me. By watching these sunbaes, I came to understand what it is to act naturally and to understand what it is that a director is asking for and trying to achieve. It would have been nice to have had more scenes with the sunbaes, but my scenes were always of me alone sleeping or playing matches or taking medicine (laugh), so I was very lonely. But I was truly grateful to join “Youth Over Flowers” and it has been an unforgettable trip for me. I think the aftereffects of “Reply 1988” have not dissipated yet.


In the “Youth Over Flowers” official site, Park Bogum is introduced as being in charge of saying thank you, flower smiles and tears.

Uh? But I didn’t cry.


You could have selective memory.

Oh . . . that could be the case (laugh out loud). There were many moving and emotional events that occurred during this trip. The lingering effects of those emotions were strong. Africa left a deep impression on me and I am very grateful that such a trip was captured on video. I think after time passes by, this will be a travel sketch that I will be able to keep as a precious memory.


In episode 1 of Youth Over Flowers you said you wanted to become “@# friends” with the hyungs (laugh). Did you really become close through your travels?

We got closer and I plan on getting even closer to them in the future. Even today, I heard [Ahn] Jae Hong hyung had an interview close by so I quickly went over to greet him. I think about the trip with the hyungs a lot. We agreed to go on another trip together when we have time. I think that through this trip, we were able to become friends who help and support one another beyond a production, beyond acting. I also learned a lot from the hyungs.


If the four of you were to travel together again, where would be a good place to go?

I don’t think it matters if it’s in Korea or abroad. It would be good wherever we go. If we go next time, I’ll lead everything so the hyungs can travel comfortably. I’ll make the hotel reservations, I’ll tackle driving, I’ll be Guide Park (laugh).


A Look at the Original


What kind of person is Park Bogum?

I’m similar to Taek in that when I focus on something, I focus deeply. I also think I have leadership. I like to be around people and I think I am a cheerful and positive person. I am responsible and dependable. But it’s embarrassing to laud one’s own praises (laugh).


Is there a Park Bogum that not many people know?

I can be manly and I can get things done [well].


I see.

(Laugh out loud) Everyone seems to think it, but I’m not clueless and clumsy like Taek.


(Resolutely) I don’t know about that.

(Laugh out loud) It’s true. Really.


Was there a time when you thought you were manly?

(After hesitating a long time) It’s embarrassing, he he.


Then have you discovered a meticulous side to your personality?

I remember the small things sometimes? I think as one ages and time passes by one might forget things, but I think the act of trying to remember the small things shows a meticulous quality. I often pick-up after things that people forget and leave behind. Of course, there are times when I leave my things behind (laugh).


The name “Bogum” means “of valuable use when the time is right” and it seems like that time has come (laugh).
What is the most valuable use for actor Park Bogum?

I’m not even sure yet if that time is now. I just want to be someone who can be a good influence. It would be nice to be able to move people emotionally and to offer many people comfort through my acting. It would be nice if people could feel warmth and comfort through me. Isn’t that the most valuable use of an actor? I think I could become an actor with value by continuing to walk on the path in front of me, as I have been doing up to now. It’s not that I have done well – it’s that big roles have come my way. That is the mindset I have embraced in my acting until now and that is the mindset with which I continue to act.


Isn’t Reply 1988 your first successful romance storyline?

That’s right. I think that’s right. I found out I was the husband around episode 19. Actually, since the beginning there was nothing in our scripts about what happens in 2015. So we all thought that there was no current version [of the characters] this time around, and it wasn’t until we all watched the first episode together that we noticed that Duk Seon’s narration wasn’t done by Hyeri. So we all wondered who it was. When Lee Miyeon suddenly appeared, we were all very surprised. Even the staff kept silent and no one told us so we were all really surprised. Due to our filming schedule, during episodes 19 and 20 we were given separate scripts and I found out I was the husband when I received the wrong script. The first page was a scene from the current time. That’s when I found out Choi Taek was the husband (laugh). I honestly thought it would be “uh-nam-ryu (the husband is Ryu jun yeol anyway)”. Because I really thought Jun Yeol hyung was the husband, when I found out I was Duk Seon’s husband I was surprised and amazed. I was a bit dazed and confused as well.


Through Reply 1988 you became a mainstream actor. Mainstream means a strong tide that no one can swim against. Are you not scared of this heavy word?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a burden. I feel pressure as well but I think that if I just continue as I have been doing until now the day will come when I will gain recognition. At times like these, it is important to think carefully, think things through once and once again before speaking. Both my family and my management company family have always told me that at times like these one needs to be even more humble so I strive to be careful and conscious of how I speak and behave. I don’t think this fame will last. But if I continue on as I have been doing, won’t there be another day when I receive a lot of interest? I’m still lacking in many respects. More than having the desire to receive applause and recognition as an actor, I am thankful for the people who have made it possible to realize my dream. I am greatly thankful that I can do and enjoy what I want to be doing when I am able to enjoy it, when I want to be doing it. I guess there may still come a day when even more people will give me their love.


You yourself said you have leadership. But during filming it seemed as though you were being babied by the cast and crew.

(Smiling shyly) I gained leadership skills through my activities in the student council during my school years (everyone laughs). In Reply 1988, I was the youngest among the male actors so even if I wanted to do something the hyungs just did everything. The setting for Youth Over Flowers was also not an environment in which I could put my leadership skills to use (laugh). I really wanted to apply my leadership skills, but I didn’t know I’d get into an accident. When I was by myself I was able to apply my leadership skills but then I missed the flight and inconvenienced the PD (laugh).


Is there a wish you really want to realize this year?

I hope 2016 passes safely and without any mishap. Even though the year is just beginning (laugh). Ah! I want to take a group picture with the staff. There are many people who filmed videos and took pictures of the actors, but there are not many opportunities to take pictures of the staff who worked hard and underwent many hardships on our behalf. I want to record joint memories with them. My wish for the year is to take a group picture with people from the [management] company.

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Great compilation of Bogum's lovely interviews @Rom828






Late post! 


[Who is that role ⁉︎] Korean drama "Princess" remake decision! The topic of virtual casting that everyone chooses!




Park Bo-gum, a national boyfriend who has won the hearts of women with numerous works such as "Love in the Moonlight-Reply 1988-", " and "Boyfriend", also included to play the role of Shin. Not only that, but also in the role of Yuru, many names were mentioned.

It's exciting to imagine that he, who played the role of Tsundere in "Moonlight with Clouds" and made a woman in the world mellow, will play Prince Shin! Also the voice. On the other hand, the role of Yuru who gently watches over the heroine is also perfect!

Either way, if he does, there's no doubt that he'll have a big syndrome again!









[Selected by Korean fans all over the world] This is the most talented actor in Korea right now!





The 11th place in the ranking is Park Bo-gum.


Park Bo-gum, a handsome actor who is very popular in Japan as a next-generation NO1 young talented actor who boasts a handsome appearance and solid acting ability!


The role of Tsundere Seiko in the popular romance historical drama "Love in the Moonlight" will grab the hearts of women in the world!


In "Record of Youth," which was the last starring drama before joining the army, he fully demonstrated his charm that captivated all the viewers, embraced the viewer with his tight inner acting, and said, "No alternative. It was highly evaluated as "possible presence".

The movie "Seo Bok," which has been pre-sold in 56 countries around the world and whose release dates have been confirmed overseas, is attracting a great deal of attention not only from Japan but also from overseas.


Major appearances: "Love in the Moonlight", "Boyfriend", "Reply 1988", etc.




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  • autumnight changed the title to Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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