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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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Answering @gumtaek here ◉‿◉


I wrote about this before but I will write it again :D


My first encounter with Bogummy is Encounter ^^

So late, right?


I watched it because of SHK, so I didn't pay attention to him. Just an actor, handsome plus pretty face, nice character. 


I read the synopsis of MDBC several times when I search dramas to watch on Viu, but since the synopsis is "very ordinary", it didn't attract me, too.


But one day, I read a trivia.

"Park Bo Gum is known as National Prince because his act on Love in the Moonlight"


He must be good, then! I watched it and in love since the first episode!






His diverse voice when delivering lines as KJH feels a little bit weird for me, but as Lee Young, it fits perfectly. I just love his every single expressions and lines and gestures there. I love sageuk, but no other historical drama can makes me watch it over and over again.


By that time I start doing a search. Found IRY and Reply 1988, but it took me some time to finish Reply 1988. It is great drama but it is not my genre. ^^


One day, an article came to me. It is written in Indonesian language. The title is nice: "Park Bo Gum. An actor who has almost no hater." I can say that the writer is a fan of him, she described him nicely, and wrote things like "you should see him on 2D1N!"


And then I did! And there the Bogum Magic spell affected me! 


How could someone be this complex?

I can describe him as pretty, beautiful, manly, boyish, and masculine. He is smart, serious, fun, well-planned, sincere, kind, nice, cute, competitive, lost words to describe him ^_________^


I watch Infinite Challenge, YoF, too, and fall deeper.


His eagerness to take challenge attract me the most.


He was shocked after crashing his car, but he took the chance to drive again bravely.


He wasn't that brave to do a bungee jumping, there was fear in him, but still he said yes to that challenge.


He is a shy person, but he took his step to dance Boombastic.


I was so impressed, so I want to write him a letter personally (I never have this kind of thought to other actor or actress) and that's how I found this thread.


Bogummy affects me in lot of things. On earlier page I have told that I finally lost my fear to height. I say yes to every possibility and challenge that comes to me, because -now- I think, it will be better if I try and fail, than to say no because I am afraid I would fail. 


In many ways, he helps me to be a better me.

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This Coca-Cola vending machine for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is three years ago. Thanks a lot to Kymmy PH for subbing in English because I only found in a subbed of it in Vietnam language. 


@Sakurafairythank you for those throwback gifs of Bogummy in Hello Monster. One of my favorite dramas of Bogum. I miss him portraying dark character in a drama. God bless. 

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Another throwback!


If you haven't watched this short film Twinkle Twinkle Pitter Patter of Bogum and Lee Cheong Ah,  I found a link of it on YT but raw. If it's not shown here just copy the link and check on YT. 











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          hi chinggus, how are you all? it's been a while, hope everyone is grateful regardless of the situation, just like our dear Bo Gummy.


            @BogumNoona, thank you for explaining what a "noir" themed drama is. i, too would like to see Bo Gum in a police/detective role. maybe he feels he is not that good in action scenes yet. i remember how apologetic he was in "Love In The Moonlight" fight scenes as he feels he is still lacking. but in "Record of Youth" fight scenes, he was amazing.  so i hope, just like you, he reconsiders. i guess if there will be a good story and the role is relatable and has a good message with it, maybe he will do it.
             it is heart warming to read the reasons why we decided to become Bo Gum's fan.  more than his beautiful visuals and great acting skills, we like him because of the kind of person he is : humble, grateful, considerate, clean living, decisive, principled, takes criticisms positively, and a lot more.  just like @U Can, Bo Gum is the only celebrity, local or international, that made me feel this way.  i've watched many K-Dramas and appreciated many of them, but after the drama, no more. it is different with Bo Gum. i went to his fan meet and bought his "All My Love" CD as my way of supporting him. of course, i also went to his fan meet to see him. just a side story to share : as early as 2017, i already asked my boss permission to go on leave in case Bo Gum will come to Manila. at that time, Bo Gum had fan meets in some Asian cities but Manila was skipped.  came 2019, it was announced that Bo Gum will have an Asian fan meet again and Manila was the last stop.  prior the announcement of his April 23, 2019 fan meet, my husband and I had already booked our April 21-28, 2019 Korean trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary so that means i cannot go to the fan meet. while we were in Korea, before his scheduled fan meet, a minor earthquake hit Manila and his fan meet was moved to June 22, 2019, a week before my Golden Birthday.  my husband, who supports my fangirling, bought me an advanced birthday gift : a ticket to the fan meet.  it was a wonderful experience seeing Bo Gum in person, his sincerity as he performed all the songs and dances without any ounce of tiredness, and his great interaction with the fans.  not to mention that the fan meet program was organized : the flow, the stage set up, the presentations. and to top it all, i got a wonderful advanced birthday gift during the fan meet : the autographed heart-shaped ball that was thrown to the audience during one of the performances. after the concert, my husband asked me how i felt and I said, "I am proud to be Bo Gum's fan".  on the side, i wished that many of our local celebrities got to watch him because they can learn a lot from him, even by just watching him perform. 


             as for the question i asked as to who we want Bo Gum to be paired with, below are the results :


                                      #1   -  Park Bo Young and IU

                                      #2   - Suzy, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye

                                      #3   - Kim Ji Won, Kim Tae Ri and Kim So Hyun


             it was so nice seeing Bo Gum very playful in the latest Navy video. thank you to everyone who posted the videos. i agree that he seems to be enjoying his military service.  i think Bo Gum is the kind of person who will bloom and excel no matter where he is, be it in a good or not so good environment. his attitude and principles towards life make him a winner wherever he is.  may God's continuous protection and guidance be upon him.


             happy weekend my dear chinggus! God bless you all.  stay safe.  :heart1:




















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What a touching  story @Rom828. It is  a wonderful experience from God being his fans. Let's ready ourselves when he returns from MS/Navy. Surely after his returned drama there will be a fan meet again if only this pandemic is already ended at that time. Praying always for the healing of this world.



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@Sakurafairyand @U Can, thank you for the throw back Twinkle Twinkle Pitter Patter of Bo Gum and Lee Chong Ah. The two of them acted in "Wonderful Mama" in 2013,  one of Bo Gum's earliest drama.  The drama is quite long, with 48 episodes.  Have you guys watched it? 


@BogumNoona, thank you for the Coke video with Kim Hyuna. I liked Bo Gum's hairstyle in that video. 


.  Since we are at throwback mode, would like to share Bo Gum's dance of BTS'  "Boy with LUV" during the Manila fan meet. I think it was only in this fan meet that he performed this dance. I guess this is his way of making up for the fan meet resched though it is not his fault. He is truly a very considerate person, and likes surprising his fans.



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Even news article on Naver is making throwback article. Reporters also miss Bogummy. 





"First Love Memory Manipulation," Park Bo-gum, a Visual Full of Excitement at his College Graduation."




In this series of plans, we will look back on the photos of "years ago today" with Expo News at the entertainment and sports sites.

Actor Park Bo-gum attended the 2017 school year's first degree ceremony held at Myongji University's Natural Science Campus in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, on February 21, 2018.

Park Bo-gum, who appeared in a gown and a bachelor's hat, had a photo time with a bouquet of flowers. "Thank you for coming all the way here. I'm so nervous and nervous about graduation. "I have learned a lot for four years, and I thank my classmates, seniors and juniors and professors," he said.



"Forty-five degrees of greeting of a well-mannered young man."




"Wearing a Bachelor's hat and looking good."




"Campus Memory Fragment, Year 14."





"Visual Thumbs Up."





"Announcement of a fluttering warning for graduation."





"Hi, dear school."





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11 K-Drama Male Leads Who Would Be Amazing To Date In Real Life




We’ve made a list before (which you can find here), but in recent years, there have definitely been a fair share of male leads who have set some high standards when it comes to K-drama boyfriend material. When you think of your favorite K-drama male lead, there are a few obvious ones that come to mind and a few that you know definitely wouldn’t make that list, ie. Joo Dan Tae from “The Penthouse.”


And although it took everything in me to not put the perfect Ri Jung Hyuk from “Crash Landing On You” on the list, thinking about the fact that we would only be able to see him in Switzerland really didn’t make him the most ideal K-drama boyfriend – although a fair share of us really wouldn’t mind the trek.


But luckily, here are nine other K-drama male leads who would be perfect on all levels to date in real life.


Note: This list focuses on male leads from more recent years.



5. Park Bo Gum – “Record Of Youth”



If you have a look back at Park Bo Gum’s K-drama roles, there are plenty of characters in his repertoire that deem fit for this category. But if we’re pinpointing the more recent roles, Sa Hye Joon in “Record of Youth” is as close to perfect as they come. Sa Hye Joon is a model who is aspiring to be an actor. He hustles, works hard to achieve his dreams, and is a doting son to his mom. He meets Ahn Jung Ha (Park So Dam) and finds himself connecting with her and eventually developing strong feelings. He is honest about his feelings the moment he recognizes they are more than platonic, but he never makes Jung Ha feel pressured or uncomfortable. Sa Hye Joon is perfect in so many ways, and we see it through his relationship with Jung Ha. When Hye Joon gets famous, he makes sure that Jung Ha doesn’t feel insecure. He’s persistent and shows his love for her at any chance he gets – sometimes he even sacrifices eating just to see her. That’s true love!



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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So, what is your dream destination? Is it Paris? Or London? Or Alaska? Or are you a Korean lover? As one of the most trending tourist spots for Asians, South Korea is a very cultural country. The key role in South Korea’s commercial development is played by Kpop and the film and drama industries. I won’t be shocked if every Asian household has at least one South Korean fan. I have got the names of some prominent actors and actresses from South Korea here, check them out.




6.Park Bo-Gum:

Park Bo-Gum is the first-ever Korean actor to top the list of Forbes Korean Power Celebrities. He started as a singer-songwriter but then deviated from acting, due to a blissful suggestion. Despite being busy with a career, he maintained a high in his college performance. Some of his most famous works are Reply 1988, Encounter, Love in the Moonlight, and Hello Monster.




One defect appeared in the Korean star series, who expected to raise the visual level: Park Bo Gum, Park Shin Hye and the idols became famous thanks to that?

Min Hyo Rin, Park Bo Gum, Park Shin Hye ... are Korean stars with this shortcoming, but who expected them to become a characteristic that makes their very own charm.

A straight high nose like "playing slide" is an expensive feature that enhances the visual level of Kbiz beauties and royalties. According to old beliefs, a split nose tip is not a beautiful aesthetic feature. However, these 5 Kbiz stars have proven that the split nose is not a flaw, even a unique highlight for their appearance.

1. Park Bo Gum



Park Bo Gum is not a person with a straight nose like a knife. Instead, he owns a very unique split nose. It seems that this is a defect, but this nose is the part that enhances the beauty of the actor of May Hoa Anh Trang (MDBC) , giving him a different and attractive look among the male idols on the screen.



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       @gumtaek and @Sakurafairy, i first noticed that there's something different with Bo Gum's nose while watching Reply 1988, the first drama of him that i watched. though it's different, i find it cute, unique and attractive. i remember reading an article where he was asked if he had a "nose job" done because there were people who said he had. he denied having done something to his nose, and said something like "My nose is my nose".  i believe he had not, even up to now. 


         still at throw back mode, one of Bo Gum's special surprise to his fans during the fan meet is singing a local song of the country. he really exerts time and effort to learn the song which is a different language . i like this one which he sang during the Good Day Thailand fan meet (this is the recorded version already) . 




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This is exactly my thought. Modesty aside, uri Bogummy has been always a darling of sending letters to his colleagues and to his fans. He has done this way way years ago that's why if it is about this kind of survey, for sure, he will always be included.


Let's go down memory lane with his affectionate letters to his co-celebrities, company advertisers and fans.




More from this not so old article about his affectionate and creative heart. 



Actor Park Bo Gum once again showed an angelic side of himself.


On August 31, several advertisers of Park Bo Gum expressed gratitude to the actor through Instagram.


They all stated that they received a specially-made cake and handwritten letter from Park Bo Gum.





On this massive cake, there were little hearts surrounding the writing which said, "Thank you. Bless you."


In the letter, Park Bo Gum wrote, "It was such an honor to be modeling for your brand. I enjoyed every moment of filming with you."


He continued, "I honestly would like to thank you for everything. God bless you and your family."





The advertisers shared their gratitude in their post, and wrote how amazing of a person Park Bo Gum was while they were working together as well. 


They said that Park Bo Gum was always so polite and friendly, and also very kind.






Park Bo Gum is planned to fulfill his national mandatory military duty as a member of the military band in the Navy.


The actor began his military service on August 31, and is expected to complete it in the end of April 2022.



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