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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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11 hours ago, Sakurafairy said:


cr: SK Navy YT Channel

I tried the app of making gifs and imprinting logo, and found out it's fun.



@Sakurafairy, thanks for sharing your gifs here - NICE. I love looking at these captures - Bogum looks happy in this recent promotional video by the Navy.  It's really so COOL that we received a surprise update on his military service. He gave off the vibe of a soldier who was almost unrecognized wearing a mask. So good to see that he is doing well inside the camp. Just amazing! :sweet:

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***  As far as I remember before, Bogum was once asked about his ideal girl and he answered he likes women with short hair.. He finds women with short hair more charming than those with long hair. So, will you cut your hair short, ladies?  :getmygrooveon:

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   @U Can, i think we are on the "same age boat" that's why I recognized the "She Bangs!" song.  :)


   @BogumNoona, thank you for your reply to my question. btw, what is a "Noir-themed" drama? 


    @gumtaek, thank you for your reply to my question as well. 


             i will wait a bit for the others reply to my question so we can see who we want Bo Gum to be paired with and if we have common preferences.  


             to answer @gumtaekquestion  "What was the decisive point, i.e. drama, event, interview, news article, testimonial of people, etc., when you    became a Park.Bo Gum fan? ", i became Bo Gum's fan sometime in 2016 after watching "Reply 1988". prior to watching "Reply", i didn't know him then, had no idea who he is.  my favorite actor prior Bo Gum was Ji Sung (Love Me, Heal Me, Defendant) because Ji Sung is a good actor. i still like him but second now to Bo Gum :). anyway, back to my story.  Bo Gum's portrayal of Choi Taek in Reply really got me. at that time, i even thought, "is he really like that in real life?" because he acted it out so naturally with all the mannerisms, facial expressions and he is always in character all through out the drama. let me say that all the young casts were good, but it was Bo Gum who stood out for me. even if his character may seem boring, but because it was Bo Gum who played it, it became special.  i looked at his previous works and came across "Hello Monster/I Remember You" and saw that he is really a good actor.  along the way, i've read some testimonials and articles about who he is as a person, and that made me liked him even more. 


             i came across this thread sometime in 2019 and started reading from page 1. i've been a lurker for quite some time and decided to join last July 2020. through this thread, i've read many wonderful things about Bo Gum , and appreciated him even more.  God made Bo Gum the way he is to be a wonderful blessing.   


             let me also say that i appreciate Bo Gum's fans particularly those who contribute and have contributed to this thread. reading from Page 1, i came across many names who are no longer active now in this thread but i hope they still support Bo Gum in their own way.  it was amazing to read all the interactions among Bo Gum's fans, and for fans to have that mindset to abide by the principles which Bo Gum live by.  you guys are a bunch of wonderful people and i am happy to be one of you.  may we all be like Bo Gum, grateful and humble.


             i guess my reply is so long already :). God bless us all. Have a happy weekend!




4 hours ago, willenette said:

***  As far as I remember before, Bogum was once asked about his ideal girl and he answered he likes women with short hair.. He finds women with short hair more charming than those with long hair. So, will you cut your hair short, ladies?  :getmygrooveon:


          @willenette, my age can already qualify for Bo Gum's "Omma" :), maybe if was younger :).  

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Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!




The navy just dropped their Band Promotion Video, and Park Bo Gum is present in it!


Yes, we really miss our dear Bogummy and it's so nice to see him in this newly released video. It's has been a while since we have seen him ever since he enlisted in the military.


Ahead of the Lunar New Year celebration, the Republic of Korea Navy drops a sweet and charming video produced by the navy band. In the music video, we have spotted the good looking actor Park Bo Gum performing with other navy soldiers. The actor is seen playing the electric piano and seems to be enjoying what he is doing and happily waves at the camera. He looks so lively which makes the viewers happy as well.

Catch the full Band Promotion video featuring the handsome Park Bo Gum below!



Park Bo Gum's Military Enlistment Journey


In May 2020, the 27-year-old actor decided to apply for a naval band and honor guard unit and was found qualified to be part of the group which specializes in playing the piano. The actor officially enlisted for his mandatory service on August 31, 2020, and information about his enlistment was not announced, even the exact time and place was kept private to prevent the crowd from gathering to follow the COVID19 pandemic health protocols.


Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!
(Photo : kdramastars)

Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!

Park Bo Gum's basic military training began at the Navy Education and Training Command in Changwon, South Gyeongsang province. In September 2020, during his training, the actor was spotted by eagle-eyed fans when the Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) released some snippets of their recruits on their official website! In the photos released, the actor is seen looking so handsome with his military uniform and he is seen wearing his mask while shooting with a group of Navy recruits.


Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!
(Photo : kdramastars)

Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!

Fast forward to October 2020, once again fans became excited when the Republic of Korea Navy updated their Instagram and uploaded a poster of an upcoming event. The caption of the poster reads, the Republic of Korea Navy will be having a concert to be held at the Seogwipo Art Center in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, and it is to celebrate the Navy's 19th onboard debate. They also announced that actor Park Bo Gum is the chosen MC for the said event and the event was broadcasted live on their Youtube channel and Facebook page.


Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!
(Photo : kdramastars)

Watch: Park Bo Gum Participates in the Navy Band Promotion Video!


When the actor appeared as MC of the event, he immediately introduced himself as "a cultural promotion soldier and private, Park Bo Gum." This was the last time we saw the actor live on screen.


Park Bo Gum's mandatory military service is expected to end in April 2022.



source : Kdramastars



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Drop by to send this!


Hi, @Sakurafairy I really love your gif!

It is gifs that feels like a gift! 

(´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) 


Well, for actress to be pair with Bogummy? My fave korean actress is Song Hye Kyo so it is already done :D

I don't have any other actress in mind. He is a king of chemistry so he will do it well with whoever paired to him.

oh, may be ... Park Shin Hye will be nice.


And by the way, @Rom828 you completely read this thread from page 1? You are amazing! I stopped at circa 500 pages when he did hundred interviews at a time :D and my browser history got cleared and to start again from the beginning is like ... Undescribable, lol.


To answer @gumtaek question will need long sentence. I will answer that next time, hihihi. Or should I do it now, since I am on holiday?


And, @willenette my face is so round, cutting my heart, ups, my hair will make me looks like a full moon so the answer is no :D







What is that mean? The hangeul?

Eh, how to quote one post now?

The picture that sent by @Sakurafairy what is the meaning of those sentence?

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I've been wanting to ask each one in the thread, even those lurking..."What was the decisive point, i.e. drama, event, interview, news article, testimonial of people, etc., when you became a Park.Bo Gum fan.

Answer: The very first encounter of mine with Bogummy is Blind movie. His handsome face and his acting there but his appearance was so brief there. But in CLG or CT movie wc gave me goosebumps with his acting especially his eyes. That eyes are really his window to his daebak acting. So i guess the pivotal point for me is his handsome face and his amazing acting. 


Those succeeding interviews, dramas, and the many testimonials are part of cementing his life on me. "Those" make him even better and make me love and respect him more. 


So  I am really glad that I became a Bogummy fan because we need a person to look up to that will inspire us to be a better human. And that's him. 


I love Bogum's attitude of being thankful and grateful for each passing day and with every small detail he is seeing. Because I'm also trying to be thankful and grateful in everything I have in my life because that should be the spirit. 


@Rom828 for an FL to be paired off with Bogum, since Bogum is a wizard of chemistry, every FL will always shine with him. For me I would love Suzy (am a fan of Suzy myself). I want them to have a drama together, maybe a saeguk genre. And the cutie Park Bo Young - one of my all time faves,  and IU since we talked about her here, i think they will be a good pair. So Suzy, BoYoung and IU for me. This is my top list. 


This is all over SNS.lol, our Bogum is always protected by a FL or Brother lead. Lol.


In our hearts, we are like them,  always wanting to protect Bogum especially with those pathetic issues in sns. Lol. 








A greeting for Happy Lunar New Year. ( Seollal is the lunar new year in Korea)


"Saehae Bok Mani Badeuseyeo"



I just searched it. 


Formal ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean

1. 새해 복 많이 받으십시오 (saehae bok mani badeusipsio)

This phrase is often used in formal situations, greetings cards, and when speaking to people you want to show lots of respect towards. The 십시오 (sipsio)ending is the extra-formal way of saying -세요 (seyo).

Standard ‘Happy New Year’ in Korean

1. 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (saehae bok mani badeuseyo)

This phrase is the go-to way of saying ‘Happy New Year‘ in Korean. 새해 (saehae) is one of the words that means ‘new year’, 복 (bok) means ‘luck’, and 많이 (mani)means ‘many’ or ‘lots of’. 받으세요 (badeuseyo) is the honorific way of saying 받다 (batda), meaning ‘to receive’.




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I like the KoreaBoo article :please:


Here’s The Latest Park Bo Gum Updates From The Navy For The Lunar New Year

We miss him!


Although Park Bo Gum was unable to greet fans with his usual Lunar New Year wishes in a hanbok, the Korean Navy came through!


A promotional video was uploaded on the eve of Lunar New Year’s Day in South Korea.

The video came as a welcome piece of news for fans who have been unable to see the star since his enlistment.



The video came as a welcome piece of news for fans who have been unable to see the star since his enlistment.






As Park Bo Gum plays the piano as part of the promotional band for the Navy, the video featured him jamming along to his bandmates.

This was a different side of Park Bo Gum than fans were used to, as he mostly is active as an actor.


However, the star is actually highly skilled as a pianist! He auditioned to enter the promotional band and got in, fair and square.

Fans also delighted in seeing him in uniform! He looks well-adjusted and happy.



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While waiting for more replies, I will answer my own question:


I got to know and took notice of Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988. I was drawn to his emotional acting...he had several moving scenes...he shed beautiful tears. But it was really these two articles that I came across that sealed my decision to stan Park Bo Gum:


Photographer Reveals His Heart Warming Encounter With Park Bo Gum


The post reads: “I take pictures of a lot of people as a photographer. Several of them are very kind and nice. However, the photo shoot I was most impressed with over the past six years was the one with Park Bo Gum. The words he said to me right before the photo shoot moved my heart and made me work my hardest. His first words to me were, ‘I am actor Park Bo Gum. I’m sorry to say I don’t know your name. What is your name?’ Though it isn’t much, not many ask. His small consideration was enough to warm up the set and please the staff. Park Bo Gum may be young, but I could tell that he is a man of politeness and genuineness during the photo shoot. Though it has been a while, I can still feel his warm heart when I look at the pictures I took of him. #ParkBoGum is a cool actor… I truly hope he succeeds.”



“Reply 1988” Staff Praises Park Bo Gum’s Good Personality


Park Bo Gum is one of the hottest actors these days due to his role in “Reply 1988,” and with his soaring popularity, his good character is also receiving attention as well.


In a post of that seems to have been written by a staff member of “Reply 1988,” the writer compliments Park Bo Gum. Though the writer is 14 years older than the actor, he/she said, “Park Bo Gum respectfully bows to the other person until he is noticed.”


The writer also shared a personal experience with the actor on the set of “Reply 1988.”


According to the writer, though the original plan was to film inside then move outdoors afterwards, adjustments had to be made because of forecasts of rain. The staff members had laid out Park Bo Gum’s outfit in his room accordingly.


When the outdoors filming was reaching an end, Park Bo Gum ran into the wardrobe room and brightly announced, “They have canceled filming because it is raining too much.”


To the writer’s surprise, Park Bo Gum had also collected the outfit in his room and ran with it in his arms so that it wouldn’t get wet in the rain.


“Bo Gum is Taek. Bo Gum is love. His parents must be so proud of him,” the writer said.


“Though he has just started his acting career, I hope he keeps his good character for a long time and receive the love of many,” the writer added. “Just like Chil Bong was Kim Jae Joon in ‘Reply 1994’ in my heart, I believe Taek shall always be Deok Sun’s husband to me.”




As you will notice, I was captivated first by his beautiful soul. His mind-blowing visuals and excellent acting come a close second.

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Thank you @Sakurafairy

Thanks to you too @gumtaek for bringing this testimonial again.

although i have read it before, it still touched my heart to read it again, I guess the effect will be the same each time I pass something like this





For someone who is hard in memorising face and name, for me Park Bo Gum ability in collecting face, name, and information about people and keep it in his mind is amazing!

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Hello chingudeul! 


@Rom828noir themed film/drama are classified under crime, gangster related, investigative, police related, and more of thriller genre like I Remember You. I love watching those my blood is getting thrilled like of Coin Locker Girl.


Who happened to watch here like Kundo Age of the Rampant or New World or Outlaws. Oh,  I hope Bogum challenges himself to do like these kind of movies and the Netflix Sweet Home. That SongKang character there, I think will be a great addition to his diverse roles. Oh,  i get excited whenever Im thinking he will portray a role like that. 


He'll be thirty when he returns so there must be a new matured  genre that he must try. I'm hoping but not expecting much because he clearly said on his Cine21 interview that noir genre ain't his style. :huh: But who knows.


For @gumtaekquestion :

I always love his acting in Love in the Moonlight. That was 2016. That's the time I became a fan. I lost count of how many times I watched that drama. He has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen while acting. His eyes are always ready to tear up whenever he is delivering his lines. 


Then I watched him in HM/IRY. His pitiful but vengeful eyes in every scene in that drama made me realize again how great this actor is. 


From then on, I searched about him online and read all of those good testimonials about him and found out his mother died when he was still in grade school and I watched also Youth Over Flowers Africa where he said everything about that. As a Mom myself my heart hurts for him. All I can say is I want to protect this child like my own child.


Bogum deserves all the love in the world. He is born to be loved. He is also born to be great because he himself has the greatness genes on his body. While having this trait - still he has the most humble heart.


Let us pray for him. I believe our prayers will keep Bogum happy, safe and always healthy. I am excited for his return in 2022 because I know he will not going anywhere after that. 


@U-Çan exactly! How can he memorize his fans' faces and their names. I've seen videos of that like of when he said the name of one of his fans JiYeong.  Even his co-stars in dramas said that he is really good in memorizing scripts like how Sodam asked him about how can he do that  memorizing so many lines in the script. Amazing trait. I think he has photographic memory. 


@Sakurafairy and @willenette for Bogum's style of hair,  I don't think short hair will suit me. I always wear a long hair since high school. For me it is easily to manage than short hair.  I'm sorry Bogummy, noona here don't want to try that kind of hair style. :tongue: On the other hand, I also read Koreaboo and  I also thought  that the article has the exact flavor to describe how we feel for Bogummy. We miss him. 


Thank you all for posting Bogum's latest Navy video, articles and the gifs. He seems enjoying his stay there and still super handsome. That's the important thing for us, he having a good time there. 




Yup,  he got chubby cheeks.:wub:

Park Bo Gum's latest appearance while in the army, Chubby's cheeks are in the spotlight

Thursday, 11 February 2021 - 20:09 WIB
  • Jasmine

Park Bo Gum is undergoing a military service (conscription) by joining as a member of the Republic of Korea Navy since the end of August 2020. Then the actor's latest appearance with chubby cheeks successfully made fans happy.


On Thursday, February 11, 2021, Park Bo Gum greeted the public through a video uploaded via the Korean Military's official YouTube channel in order to wish him Chinese New Year or better known as Seollal in South Korea. Who misses the face of this 1993-born actor? Let's take a peek at the photos in the following article!

Park Bo Gum's Recent Appearance While in the Military


Photo: Republic of Korea Navy Official YouTube

Usually, celebrities say Seollal New Year wearing the traditional Korean dress, hanbok. But something different was done by Park Bo Gum, who greeted fans with a dashing appearance in a Navy uniform.



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10 tvN Dramas with the Highest Average Viewership Ratings of All Time




Here are 10 of the most popular tvN dramas in South Korea.


It is not a secret that tvN is one of the Korean broadcasting channels that always presents high-quality dramas. With their slogan of 'Contents Trend Leader' and 'Fun Has No End,' viewers have had hundreds of great dramas on the channel. Among all, these 10 are the most beloved ones, as they have recorded the highest average viewership ratings of all-time (according to AGB Nielsen).


Check out the complete list below!



#2 Reply 1988 (18.80%)





(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2021/02/15/10-tvn-dramas-with-the-highest-average-viewership-ratings-of-all-time-389729

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Annyeong chingudeul,  


I got curious of the list of Korean highest rating  cable tv dramas because of the just ended comedy - sageuk drama MQ.


 I only arranged the first 25 with the highest rated episode but I used their average rating in the  data. This is credited to Korean Drama Wikipedia 


I found out, as of this date, "if I'm not mistaken", that uri Park Bo Gum has the most cable tv dramas that are in the list with high rating. 




Down is the tabulated list.



Park Bo Gum - 3 

Hyun Bin - 2

Park Seo Jun - 2

Jung Kyung Ho - 2

Yeo Jin Goo - 2

Jo Byeong Gyu - 2



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  • autumnight changed the title to Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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