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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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Let's take a look at the issues of January 13, which was unusually eventful with OSEN Time Machine. 


On January 13, 2018

actor Park Bo-gum met Lee Hyo-ri. Visiting Jeju Island as a special guest of JTBC'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast 2'. Park Bo-gum arrived in Jeju Island that day after confirming the male guest appearance in'Hyori's Guest House 2'. 


Since'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast 2'has been mentioned as a new employee candidate from the planning stage, viewers' expectations and interest have risen endlessly. 


Afterwards, JTBC's'Hyori's Bed and Breakfast 2'officially announced Park Bo-gum's appearance, saying, "Park Bo-gum is going to work part-time for 3 days from today as a short-term job."


Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum enlisted 669 units at the Naval Education Command on August 31 of last year. Also, Park Bo-gum is about to release the films'Seobok' and'Wonderland', which have been filmed before enlisting in the military. 





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[Korean Actor] Who Has the Strongest Puppy Boy Look⁉ Ranking 12 Hallyu Stars


12 of 13
[No. 1] Park Bo-gum

A national boyfriend whose sister's heart shakes!


Park Bo-gum, who has a catchphrase of "National Boyfriend" and competes for first and second place among Korean actors in their 20s, is ranked number one in prosperity."With a clean appearance that doesn't make you feel sweaty at all, and a cute look full of dark eyes, she continues to soothe the older sisters of the world."



In "Itaewon Class," Park Bo-gum proved himself to be "the Boyfriend of the People" by winning the hearts of the younger male aura despite his brief appearance as a cameo.

Perhaps because of the image of such a cute boyfriend, in the past, there was a passionate report with actress Lee Il-hwa, who is over 20 years old! It must have been a scoop that hoped for Nuna (meaning older sister in Korean).


He joined the army in August 2020, and although it has become a hot topic as soon as the work taken before joining the army is released, it will be about two years later that he can be seen live. Bogummy absence is likely to continue for a while.


Text: Kazuki Miyagi * This article is current as of January 12, 2021.





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