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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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Heartwarming fan letter for our precious BOGUMMY. 







Dear Oppa: A fan from France gushes how it's real happiness to know Park Bo Gum exists somewhere in this world

Enter the Korean details: 


Dear Oppa has been receiving a lot of love from Pinkvilla readers, who are sending in their letters of admiration dedicated to their favourite K-drama and K-pop stars. Whether it be rooting for Lee Min-ho's next project Pachinko or giving heartwarming reviews for BTS' latest album BE. It's indeed all about love and respect while also feeling inspired by their beloved artists.


Today's letter comes all the way from France and has been penned Francine Bokobza to Record of Youth star Park Bo-gum, who is currently enlisted to the military. In her letter, Francine shares some warm words for Bogummy and how he deeply touches so many hearts.


Read her letter below:




Do miracles exist? If one day you read my letter they certainly do! Of course, should we not hope for miracles for less futile things ?... Anyway... It's important for me to send you some loving words. I write to you from Marseille, South of France and I try to do it in English.


I could be your mother, even your grandmother and I want to tell you: Thanks a lot for your laughs, your beautiful smile and your "joie de vivre" that make 


I fell in love with your beautiful country, with the Korean people and his language which is so sweet since March 2020. It's because of containment, Netflix and YouTube!


"My little Koreans " put me in a happy mood. I dream to come soon and eat kimchi in Séoul and also attend concerts of singers I love. Yes, I appreciate all your wonderful actors, singers and musicians. I am in love with all of them...but...YOU...you hold a special place in my heart.


You are a multi-talented artist. Actor, musician, dancer and singer. You do all that with such sensibility, simplicity, humor and kindness. You shine and the light comes from your soul. You are a beautiful person.


We need persons like you when a lot of things are going wrong on our planet. Please don't change. You are so beautiful even when you cry... you deeply touch our hearts.


I wish you all the best for the future, a magnificent life, health, success and an ocean of love (I am just a very little drop). Be happy my dear. Come back soon after the army.


I am not alone to think it's a real happiness to know that you exist somewhere in this world. I am not ashamed to tell you: "I love you with a love whose name doesn't exist." Thanks for all you give us. You are an angel, a gift from heaven.


God bless you.




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These Were The 25 Best K-Dramas In 2020, According To Fans

How many have you watched?



It’s getting close to the end of the year, and popular polling website KingChoice recently put up a poll for fans to vote for their favorite K-dramas from 2020. After millions of votes, the results are in! Check them out for yourself below, and maybe find a new show to binge while you’re at it!



12. Record of Youth




source : https://kingchoice.me/topic-the-best-korean-drama-2020-close-nov-30-1251.html

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