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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] | Upcoming Movie: Wonderland


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8 Actors Who were Spotted Wearing Hot Pants(?) and Still Looking All Great (Photos)


Wearing short pants doesn't make them a nay.


While it might be common for us to see male K-pop idols wearing short pants, it's definitely not the case when we talk about actors. However, these actors don't bother to show their pretty legs wearing short pants. Without further ado, check out who they are in the list below. 



Park Bogum 



Image Source: ALLETS



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/09/02/8-actors-who-were-spotted-wearing-hot-pants-and-still-looking-all-great-photos-378754

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[SBS Star] Park Bo Gum Gives All His Advertisers a Special Gift Before His Military Enlistment




Actor Park Bo Gum once again showed an angelic side of himself. On August 31, several advertisers of Park Bo Gum expressed gratitude to the actor through Instagram. They all stated that they received a specially-made cake and handwritten letter from Park Bo Gum.



On this massive cake, there were little hearts surrounding the writing which said, "Thank you. Bless you." In the letter, Park Bo Gum wrote, "It was such an honor to be modeling for your brand. I enjoyed every moment of filming with you." He continued, "I honestly would like to thank you for everything. God bless you and your family."



The advertisers shared their gratitude in their post, and wrote how amazing of a person Park Bo Gum was while they were working together as well. They said that Park Bo Gum was always so polite and friendly, and also very kind.



Park Bo Gum is planned to fulfill his national mandatory military duty as a member of the military band in the Navy. The actor began his military service on August 31, and is expected to complete it in the end of April 2022.



(Credit= Blossom Entertainment, Online Community)

(SBS Star)


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Latest article for Record of Youth. The PD and SW have been interviewed since the pressscon was cancelled. 


Title of the article: "Youth Records" director Ahn Kil-ho X writer Ha Myung-hee, contains ordinary youth living in this era! Why do I look forward to it?


Director Ahn Kil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee of "Youth Records" answered questions directly, raising expectations for the first broadcast.


tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Record" (directed by Ahn Gil-ho, scripted by Ha Myung-hee, produced by Pan Entertainment, and Studio Dragon), which will premiere on September 7, depicts the growth record of young people who are trying to achieve their dreams and love without despair on the wall of reality.


The hot records of young people who go straight for their dreams in their own ways, which have become luxury, give excitement and empathy.


Above all, the combination of director Ahn Kil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee, who guarantee perfection, makes drama fans excited. Director Ahn Kil-ho, who has been loved by viewers through "The Forest of Secrets," "Memories of the Alhambra" and "WATCHER," shows the power of another elaborate and delicate production through "Youth Records."


Another source of anticipation is that it is Ha Myung-hee's next work that melts realistic eyes into warm and emotional stories such as "Doctors" and "Temperature of Love." As the lines that permeate the hearts of viewers in each work gave a wide range of sympathy, it adds to the question of how they would have unraveled the stories of young people writing today's shining days.



Writer Ha Myung-hee said, "I think passion for life, not numbers, and open thinking are important characteristics of youth. I started with the idea of trying to sort out these characteristics of youth," she said.


"I didn't mean to talk about the hardships of the reality faced by young people, but about overcoming and winning," she added.


"I added the subtitle 'Remember and be with me' to those who pass by in their 20s, and to those who have passed by in their 20s, with the intention of remembering and joining their 20s,"  she explained.


Director Ahn Kil-ho also said, "It's the story of young people in their 20s who are seriously thinking about their dreams. It deals with the dreams and love they think, the appearance of family members beside them, and furthermore, various themes encompassing generations and gaps. I hope it will be a time for ordinary young people living in this era to think about 'my youth' through the process of conflict and reconciliation they face as they grow up," he said.


Director Ahn Kil-ho said, "The focus was on delivering the actors' performances, which are detailed in the script's intention and the emotional lines of the characters.


"I tried to show you the true charm of the drama, 'Hannam-dong,' while capturing the unique charm of the neighborhood. In particular, I filmed it with a lot of thought so that the behind-the-scenes stories of the entertainment industry could seem realistic."


Director Ahn Kil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee also have strong faith in each other. Director Ahn Kil-ho said, "The script was very warm. It wasn't stimulating, but it was good for immersion, so I read it quickly and enjoyed it.


The characters' settings were detailed, and I could feel the traces and sincerity of each line." Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, "I think drama is a human story after all, but director Ahn Kil-ho makes the characters concentrate and stand out. I'm so looking forward to it," he said, sending infinite trust.



The synergy between Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam, who will realistically portray their youth, is by far the most anticipated point. Director Ahn Kil-ho expressed his special affection, saying, "Meeting two actors with positive energy is more fortunate than expected, and it can't be better than this."


Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, "Park Bo-gum is an excellent emotional character and an actor who moves his heart with emotional acting. Park Bo-gum = Sa Hye-jun, who was so absorbed in the character that it made me feel alive.


Park So-dam was the first to come to mind when he built Ahn Jung-ha. "It was a perfect synchro rate to the point where I thought Park So-dam might be, seeing him try to resolve the conflict with patience and dialogue," he said with generous confidence.


Regarding Byun Woo-suk, who has emerged as a popular actor by building filmography step by step, director Ahn Kil-ho said, "I think I will be able to show a good performance because I am always good at analyzing my attitude and script."


Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, "When I first met her, I thought Won Hae-hyo was walking in. Not only physical but also gentle and confident personality resemble character.


We will be able to feel how much we've grown through this work. It is also expected from viewers that they will be able to meet actress Ha Hee-ra and actress Shin Ae-ra in one piece, who will portray another story as a parent of a young man with the same dream, although they have different backgrounds.


Director Ahn Kil-ho said, "The combination of chemistry and comfortable and stable acting that was better than expected is your great charm." Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, "I am looking forward to 'Han Ae-sook' and 'Kim Yi-young' drawn by the two who have studied their characters deeply."


As there are other acting actors who need no explanation, the "honey fun" point chosen by director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Ha Myung-hee is by far the "actress of actors." Director Ahn Kil-ho said, "It will be fun to talk about stories that can be shared by various age groups and the acting of great actors.


With the actors who expressed their characters in their own colors, we will be able to show them a richer and more three-dimensional charm. Writer Ha Myung-hee also said, "There are many different and attractive characters.


I felt at ease when I gave the actors lines because I believed that the actors with excellent character digestion would express it perfectly. It will be fun to watch the performance," he said, raising expectations.


Finally, director Ahn Kil-ho said, "We are talking about universal values that many people can relate to. "As much as I did my best to create a work that I could enjoy comfortably, I hope I can comfort you a little bit and give you joy through the drama," he said.


Ha Myung-hee said, "The actors and producers of the acting level gathered and did their best. We are ready to be loved." Now, viewers can love it," he said in a witty message.


Meanwhile, tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Records" will premiere on tvN at 9 p.m. on Sept. 7 (Monday).




Don't worry PDnim and Writernim,  we'll surely enjoy the drama. We'll savor every scene of it. 


@willenette @U-Çan @autumnight @summer2017

we would like to invite you in Record of Youth thread if you are not that busy. It will be a great experience and also more fun if you will be there also especially during its airing. It's fun to share our own thoughts/two cents for every episode. Thank you.:kisslevel:


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