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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok (Jan 2021), Wonderland

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@Chi Le thank you for clarifying that you're not a shipper nor a fan(my interpretation base on your last reply) :)

Im not sure about your intention, but as you can see, most of the posts here are news about his works and his wellbeing. 

Please do refrain yourself from posting malicious post towards bogum or other artists (yes i find it malicious). Thank you and though it was not a good experience for us, I hope that you post positive things bogum related next time. Happy new year! :)


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@justgummyNot sure if netizen is the same as popularity awards. Last year Bogum did get one popularity awards along with Nam Joo Hyuk.

I hope tonight Bogummy will get  Top Excellent award for his acting in MDBC 



Daesang nominee. Just to be in the list is an honour for Bogum.

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I will be at work when the show starts but i will still stream. So excited for Bogum! I'm still not sure if i want him to get the daesang. Like, i want him to get it but i dont want him to get all the side comments and pressure that comes along with it. But whatever, i just hope he will get what he truly deserves. He is an awesome actor regardless of his beauty. I hope they dont forget that and focus on how he truly brought lee yeong to life

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Wow! This thread jumped 16 pages from Dec. 28! Couldn't join you for the KBS Music festival but will certainly be here for tonight's awards. You are all jjang! (Did I use it correctly :-)?)

Many thanks for the diligent updates! Especially the news that Bogum is the most searched star on the Net in SK for 2016 with a lead of 400,000 over  Jae Suk who ranked 2nd!  What a feat, Bogum!

It continues to warm my heart that Bogum is loved and praised for his acting, for his attitude, and recently for his MCing skills, not to mention his stunning looks! What really makes me happy is that people are almost unanimous in saying that he deserves all the accolades he's receiving. I hope and pray that he will continue to be the humble Bogum who handles/will handle his meteoric fame well. I am confident he will but prayers will help, right?

P.S. I love Seolhyun's nude-colored gown! I prefer Bogum's black suit look but am ok with his white ensemble.

As for the awards, as I have mentioned, if th KAwards system was not "ratings" driven, I would certainly think that Bogum has a fighting chance of getting the Daesang but with the way it has been working, I will not set my heart on it. However, I will really get riled up (sorry, Bogum!) if he doesn't get a Top Excellence Award. Anyway, he is only 24 years old! Still young and has many chances of getting the Daesang provided he is given phenomenal projects like Reply 1988 and Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds. And that is what we have to pray for ....good projects, tightly written scripts and skillful directing.

As for shipping...Bogum is still young to settle down so learning from the past, I will not ship openly until he is of marrying age. In 1n2d when he was asked about it, he said he was sure to settle down before 40 so that is still 12-14 years from now! I will just enjoy the single Bogum for now.

@NongpeeP: I know you have good research skills. Can we help each other list all the awards, citations of Bogum for 2016 here in the thread? It's good to give each Bogummer a list so that when the low moments come, we can look at the list to console ourselves. Hahaha! 


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1 hour ago, 4evgbogummy said:

Bogummy - already working hard for tonight.


*sorry MOD to quote photo this time*

This photo from last year rite ??? ..coz you can see at the background stated year 2015 instead of 2016 ...


Ps. Wish all the best for bogum tonight ... hope he will get what he deserve :blush:

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