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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok (Jan 2021), Wonderland

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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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4 hours ago, 4evgbogummy said:

Haha..since @stroppyse asked and since we are mature people here who are rational and we understand and respect Bogummy's need for privacy, I'd just share some C fans' observation from all the public information that has been revealed. As I have been following Bogummy since end last year and have read all his interviews that are available ( the Chinese translation), I can verify that the observation is based on the information gathered from all these interviews or revealed information. I'm also a naturally curious person and I will search on things and people I'm interested to know more about. However, please just treat this as fun facts about Bogummy and nothing more. And below is not a literal reproduction of what was actually said but it's based on my memory of what was said. Also, as with interviews, extracts of what was said can be quite differently understood because you don't have the context in which the response was given. 

Haha.. please do not read if you are the type that's easily influenced/swayed and you are not sure of your own rationality and maturity.

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Essentially, C fans have traced the progression on Bogummy's response on the issue of dating as follows:

1. Before R88 (mainly from his interviews after Tomorrow Cantabile)

He has dated before from middle school to high school. Since debut, he has not dated. His ideal type is one who is kind and share his vision about life. 

2. After R88

He described his ideal type as someone who is like a mother and at the same time like a friend and dongseng to him. She must be a good wife and a wise mother. She should have qualities to make up for where he is lacking. When asked in one instance if he preferred short or long hair, he said short hair. 

3. Before fan meeting in Taiwan

He appeared to be evasive in answering the question whether he has dated and said it's not a glorifying thing not to have dated since his debut. He said Blossom has no issues with him dating and in fact they encourage him to date as it would help him in his acting, just that it should be kept a secret.

4. At fan meeting in Taiwan

When asked, he talked about wearing matching outfits in the sense that the color schemes match, not necessarily from the same logo. 

5. After fan meeting in Taiwan and when promoting R88 for Japan

He said between friends and love, he's the type that will choose love first and is therefore not like Taek in R88 in this regard. He also said, he's the type that can focus only on one thing. Thus, between work and love, he's only able to do one thing. He said his friends and co-workers around him are in relationships and he thinks it's such a blessing and is envious of them. He has also entertained the question whether to make it public or keep things a secret. He said he's convinced that revealing it will make life very difficult for his love. So, he'd keep the information a secret until they are ready to get married.

6. After fan meeting in Taiwan when he appeared at Unnie Slamdunk (am not sure if I got the correct name of the program)

When asked if he has a girlfriend, he answered no very quickly. Ra Miran then added he would like to date.

7. In 2D1N, just before MDBC premiered, when asked by Jongmin if he had dated before, he said yes. Then Jongmin asked if it's the passionate kind, he said shyly, it's not like that.

8, At Happy Together during the screening of MDBC, Ra Miran was asked if she knew whether Bogummy is in a relationship with a special someone, Ra Miran said, if it's a secret, why would I say or know the answer. Then when asked again if he's meeting anyone in secret, she said, yes he's meeting me later!

9. After MDBC

He said he's the type that will fall in love at first sight and like his drama character Lee Young, he'd like to go all out to show his love to the one he loves. He also finds that the thought of being able to show love to a single woman is an appealing thought.

C fans noted a shift in his position on this topic. For me, the most telling part is that he's able to say he's the type that falls in love at first sight unless he has fallen in love at first sight before. Of course, this could also be his love from middle school days. 

There are also some other incidental and peripheral information revealed in other sources - what SJK has said, his interaction and response to what the MC said at TVN 10 award ceremony, and various coincidences such as matching outfits, same log in time on weibo accounts, close proximity based on Instagram uploads etc (of course, all this could just be pure coincidence or that they could share the same sponsors etc) - all these have led many C fans to think along certain lines. 

Whatever it may be, I do not want to be nosy. And I have no business commenting on that or who he chooses to date etc. I'm happy that he has close friends including Taekhyun, GKP, Dongyeon, and perhaps close friends who are girls too haha...my own son has a close girlfriend since he was 17 and so, it's perfectly normal to me. Most importantly, dating and being in love is a beautiful thing for anyone and so, I'd like that he dates and experiences love. I can also fully appreciate why he may need to tread very carefully and not reveal things to protect his privacy and his loved ones.




Blossom Entertainment has been established for actors, rather than singer idols/actors idols genre(which banned from dating), they looked not strict about dating at all.(Blossom management came from SiDusQ which allowed actors to openly date eg. Kim Woo Bin)

It is Blossom actors' choice whether they wanna date or how publicly they wanna date.

At 23, Park Bo Gum can date but it depends on whether he wanna date now or later,  and whether he wanna keep dating as secret or not.

From your collected notices, there are no explicit evidence whether Park Bo Gum currently date or not. In August 2016's 2days1night, Park Bo Gum denied dating status promptly after getting asked by Kim Jong Min. 

In addition as in this age, seeing and chatting could be done and if it does not work, they could just be friends. If it does work, they will be in relationship. Being boyfriend-girlfriend for a long time as Park Bo Gum interviewed that he wishes, it is further stage after seeing&chatting with a girl for a big while.

From another actor in Blossom as Song Joong Ki who is quite close to Park Bo Gum which might inspire him even dating style, Song Joong Ki interviewed that he would keep his dating as secret till he got caught by medias, which is very general for celebrities. According to Song Joong Ki's interviews in 2014, he had dated at least 4 women already without publicly.

I read from the articles that Korean medias will release dating news for celebrities after they have dated longer than 4 months with constant meetings because shorter than such 4 months, it might be some kind of seeing&chatting, not to be confirmed as in the dating stage, which might result in celebrities' denying that they are just closed Sunbae-HooBae or colleagues. 

As Park Bo Gum used to mention that as celebrity, dating might cause another party problem, I guessed secretly dating might be preferred. 


By the way, Park Bo Gum's co-stars accepted in the public interviews that they used to date eg.

- Hyeri (Reply 1988) accepted that she dated  H.O.T member Tony An when she was 19 and he was 35, currently split. http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20131108000564

- Kim Yoo Jung (Moonglight Drawn By Clouds) accepted that she used to date for 300 days when she was 15 but split. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/06/kim-yoo-jung-reveals-she-dated-someone-for-300-days


 Sister Slam Dunk in July 2016 min.0.55, Park Bo Gum promptly answered no girlfriend but nobody knows his current status. :phew:

- min. 2.55 showed he was witty to get out of truck license situation politely with smile.

- In this Sister Slam Dunk, almost MCs are Park Bo Gum's fansgirl

Song Ji Hyo as Park Bo Gum's fansgirl in Running man in April 2016 


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From @incognito_xvii's account, I was very moved to read this....I doubt if anyone else can give this precious piece of information. Thanks sooooooooo much for including this detail about Bogum in your account! Bogum is still Bogum even after the MDBC syndrome and craze!

This was after playing basketballl...

"My friend stayed for a bit when she saw Bogum picking up their trash and cleaning their mess even when the guards insisted on doing the task...BG continued on cleaning cups, etc..lol real angel!

Post R1988, I read 1-2 articles that captured this trait of our boy and the Cebu experience with his soaring popularity/fame has not spoiled his heart! God bless U, Bogum-ah!

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To be honest...I rather there is no airport pics tomorrow....it will be better if he lands quietly and goes home safely without any attention...he deserves some rest, privacy and me time...I don't know about the rest of you here....but after reading the Cebu trip fan account...it really saddens me alot...:dissapointed_relieved:..

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@NongpeeP thanks for posting that fanaccount. Glad to know more of the cast from the eyes of the Fan. It's a pity that he got to witness such craziness from his own people. Pfft..

@4evgbogummy thanks for that detailed analysis from the C-fans on his dating preference. Whoever he's with, as long as he's happy, then all is well.:) 

@jees1 yes, I agree.he needs his "me" Time.

Note: Be ready for AAA Round 3 voting everyone. You can buy credits both for iPhone or Android. 

Let's get our boy up there.

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2 hours ago, Grace1003 said:


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Now, I understand that most of the unfortunate incidents had to do with fellow Koreans and not Filipinos...


I believed that not only Korean's fans but other nations' fans have done both mannerly behaved and not, depending on individual's, not nations. 

1 hour ago, sara2908 said:

Loved the analysis @4evgbogummy Being sometimes candid and and sometimes evasive Bogummy, There's always truth behind his every word. They are still young and their career is still flourishing.Just hope they could date quietly and give each other's strength surviving in cutthroat K entertainment.  I was hoping another trend will come along soon so that Bogum will get relief from prying media that still focusing too much on him.

@NongpeePSo sad that Bogum has to witness that kind of behavior from fans from his own country. If he has to face this kind of situation now he has to think of his own safety first. Until Bogum fever died down no more taking the subway for now.

When I read Park Bo Gum's interviews, he mentioned he felt not good to hold his actions to fans but he might have to because he could cause harms and hurts as

- he has seen in fan sign in hanbok that waving his hands could make fans push harsely to front with more tense packed

- In Cebu, he could disturb airport or hotel guests and also make situations worse from much more fans gathering if he greeted fans.  

I felt that he might face some strange situations which made him mentioned in the interviews differently from his previous interviews a few months ago (greeting fans or using public transportation), after reading this fans's journal from Cebu, I understood that Park Bo Gum might be shock from fierce quarrel and fight in front of him or impact damages at the airport, he might perceive why his manager can't let Park Bo Gum greet or take a photo with fans. Chaos could be worse. 

1 hour ago, Grace1003 said:

This was after playing basketballl...

"My friend stayed for a bit when she saw Bogum picking up their trash and cleaning their mess even when the guards insisted on doing the task...BG continued on cleaning cups, etc..lol real angel!

Post R1988, I read 1-2 articles that captured this trait of our boy and the Cebu experience with his soaring popularity/fame has not spoiled his heart! God bless U, Bogum-ah!


As Park Bo Gum mentioned he can not pretend to be like he is everyday but he has been what he genuinely is for 23 years so he is not pressured to be someone else to please anyone. However, he is aware of the celebrity fact as his father mentioned, 10-1=0, doing best all the time can be wiped out by one mistake;therefore, he might not be overly conceited. 

Park Bo Gum is economized person, likes cleanliness&tidiness, love eating, get used to searching info from SNS as his age ==> You can see Park Bo Gum like this in Youth Over Flowers in Africa, 2days1night, sister slam dunk, Hello Stranger BTS &Reply1988 BTS & Moonlight BTS, and wherever. 

- he mentioned he did not buy a car because of too expensive parking fee

- he used several clothes which fans saw he has worn for 5 years

- he folded his blanket immediately after waking up

- he cleaned things after eating 

- in 2 days 1 night he put score plates on bag with orderliness 

- he eats all things deliciously with high attentions, much more than any celebrities who are on diet

- he searched for information all the times and also caledl to ask more details in 2 days 1 night and Youth


In addition, as I noticed, Park Bo Gum is more familiar the culture as in Korea that my friend mentioned, juniors will take care seniors no matter female or male while Seniors tentatively pay for Juniors for the meals.

Park Bo Gum takes care seniors and get used to be taken care by juniors, no matter female or male. As SunBae and HooBae, they can mutually cooperate in working constructively. 

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1 hour ago, mellinadear said:


Note: Be ready for AAA Round 3 voting everyone. You can buy credits both for iPhone or Android. 

Let's get our boy up there.


When i want to buy credits a message pop up said it will open tomorrow at 2pm. Are you girls getting the same message?

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9 hours ago, Grace1003 said:

Two effortlessly adorable cuties...Bogummy and Mingukkie!


Oh my, i can't take it... 2 cuties!!! my favourite triplet, Minguk!! and now with Bo Gum, both of them... so cute!!! Both wearing the same design top... both with helmets.... :wub::wub: cute... cute....both so cute...! 

Thanks for posting the picture here...

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