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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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Although I am happy that he's offered a project, after checking the scriptwriter's previous works, I have my reservations. Remember the Reply "curse" of actors in the series not being able to get equally good projects? For me, the winning factor is a solid script from a scriptwriter who has churned out consistently good projects in the past. Let's hope that PBG makes good decisions for his forthcoming projects.

Ji Sung, Park Bo-gum courted for new drama Entertainer

by javabeans | February 17, 2016 | 40 Comments


This would be quite the score if they managed to make this casting happen, though it’s in very early stages and not at all confirmed: Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me) and Park Bo-gum(Answer Me 1988) have been offered leading roles in a new drama titled Entertainer, which is in scheduling talks with SBS.

So far, we have only the barest description of the plot, which is that it’s about the assembling of a ragtag band (as in, musical group). The character Ji Sung is up for was once a manager at an agency handling the nation’s top singers, and is now the CEO of an agency repping the most pathetic rookies. Through various struggles and incidents, he’ll learn to become “a genuine manager,” which I suppose means someone who cares and is good at his job?


The character Park Bo-gum is looking at has not been described, though I have to presume he’s one of the band members. I’m already picturing the possibilities of this casting, and I can easily see both actors in these parts, giving their characters tons of personality, charm, quirks, and even flaws. The title itself is an interesting choice, since the word used for “entertainer” (ddanddara) carries a negative connotation — it’s kind of an old-fashioned word, disdaining entertainers as a cheap, vulgar profession. The word isn’t used much anymore (probably because being a celebrity is so desired now) but when it is employed, the negative association remains.

Scriptwriter Yoo Young-ah has several credits to her name; she wrote dramas Pretty Manand Birdie Buddy, both manhwa adaptations, and has adaptation credit on the sageuk filmRoyal Tailor as well as screenwriting credit on the just-released romantic comedy movieLike Me (or Like for Likes) starring Choi Ji-woo, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Mi-yeon, Kang Haneul, and Kim Joo-hyuk.

Entertainer hopes to score a slot on SBS’s spring schedule (it’s looking at April). I’m sure that if Ji Sung and Park Bo-gum sign on (both sides have stated they’re considering the drama as one of many possible projects), we’ll see the show put on the fast-track to production. But that’s still an if at the moment.

Link: http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/02/ji-sung-park-bo-gum-courted-for-new-drama-entertainer/

Other article links with the same news:



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1 hour ago, tikawarokka said:

This is just one of the many reason i love about him :") thank you so much for the live recap. i'm waiting for the full interview with the english sub i hope there will be anyone who are willing to sub it 

The full interview live today is with eng sub. Hopefully they will reload again. Now there are only 3 short clips.

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Aigoooyaaa.... so uri Park Bogum is truly a living Taek??? Waenyeol...

I feel so happy to see Bogummie laugh a lot during the press con. The trip must have been filled with a lot of fun for him to keep laughing when recalling the trip.

And his positive attitude and manner, *sigh*..... is human allowed to be this perfect? Handsome, successful, and still down-to-earth??


What in the world of pants was he wearing?? I have this urge to pull the end down to cover the ankles.

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I liked that shot of the four boys jumping in the air in slow mo.... Bogummy's ballet jump was pretty... I liked how his feet were pointing! (Even though they were in crocs... The leg arc still so pretty! N one hand on his hat! Overall it was such a graceful sight... *Swoon* :love:

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As I remember this clip is when the reporter asked about Deoksun's husband and Bogum clarify they(RJY & BG) did not talk about it during the trip. (we will see bogummy after YOF  broadcast)

He would like to visit Brazil for next trip and visit all the waterfalls.

160218 ✧ ‘youth over flowers’ press conference
Junyeol-Bogum confirmed bromance “(we’ve) become more affectionate (towards each other)”
park bogum: I don’t think we ever talked about how 'i became the husband’ or how 'i’m not the husband’ during the course of the trip. I think my memories are more happy and thankful. To be honest, in the drama, I didn’t actually have that many scenes with Jeonghwan.. Junyeol hyung. Jaehong hyung as well, I think I only saw him twice? Yeah, there were only around 2 scenes where we were together. I was basically either playing baduk by myself, sleeping, or taking medication. So honestly, apart from the scenes where I was together with the hyungs, there weren’t many scenes where we talked and ate together. So honestly I felt a bit lonely. And adding on top of that, I didn’t go to school, so I wanted to wear a uniform, go to school together and eat Brazil tteokbokki too - so that’s why I felt really lonely. But through this trip I think I was able to get a bit closer and more friendly with the hyungs. I was really touched at the sight of the hyung’s thinking about me, looking after me, and being considerate of me. We promised to go travelling again later down the track when we all have some free time. So I think this trip has become an unforgettable, thankful, and happy memory for me.
lee seyoung: if you were to go on another trip, where would the 4 of you like to go? park bogum: we said that 'let’s go to the world’s 3 largest waterfalls’, so next time we would go to Brazil - to Iguazu falls.
lee seyoung: how was the trip for you, junyeol-sshi?
ryu junyeol: it was the same for me, like Bogum said. Since Bogum doesn’t talk much - despite us being together for 6 months, we didn’t have that many conversations. I think we were able to get a lot closer with each other (through this trip) since we were together for a lot of the time, and had a lot of down time while travelling. It’s not just me, but I think the other 3 friends would feel the same way since Bogum is very cautious, and a person of little words. I think they would all agree that Bogum was the person that they were able to get closer and know more through this trip.

translation: prkbgm.tumblr.com
[!] please do not repost in any form on tumblr, and link back to this post or mention ‘prkbgm@tumblr’ when posting elsewhere.

VIP Premiere at 1800 Coex Gangnam

160218 ♡ ‘pure love’ vip screening
thank you, vstar

(from 0:37)
hello, I’m Park Bogum. (fans screaming) ah, thank you~ I’m here by the invitation of Sohyun-ssi. I heard that it’s ('Pure Love’) a movie where you can feel warm-hearted feelings. I too, will be supporting 'Pure Love’ in hopes that it can become a movie that can move a lot of people’s hearts. It’s late, but happy new year. Thank you.

credit: http://prkbgm.tumblr.com/

wondering how he got home . on subway again?

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when AJH talked about the accident after 30 seconds bogummy behind the wheel

160218 ✧ ‘youth over flowers’ press conference
′Maknae′ Park Bogum’s driving skills, a light collision! A lot of skinship
(from 0:28)
lee seyoung: I"m not sure if I should ask this since it might be a spoiler, so if it’s a spoiler, you don’t have to answer. Just before (you mentioned that) there were crashing sounds while you reversed the car? will we be able to find out after watching the broadcast tomorrow?
ahn jaehong: yes, this is actually my first time on variety so i was very surprised, and felt that these people are really scary. While we were reversing into the wall, if the VJ hyung had just tapped the car, there wouldn’t have been an accident, but he just took a step back and filmed the car crashing (into the wall). (so I though) 'wow they’re very scary people. even if something happens, they’ll just be filming.’ At the time, Bogum..
lee seyoung: ah! was Bogum the culprit?
ahn jaehong: yes, while Bogum was driving.. there was a light collision with a wall.
park bogum: to be honest, the hyungs were driving really well, and I worried that they might be too tired, so I grabbed the steering wheel wanting to be of some help. The accident happened as soon as I grabbed the steering wheel..
ahn jaehong: I think he drove for around 30 seconds. We turned on a song, and as soon as the first syllable (of the song) come out, we hit (the wall).
park bogum: so I felt really sorry. in the team.. like a maknae, I travelled really comfortably thanks to the hyungs. I received a lot of love. I can’t help but think about whether I was an obstacle/hurdle.. I think I feel sorry the most, I’m sorry to the staff as well, since I just keep on causing accidents. But of course, I’m also really thankful that they look after and cared for me.

translation: prkbgm.tumblr.com
[!] please do not repost in any form on tumblr, and link back to this post or mention ‘prkbgm@tumblr’ when posting elsewhere.

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