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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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Actor Gong Yoo ans Park Bo - gum's starring movie 'Seobok' ranked first in the overall reservation rate.  


As of 6 p.m.  on the 9th, 'Seobok' ranked first in the overall reservation rate 6 days before its release. 


Seobok' is the last mission in Min Giheon's  life to transfer mankind's first cloned human Seobok (Park Bo - gum) in secret.  It is a movie about the story of getting caught up in.


 It is attracting attention even before the release just by sharing a box office check and meeting the two actors, Park Bo - gum, the representative youth star of Korea.







Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum’s emotional bromance'Seobok' reached No. 1 in the overall reservation rate ahead of its release on April 15th. 

The movie'Seobok' (director Lee Yong-ju, distribution CJ ENM, TVING, production STUDIO101, CJ ENM, co-production TPS COMPANY) is a sentimental bromance presented by Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, and has been a hot topic even before the release. It ranked first in the overall reservation rate, predicting a blast of box office success. 

According to the Integrated Computer Network of the Film Promotion Commission, as of 6:26 pm on the 9th,'Seobok' ranked first in the overall reservation rate 6 days before the release. This was completed with the delicate performance of director Lee Yong-ju, the'sensibility director,' who created the first love syndrome nationwide with the unique chemistry of the Korean film industry's unrivaled box office checks and the Korean young star Park Bo-gum, two actors' unique chemistry and the movie'Introduction to Architecture'. Emotional bromance proves high interest in'Seobok'. 

The movie'Seobok', which is presented at the same time through the theater and TVING, depicts the special companionship of an immortal cloned man and a man who is about to die, giving a deep sensibility and a deep lingering lingering effect, while drawing the eyes and hearts of the audience with a beautiful and intense visual. I am going to capture it.

The movie'Seobok', which ranked first in the overall reservation rate and predicted a green light for the box office, was unexpectedly accompanied by a special companion from the intelligence agency agent Ki Heon, who was in charge of the last mission in his life to transfer mankind's first cloned human Seobok in top secret. I draw a story that gets caught up in a situation that I can't do.


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     thanks @U Canfor sharing the Seobok video.  makes me even more excited to watch the movie on April 15. also, reading those wonderful news about Seobok and Bo Gum in the navy make me happy as well.  :elated:


         by the way, that sword pierced through Gong Yoo's chest reminds me of Goblin.  

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Are there any of you chingus who would like to have a poll on Park Bo Gum's thread? :kiss_wink:


In case you do, please let me know. I set up a poll on one of the actor threads today, and thought I would check around if any of the other actor/actress threads wanted one too.


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*** In the poll, I love "Record of Youth & Love in the Moonlight". And now, that he's into MS, how I missed him on the screen once again, that's why, I highly anticipate his upcoming movie Seobok". Since he still haven't played any action-genre, I want to see him doing action-stunts in his future projects.  Thanks @partyon for this poll.  :ilike:

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I want to be a good and mature fan...but allow me to rant a bit. 


How can Park Bo Gum not be nominated for Best Actor in the Baeksang Arts Awards for Record of Youth? He was so great in the drama...


Baeksang, you have hurt me over and over again since Reply 1988...


And to think that you always ask Bo Gum to emcee the Awards Night...


End of rant...


God will bless Park Bo Gum a hundredfold even without Baeksang.


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  • autumnight changed the title to Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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