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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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Korean Celebrities Share The Same Rare Facial Feature

You might not have noticed this about #2.


2. Park Bo Gum



Park Bo Gum also shares the same unique trait.





His extends higher up than Soobin’s up onto the tip of his nose.




It only makes him even more handsome!











These Are Considered The Current 25 Most Handsome Korean Actors

Did your favorite make the list?


KingChoice is a popular polling website where fans of K-Pop can participate in various polls put up on a semi-regular basis on topics such as idols, ships, songs, and other categories.


These polls often draw in hundreds of thousands of votes total, so the results come from a pretty large pool of participants!


While of course the resulting list will always be subjective, it’s still interesting to see who ends up on the top of the chart and whether or not your favorite artist ended up where you think they should.


18. Park Bo Gum





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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

Posted Images

*** Is his upcoming film "Seobok" be released simultaneously in movie theaters and the OTT platform? Earlier today, March 2 a media outlet reported that the company is looking into the film’s simultaneous release in theaters and CJ ENM’s OTT platform TVING. But, CJ Entertainment told 10Asia that nothing has been confirmed yet about how Seobok will be released.  :nomeme:




source : https://tenasia.hankyung.com/movie/article/2021030201494

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                       my husband and i went to a Korean mini-mart last night and had teokbokki and ramyun. while we were eating, the song "Every day, every moment" of the original artist played on the radio. i remembered Bo Gum's version of the song (which i liked very much) and i wanted to hear it again. the lyrics of the song is also good, so heartwarming. i am posting the song here as well as the lyrics, and let's all enjoy it ! :issohappy:


** Every Day, Every Moment 


Will I be able to smile without you?
Just thinking about it makes me cry
The person who protected me throughout my hard times
Now I will protect you

Your embrace was always warm
It was my only resting place at the end of my long days

You alone are enough for me
Because there’s no need for words, I know by your eyes
Flowers bloom and wither
Every day, every moment, let’s be together

They were shining like the sun
Your eyes when you looked at me
I was so happy I thought it was a dream
Each moment was so dazzling

In my anxious and suffering life
You came to me like a ray of light and made me smile

You alone are enough for me
Because there’s no need for words, I know by your eyes
Flowers bloom and wither
Every day, every moment, let’s be together


The future is unknown
But each moment of being in your arms
I wish it would last forever

I’ll go to you when the breeze feels nice
I’ll go to you on sunny days
Just like the day you first came to me
Every day, every moment, let’s be together





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MY REACTIONS: I dont know why they dont want Netflix. This also happened to Encounter. CJ Entertainment owned the rights of the drama so until now it has not been forwarded to Netflix. 


I dont use TVing. I cant access it but I will try. I dont know the reason of this. Wonderland film has a better plan, for me, than Seobok. Wonderland will be released thru Netflix but Korea and China will be in theatres. 


But this is a big corporation so of course they planned it better than what i was thinking. I think CJ ENM wants to expand to OTT thru TVing and eventually becomes a rival of Netflix.  :P

<Seobok> Simultaneous release at TVING and theater on April 15


The movie <Seobok> (director: Yong-ju Lee), which gathered a lot of attention due to the meeting of actor Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, will be released on April 15th. It will be released as the original content of TVING, an online video service (OTT), and will be released at the theater to meet more audiences.











The reason why Gong Yoo X Park Bo-gum's 'Seobok' chose the theater and TVing at the same time.


The blockbuster film "Seobok," starring actors Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, will be released at the same time in theaters and video streaming services (OTT). 


Although "Time of Hunting" and "Seungriho" have gone straight to Netflix, it is actually the first time that the theater and OTT have been released at the same time. 


It is predicted that the reorganization of the video industry, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the wake of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), will accelerate further.


A desperate measure worth 16 billion won.

Film investment distributor CJ ENM Film Business Headquarters and production company Studio 101 announced on the 3rd that they will show "Seobok" at the same time at the theater and OTT TVing on the 15th of next month. TVing is a subsidiary of CJ ENM.

"Seobok" is an expected production of Chungmuro, which cost KRW 16.5 billion. The film is directed by Lee Yong-joo, who has attracted 4.11 million viewers through "Architecture 101" (2012). 


It depicts what happens when Seobok (Park Bo-gum), the first human clone of mankind, and Ki-heon (Kong Yoo), an intelligence agent who moved him to the top secret, faced an unexpected situation. 


While trying to release theaters at the end of last year, the number of confirmed Covid - 19 people increased rapidly, and the release was postponed indefinitely. 


Rumors were rampant in the film industry that the theater would go straight to OTT as the release of the movie was delayed. CJ ENM Film Business Headquarters explained in a press release that "Seobok"



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On the slice of life genre and my top three slices of life K-dramas


What is the slice of life genre?


A lot of Korean drama viewers may be familiar with this term, but for those who are not, a slice of life means “realistic representation of everyday experience in a movie, play, or book.” As a genre, it depicts naturalism or relatability to everyday life.


Viewers may not necessarily be going through the same exact situation depicted in the movie or book, but the recurring themes of friendship and family, the struggles of everyday life, as well as the stark portrayal of our enduring human nature is what makes this genre very beautiful and very appealing to a lot of people.


The slice of life genre is a prevalent recurring theme in a lot of K-dramas. Varying from hospital to office and even school dramas, the K-drama land has perfected the recipe on how to make the best slice of life dramas.


The base and most important ingredient in slice-of-life genres is the casting. A good ensemble not only means the actor and actresses must accurately portray their characters to the best of their ability, but they must also develop a good rapport with the whole cast and their characters to produce a seamless and tight woven drama that will leave the audience yearning for more.


The second equally important factor is the plot. The everyday issues and struggles the character(s) must go through is what makes a K-drama fall under the slice of life genre. The main plot does not necessarily have to relatable to everyone, such as life in prison in Prison Playbook or life as a surgeon in Hospital Playlist, but it is the human interaction and everyday struggles that essentially counts. In a way, this factor is what makes or breaks the whole drama.


Finally, to top it off, insert (in all the right moments) a heartwarming soundtrack. This is bound to captivate not only the attention of the viewers but all of their emotions as well. If you have watched any of the three dramas I will further discuss in this blog, you are bound to remember the emotional and nostalgic songs, Youth by Kim Feel and Chang Wan Kim, or Hyehwadong (or Ssangmundong) by Park Boram from Reply 1988 as well as the intro rap song OK by BewhY with Gray and Bravo, My Life by Eric Nam from the Prison Playbook. There is also the phenomenal rock performance of the Canon by the Mido and Falasol band in the Hospital Playlist.


As common as it may sound to make a slice of life K-drama, no one else can pull it off as perfectly as the director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jeong, the brilliant brains behind Reply 1988, Prison Playbook, and the Hospital Playlist, my top three K-dramas in the slice of life genre.


(Director Shin Won Ho and writer Lee Woo Jeong also worked together on Reply 1994 and Reply 1997 and co-worked with writer Jung Bo Hoon in Prison Playbook.)



Reply 1988 (2015) | 20 episodes




Plot: Set in the nostalgic period of the 1980s, this drama revolves around the lives of the five friends and their families who lived in the neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong.


The Slice of Life: If there is one word to describe this drama, it would be: nostalgia. I was not born in the 1980s and definitely not as a Korean citizen. I did not experience the exact same things the Ssangmun-dong gang did, but it made me reminisce and remember my own childhood and growing up years. The years I would hang out with my friends to play on the streets, the times when I would run away from my household chores, and the only concern I had in life was how to tell my parents I got a poor grade in Mathematics and Science. I think this only goes on to show that despite the differences in our culture and time period, there are universal experiences we are all undergoing and relate to as human beings.


Another beauty of this drama is that you can take your pick on who you relate to the most among the Ssangmun-dong gang. You can either relate to Jung Hwan’s rich kid problems or to Sun Woo’s responsibilities as the family’s breadwinner. Personally, since I came from a big family with four older sisters, I related with Sun Deok Sun (played by Lee Hye Ri) the most. It made me laugh that the culture of hand-me-down clothes and shoes doesn’t only exist in the Philippines and her love/ hate relationship with her older sister is just all too real and relatable. I probably fought over the same things as room sharing issues with my own sisters as she did with Bo Ra. Her struggles as the middle-overlooked child also hit home, being a middle child myself.


Overall, family issues such as ordinary sibling rivalry (minus all the political and rich power struggle), complex child-parent relationship, and the notion of best friends for life portrayed in this drama is what makes Reply 1988 fall under the slice of life genre. A beautiful must watch (if you have not) and always one for the books, no matter what you’re going through in life. However, a word of caution: this drama will surely make you cry and laugh until you are rolling on the floor, will make you love the Ssangmun-dong gang (ultimate squad goals), and will give you a heavy dose of second male lead syndrome!


My favorite line: “In some ways, one’s own family is the most oblivious. But… what is so important about knowing? In the end, what helps you overcome obstacles is not brains, but someone who will take your hand and never let you go. In the end, that’s family. Even for heroes, the people they go back to, in the end, is family.” – Sun Deok Sun, Reply 1988



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://annyeongoppa.com/2021/03/01/on-the-slice-of-life-genre-and-my-top-three-slices-of-life-k-dramas/


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    @gumtaek, @Sakurafairy, @BogumNoona, thank you for the info on Seobok's showing. do you know if TVing is available in the Philippines? up to now, there is still no definite decision if the theaters will already be allowed to open although it is suggested already.


    @willenette, "slice of life" genre is my favorite though i also watch other KDrama genres. up to now, despite the many, many (i lost count already) Kdramas i've watched, nothing beats "Reply 1988". it is still my #1 Kdrama of all times.


       by the way, there will be a local adaptation of "Encounter" to be shown in one of our local TV channels soon (i originally wrote beginning March 8, saw the ad again last night and it says "Coming Soon", apology for the mistake). this TV station also aired "Reply 1988" dubbed in our native language.    

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Sorry I am jumping in late in this topic, but I had to have an outlet for my fangirling over Park Bo Gum.  Reply 1988 got me interested in him, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds aka Love in the Moonlight made me swoon but life happens and I watch Record of Youth in Netflix and bam!  It all came flooding back - why he is so awesome!  So I went back and found Encounter.  I kick myself for not having watched it sooner.  Now with both ROY and Encounter on my brain, can't get enough of him.  2022 seems so far away...but the 1st quarter of 2021 is near to the end, he's got a couple of movies that we can look forward to...can't wait until he returns so we can see him grow further - as an actor and in life!

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      welcome to the thread @J-Pooh. just like you, i was bitten by the Bo Gum bug while watching "Reply 1988".   if you have the time, read this thread from Page 1 and you will appreciate Bo Gum even more. we are all eagerly waiting for his return and excited as to the projects he will take on after his military service.  :hooray2:

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             in relation to @gumtaek's post on wishes for Bo Gum to play the male lead role in "Princess Hours", i would like to ask our dear chinggus this question :


            among the KDramas you have watched so far, which role do you wish Bo Gum to take on? why?


            have a good day chinggus! looking forward to your replies.   :grin:

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@Rom828 - After seeing PBG in Record of Youth as a baddie (thug-like one), would like to see him play something like the "the Doctor's Son" in Heartless City.  I thought Jung Kyung-ho was great in it, but PBG can take it to the next level.  But rather than dramas, would love for him to explore movies.  He expressed a desire to be in Hollywood - I agree, his big eyes can charm the western world too!!  Not a superhero movie, something with grit would be nice - so he can show off his acting chops.  He's not just a pretty face after all!

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Get To Know The Korean Celebrities Who Have A 'National' Title


Probably one of the highest honors that a Korean celebrity can get is the title of being a "Nation's ______." Receiving such high regard means that as a celebrity, you have reached the peak of getting public love and interest.


We have compiled some of the celebrities whom you might not have known to have received the title.



#5 Park Bo Gum

This South Korean Oppa doesn't only have only one but three titles! For his mesmerizing charms and high-class image, Park Bo Gum is dubbed as the "Nation's Boyfriend," "Nation's Crown Prince, " and "Nation's Man of Good Influence."



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : KoreaPortal


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  • autumnight changed the title to Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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