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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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     @gumtaek, i completely agree with you.  at first, i became a fan because he is a good actor. but after reading  many testimonials and write-ups of the kind of person he is, i now like him because of who he is as a person.   and i would say i am proud to be a Bo Gum fan. that's how i felt after going to his fan meet and even up to now.   


        by the way, thank you to you and @Sakurafairyfor welcoming me in the thread. we've met already in the "Record of Youth" forum, i had a change of profile name.


        this site is the "only" site i regularly visit. and i really appreciate all Bo Gum's fans who contribute to this site.  thank you and God bless you all.





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EVENT: My Ultimate Oppa - Part 2


Your request has been granted. :kiss_wink: We put up a new My Ultimate Oppa poll!


This time featuring:

Ahjussi oppas, Super Ahjussi oppas, Grandpa oppas and Keanu Reeves


Please vote for your favorites!



re: @Lmangla



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On 2/3/2021 at 10:56 AM, U-Çan said:



I miss this thread!

Hi, @gumtaek@BogumNoona have you been well?

What is the title of that song?


Hi dear,  God is good, everything is fine. The song title is "Yes, We Are Together. (Geuri Uri Hamkke)" Infinity / Infinite Challenge theme song. That's one of Bogummy's favorite songs to sing on his fanmeets. 




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Uwah, there is thread for ROY? :D

Have I been gone for a decade?

:D Glad that everyone is healthy ^^


Hi, @Rom828 and @partyon nice to see you ^^


thank you for the song title, @BogumNoona ^^

Suddenly got curious because he often got teary when singing this song.








I just saw the video.

Beautiful song! ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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Currently, the 27-year-old famous actor serves as an officer in the Korean Navy. 


Park Bo Gum has written a letter to his fans to tell them exciting updates on his daily activities in the midst of his mandatory military service .




On August 31, the famous film and K-drama actor joined the Korean Navy to fulfill his civil duty as a male citizen, under the laws of his country.


Consequently, he had to pause his professional schedule because South Korean military regulations prevent serving soldiers from engaging in lucrative personal activities. 


However, before saying goodbye, he recorded three important projects. These were Record of youth , a romantic drama that began airing successfully on Netflix and tvN a week after joining the Navy, and the science fiction films Seobok and Wonderland . As has been shared, the aforementioned tapes will see the light during some moment of this 2021 .


On the other hand, Park Bo Gum lent his talents to the military by being an artist and MC of the 2020 Korean Army Patriotic Concert . 


In addition, he participated in the New Year's letter contest organized by the Ministry of National Defense for soldiers who were unable to take vacations due to COVID-19.



The aforementioned letter was posted on the 27-year-old celebrity's fan café on February 3 KST. We share the translation here, where he proudly tells about his daily activities and more experiences during his stay in the Marina.


“I start the day with the work of shoveling snow in a beautiful landscape full of fluffy white snow.


I think this is the first time I've swept the snow. This past fall, I got bonus points for sweeping the leaves well. I am proud to clear the way for others to pass safely.


 I'm also grateful to everyone who works in the background to keep the environment clean, even if they go unnoticed.


I'm learning that I was taking certain things for granted. Also now I am grateful to have time to read books and even write letters.


It has gotten icy and the roads are slippery, so dress warmly and be careful. "


https://larepublica-pe.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/larepublica.pe/cultura-asiatica/2021/02/03/park-bo-gum-publica-emotiva-carta-para-sus-fans-durante-el-servicio-militar/?amp_gsa=1&amp_js_v=a6&outputType=amp&usqp=mq331AQHKAFQArABIA%3D%3D#amp_tf=From %1%24s&aoh=16126340254173&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Flarepublica.pe%2Fcultura-asiatica%2F2021%2F02%2F03%2Fpark-bo-gum-publica-emotiva-carta-para-sus-fans-durante-el-servicio-militar%2F


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             i like all the songs Bo Gum sang during the fan meet, but this one is my favorite, the song "I Will Be Here". i guess it will be hard to get a live version without the fans screaming. the live version has a different touch and arrangement. this one is a recorded version, but still, you can feel Bo Gum's sincerity as he sing.




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Hi, @Rom828 I Will Be Here is very sweet ^^


Live version without fans screaming is just like impossible :D


My favourite is Every Day Every Moment, his voice is sooo gentle. But several days ago I saw someone post him singing One Candle and I am in love too with that song :D

His voice brighten my days!




Uuzy, moonlight serenade, and picari are really productive.




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  • autumnight changed the title to Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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