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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Movie: Seobok (playing in cinemas) Upcoming Movie: Wonderland

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[Currently on Military Enlistment 31st August 2020 - 30th April 2022 as part of the Naval Cultural Promotions Unit ] **"I think youth represents self-reflection. Since every second that passes wi


YOF ep4 Well, it's shocking to Korean fans too. It seems nobody knew it. And actually I felt strange at YOF ep2, when he cried saying that he doesn't have any family photo. I thought it would be

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Hi All. Supposed to be MAnila FM today and although Its all for the best, I was a little bit sad. Its a good thing that I’m available on June 22 and hopefully and praying no more nature intervention. Although its our company outing on that day (which I already inform the management that I wont participate). Told them I’m not available but they not yet ask the reason ( I don’t know their reaction when I will tell them that my priority is to attend FM of K actor)

Thank you all the updates and keeping this thread alive. 

So busy with works but on Manila FM i will try to updates you and share my experience. 

So happy to meet new friends because of Bogum local and International fans. 

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Indonesian's MC mentioned park bogum name in korea wave 2019 in indonesia. (He was born in korea btw)

He asked irene, did she remember when she's mc-ing together with PBG, and when irene said yes, he said to the crowd in bahasa  "She still remember me! In the past WE shot together (music bank mc)! Yes I'm famous artist!"

He pretend he is Park bogum :D





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Several Netizens' Comments Regarding News Of Park Bo Gum Becoming the New face of Shinhan Bank


I need to change my bank to Shinhan Bank.


I should change to Shinhan Bank, the main bank. Park Bo-gum and the bank's image go well together.


I did not have any transaction with Shinhan Bank, but I'm going I should go to Shinhan Bank right away. Haha


He's an actor with a bright and reliable image, so Park Bo-gum's strong fandom and popular appeal is perfect for a bank model.


Trans by @sword0616



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No wonder he included this Encounter OST Track in his Fan Meet


Reposting from the Encounter Drama Thread

credit: @ahdrianaa


I am summarizing bits of an interview Encounter PD Park Shin Woo gave a Japanese magazine. It’s being translated from Japanese to Korean to English, so please excuse any mistakes or weird language syntax.


- PD states that he had friends in common with the writer and that’s how he came about the script, at the time he was planning to work on a new movie but he had so many thoughts about the script that he was invited to come on board. 


- PD was drawn to the writer’s sensibility and the final clincher was a poem in the first script, the poem really moved him and he felt that he really wanted to work with the writer if he was the sort of person who got inspired into writing an entire drama on the basis of reading that piece of literature/poem. The PD regrets that this poem did not make the final cut in the drama however, the message behind the poem was “love is something that one should do NOW, while one can, without thinking too much about the reasoning”. This thought resonated with the PD. Further since pure romance dramas are hardly made these days he decided that this was a very fresh concept. 


- When asked if the script was inspired by Roman Holiday and Nottingh Hill, he replied that he didn’t think that the writer had any intention to do so. However the PD acknowledged the similarity in the story structure to the Roman Holiday. He added that Jin Hyuk’s postcard addressed to the Princess from Roman Holiday was not initially supposed to be in the episode, they were only going to show an image of Audrey on the postcard but he didn’t want to skirt around the topic so they decided to add it. In addition the scene in the taxi and their respective rooms was also added to bolster the mood of the episode. He was greatly inspired by  Roman Holiday and other classics, he admits to using many filming techniques from such movies. 


- when asked about the casting, the PD stated that he asked the writer about his choice and the writer stated that he had written the drama based on the characters without basing them on any actors. However when the crew got together everyone’s choice was PBG and SHK, it was so fortunate that the actors also agreed making it a dream casting. 


- PD says the lead pair are good human beings and very humble, he can see why they have been successful in their careers. They are extremely considerate of their surroundings, even though acting is a sensitive job and it’s possible that they are not able to care about others around them but he noticed that these two actors always paid attention to those around them and were quick to utter apologies. 


The PD was touched by Hye Kyo’s acting and experienced heart fluttering moments by Bogum’s acting. 


- PD says he is the type who likes to talk and discuss a lot with his actors, he said Kyo and PBG gave him a lot of great inputs. The staff got angry at times because their discussions would go on so long and there would be less time left for the actual shooting. Since there was many  tough emotional scenes for the two actors,  He told them to focus only on themselves, on their characters-  focus on expressing the emotion and leave the burden to the flow of the scene to him. There was also a lot of consideration between the two actors with discussions about which scenes were difficult for the other in terms of difficult lines or catching an emotion. 


- the reporter commented on the dance sequence with 100 dancers in the first episode and the PD says that during that scene he felt really sorry for Soo Hyun, she was the loneliest person and nobody could understand her loneliness. The PD wanted to offer her comfort in that scene. The 100 dancers were dancing while music played from a huge stage speaker, the two main male and female dancer danced separate from the rest of the dancers. It was an amazingly beautiful scene and he regrets not being able to capture even half of just how beautiful he was. He cannot get over how beautifully Hye Kyo conveyed Soo Hyun’s emotions and he would ask her how she did it, the PD added that the person who was most affected and excited during that scene was BG even though he wasn’t in that scene. He would shout things like “Director, how pretty” and was emotional with his reactions. 


- PD chose the Cuban song, he has a background in Latin/Spanish languages so he wanted to use a song that captured the mood and he felt that it was best suited. However he added that PBG and SHK’s favorite song was by Baek Ah Yeon - Always be with you. 


- PD chose to move the drama to Cuba, the original location was Granada Spain. The conversation about the drive from Spain to Portugal was based on a real trip by the writer. The PD thought Spain and Europe wasn’t a fresh location, further when he imagined JH as a young man saving up money to travel to a foreign country he thought that his choice to choose to travel to a lesser known country Ike Cuba for Koreans would express the courage in JH’s personality which would in turn explain why he was so fearless in his pursuing of SH. Further he thought that given JH and SH’s personalities, it would make more sense that unlike places in Europe with many Koreans who might bump into each other and interact with one another. Given how private the two are it would only make sense for them to approach each other more aggressively the way they did because they were in a place with no Koreans around. 


- PD made the decision to make SH wear the red dress in the first episode, it was initially a beige dress but he thought the color was important to signal to JH that she was open to being approached. 



@autumnight: Good morning! I'll watch the Emceeing Segments of Baeksang.


@Sakurafairy: This is Bo Gum's 3rd year in Forbes Korea's Top 40 Power Celebrity List.

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Translation of an Excerpt of the Article https://n.news.naver.com/article/011/0003545816


Shinhan Bank, who is engaged in customer-centered management under the slogan of "Creating Customer Value" this year, plans to produce advertisements that are customer-oriented with actor Park Bo Gum who is loved by many fans from  teenagers  to middle and older generations because of his sincere and warm image. 


In addition, critics say that his acting, singing, emceeing and appearance in entertainment shows exhibit his qualities as an all-around entertainer.


A Shinhan Bank official said "When I saw actor Park Bo-gum treating each fan warmly, I came to a conclusion that it was in line with the 'customer-oriented' and cordial approach pursued by Shinhan Bank." 


Trans by @sword0616







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