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Park Bo Gum 박보검 ♥ 朴寶劍 ♥ パク・ボゴム [on MS] Current Drama: Record of Youth (Airing), Upcoming Movie: Seo Bok, Wonderland

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"The Moment"/Youth Records filming

March 5



today...drinking Coke:D


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7 hours ago, gumtaek said:

Since it's related to Bogummy



Hi gumtaek, thanks for sharing this. My 1st time to watch Kim Hye Yoon in the drama. I'm looking forward to what new charms she’ll showcase through her special appearance on the drama. I'm also curious what exactly is the date that the drama is set to premiere in the second half of this year. :lol:

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42 minutes ago, gumtaek said:
You're welcome, @willenette!


Hi gumtaek, thanks for sharing this. What a power & star-studded cast! So, in case Gong Yoo will take the movie offer, this will be the 2nd time that he'll work together again in a movie with Bogum. Gong Yoo is reported to play in the film as a man who misses his deceased wife & for the sake of his child, he asks a person from Wonderland to create an imitation of his wife. NICE plot! :lol:


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This is a positive news, when all along this film isn't on the table anymore, all these news came out. 


Positive bc i think Bogum is casted in here already but not still sure tho unless Blossom gives the official statement but reading all the articles that he is still a part of the daebak casts means there is a higher % of him confirming this. And I hope Gong Yoo accepts this. This film will be the 2nd collaboration w/ Bogum and 3rd for JYM.  Film gods are becoming kinder since COVID-19 is making people sad. :lol:


Copied this part from one of the news article since these parts have an important details:


"Acemaker, an investor / distributor of Wonderland, told Sports Chosun on November 11 that "Wonderland is considering casting with Chinese actress Tangwei, including Suzy, Sharing, Park Bo-gum, Choi Woo-sik, and Jung Yu-mi. "We plan to finish the casting contract and crank in early April," he said."


Wonderland, which will unleash human-inspired romance based on AI, is expected to be a blockbuster with a net production cost of more than 10 billion won. ... After a long preparation, 'Wonderland' finished the casting lineup and finally came to crank in April.

It was 'Wonderland', which was preparing for the crank-in this month, but the production was delayed due to the sudden spread of new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). So far, the situation has been fluctuating due to the Corona 19 incident, but the production team is planning to release the film at the latest in April and continue shooting for 3 ~ 4 months, and release it next year.






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From Koreaboo, it sound like GY already confirmed...? 

Still its said his role wont that big, I wonder is it the same with bogum too? Thats why he can filming Wonderland and YR at the same time.

Gong Yoo Joins Star-Studded Lineup For “Wonderland” Including Suzy, Park Bo Gum, and Choi Woo Shik

What. A. Cast.



Gong Yoo will reportedly be joining the star-studded lineup for movie Wonderland, which includes Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and Tang Wei.



According to an exclusive report from Star News, Gong Yoo recently decided to appear in Wonderland, and is working on coordinating the specific details for the appearance. Wonderland is the first film for director Kim Tae Yong since Last Autumn in 2011.

Wonderland will tell the story of a universe where people can reunite with loved ones who are missing for various reasons, and are unable to be found in real life. Suzy and Park Bo Gum are set to be the young couple in their 20’s, who are unable to meet in real life due to Park Bo Gum’s character’s coma. Jung Yu Mi and Choi Woo Shik are set to be the coordinators of the Wonderland.

Gong Yoo would join Tang Wei as the couple in their 40’s, where Tang Wei’s character has passed away and Gong Yoo will have to raise a child alone. Even though his role would not be very big, he decided to appear in the movie due to his trust in the director.

In response to the reports, Gong Yoo’s agency, Management SOOP, released a short statement.

Gong Yoo has received the offer for Wonderland and is currently considering the offer.

— Management SOOP

Currently, Wonderland is in the midst of pre-production work, and is planning to begin filming in the first half of 2020.

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Wow!  The articles of Wonderland is trending at number 3.






I just read in Naver that the scenarios for GumZy has been changed. The figure skating scenario has been removed. Ohhh,  I hope the replacement scenario will be as excellent as the former. :)



"Kim Tae-yong has been continuously adapting to improve the scenario completion while casting actors. As a result, the figure skating concept of couples in their twenties has been lost, and the scenario has been improved by coordinating the overall story with the crew.

Suzy is the first actor to join the Wonderland issue. Suzy missed his lover who became a plant man and took on a woman in her 20s who turned to Wonderland. Park Bo-gum appears as a boyfriend that Suzy misses. Suzy 'Wonderland'"




I hope Bogum's time is longer than we expect. But I know the PD has quality works so he'll do the best to distribute the balance in the film. :)


@rahma92ahhh,  we posted the same but never mind. Thanks. :)

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