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[Japanese Drama 2014] Dear Sister ディア・シスター


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Details:Title: ディア・シスター
English title: Dear,Sister
Genre: Comedy, LoveEpisodes: 10Director: Tanaka Ryo (田中亮)Producer: Nakano ToshiyukiScreenwriter: Nakatani Mayumi (中谷まゆみ)
Broadcast Date: October 16, 2014 - December 18, 2014Broadcast Days: Thursdays
Cast:Ishihara Satomi as Fukazawa Misaki (27)Matsushita Nao as Fukazawa Hazuki (29)Katahira Nagisa as Fukazawa Nanae (55)Iwata Takanori as Sakurabo Eito (27)Mori Kanna as Sato Kazuko (30)Tanabe Seiichi as Sakurabo Soichiro (42)Ward OfficeHiraoka Yuta as Yoshimura Tatsuya (30)MEGUMI as Hirayasu Naoko (32)AppleseedHirayama Hiroyuki as Hagiwara Yohei (36)Horiuchi Keiko as Uesugi Kaori (40)
Synopsis:27-year-old Fukazawa Misaki and 29-year-old Hazuki are sisters who are polar opposites in both lifestyle and personality. Although they would hurt each other's feelings, they would also make up for each other’s deficiencies. The beautiful Misaki is the typical younger sister who is good at putting on the little girl act. She did not fare well academically but knows how to swim with the tide. After graduating from high school, she left home and went missing. But one day, she suddenly moves into Hazuki's apartment and behaves with wild abandon. However, Misaki has a secret which she keeps to herself... Hazuki works at a ward office and has set her sights on an early marriage to her boyfriend who works in the same office. She is the well-organised, fastidious chairperson type, but is a wee bit socially awkward. Hazuki feels that Misaki snatched all their mother's love in childhood. What will happen now that Misaki has moved in with her? Hazuki actually has a secret which she cannot tell Misaki too. As these two sisters clash while living under the same roof, their values start to change little by little.
Watch it here with English subtitles! 
English Subbed Preview:

OSTs:Che'Nelle - Happiness

Moumoon - BF

Additional Links:Dear Sister ディア・シスター Dramafever English Subbed EpisodesDear Sister ディア・シスター Chinese Subbed Episodes
Dear Sister ディア・シスター Official Website

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Hi @sugarplum892! Why is nobody here in this thread?

This is my second japanese drama after Nodame Cantabile and I love Misaki, Hasuki, Eito and YoHei so much! My favorite love relationship is Misaki-Eito. They're so cute together! I love this drama loads!

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kun_cheero said: Have been in and out of Soompi since forever and today I just realized there is a space for Japanese drama here too. I was planning to create more threads for the current Jdramas but then didn't really go through with the idea because I saw not much people are viewing or commenting in the Jdramas threads here at soompi.  However it seems that I am starting to be wrong :)
Will create more later this week! :D

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Since this site is dominated by Korean content and culture, I can see why people show less interest in Japanese stuff here. 
But I must say I'm not one of those who watch every J-drama as I am a huge fan of Satomi-chan only and all dramas I finished in the last 3-4 years had her in all of them, including Rich Man Poor Woman, Shitsuren Chocolatier and Dear Sister. So, frankly speaking, my appearance here alone might not be that encouraging for you @sugarplum892 to open many J-drama threads.

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