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[Drama 2014/2015] Punch 펀치


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Kim Rae-won’s war on corruption begins on Punchby girlfriday Punch5.jpg

The first teaser is out for SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Punch, the newest project from writer Park Kyung-soo of The Chaser and Empire of GoldKim Rae-wonstars in the legal thriller as prosecutor who finds out that he has six months left to live, and decides to use his remaining time to expose the corruption that runs deep in the prosecutor’s office.

And of course that corruption runs all the way to the top, to the public prosecutor general played by Jo Jae-hyun. Kim Rae-won begins the story on Jo Jae-hyun’s side helping to make him the public prosecutor general, only to discover that he’s the dirtiest of them all.Kim Ah-joong costars as Kim Rae-won’s ex-wife, an idealistic prosecutor who divorced him because he was obsessed with his ambition and never had time for his wife and their young daughter.

The moody conceptual teaser opens on Kim Rae-won’s narration: The wind blows. I must live. The wind doesn’t blow. Still, I must live.” Kim Ah-joong asks, “Is there a woman in the world who has proposed to the same man twice, other than me? Live till the end as my husband. I will fight till the end as your wife.” But the bus their daughter is on crashes, right before her eyes.

Read more here: Dramabeans

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# Park Hyuk Kwon - News [20141127]
‘펀치’ 박혁권, 확 달라졌다..‘악덕 검사 완벽변신’
Source : news.chosun (Osen) via Baidu

Bing translate :
' Punch ' Park hyuk-Kwon, flare has changed .. 'Vicious checking into a perfect '

[OSEN = gangseo regular characters] actress Park hyuk-Kwon is SBS's new drama ' fragile, ' (pole saw Park Kyung Chung, directing Myung-Woo) will introduce different aspects of the expansion.
' Punch ' has survived a broken world, such as the jungle came up with inspection pit jump at Mardi Gras world, as the light is right, both men and women, she described the fate of the rest of your life against a hot game it keeps with touching work.
Park hyuk-Kwon, head of the central Seoul District criminal role in later jumps as the Attorney General's Office for anti-corruption and Joe steel characters. The incident took place, but would create a motto below in order to retrieve evidence of the desired results manipulations are required to witness the annual oil base, vicious checks.
The Prosecutor's real Lee Tae-Joon (Jo reproduces the minutes) that a matter for the throne, but for 20 years, Park Jung-hwan (Kim Rae-won) by adding awoke, identifies with and hatred as a result of this public prosecutor have to scold, stand during the workmanship truly will be a sample of bad checks.
Tests of the bloody election ' punch ' spreads through the Middle, Park hyuk-Kwon says he erased the image properly between the villain intends to look at the smoke from the first shot, the shadow of the wicked deuriweossda. Idalco produced by SBS, the first shot in the center of the mountain, Park hyuk-Kwon from knowingly comb hairstyles and Ms. indented deeply between the folds between the vicious Prosecutor Joe suddenly has to read the mood of the steel.
Here comes from the stable to the talkies and creates a ton of funny suction power forward logs raised the anticipation for the villain to utilise a charisma.
On the other hand, ' punch ' Tracker-THE CHASER ', ' Golden Empire ' can be a writer and a prolific Park Kyung ' fashion King ', ' two women's room ', she is Myung-Woo, the work of the PD of the SBS is currently airing coincided ' secret question-which comes with the Ark of the murders ' successor on December 15th is the first airing.

# Kim Ah Joong - News [20141127]
‘펀치’ 김아중, 촬영장 비하인드컷… ‘피곤함도 잊은 여신 미모’
Source : sports.donga via Baidu

#‎Kimajoong‬ ‪#‎김아중‬ #‎SBS‬ ‪#‎펀치‬ ‪#‎punch‬
‪#‎정의‬ ‪#‎사랑‬ #‎검사‬ ‪#‎신하경‬

김아중 배우의 휴식시간을 카메라가 포착!
미소가 아름답네요~~~~
신하경 역으로 안방극장에 돌아옵니다!
대본이 정말 재미있는 SBS 새 월화드라마 '펀치'
12월 15일 밤 10시에 첫 방송!





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# Punch - Poster Making Video [20141126]



# Kim Ah Joong - Shooting [20141116]
cr : wltnspwlq IG via Baidu

# Jo Jae Hyun - Poster Making [20141117]
#촬영#배우#드라마#조재현#일 이 회사에서하는 마지막작업이겠지?ㅋㅋ 그래서 기념으로다가~ㅋ10785009_396383603855241_105729320_n.jpg
cr : junsung.o.bba IG via Baidu

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# Kim Rae Won - News [20141128]
‘펀치’ 김래원, 훈훈한 아빠 미소에 女心 ‘흔들’..딸바보 등극
Source : breaknews.com via Baidu

Bing Translate :
' Punch ' Kim Rae-won, heartwarming dad smile ' shake '. ..Daughter sucks crowned

Braking news immigration contestants = ' punch ' Kim Rae won classics including ' real ' Dad has become an eye-smile.
Actor Kim Rae-won organisation HB Entertainment has taken a new SBS drama ' punch ' chapter, a heartwarming smile behind the cut of 28, Kim Rae-in public.

An intriguing smile like this hero is none other than ' silk ' JI-young Kim. Two men punch ', Park Jung-hwan-Park for Lin to the role of women in the middle of the match, breathing ( ), Kim Ji-young, Kim Rae won faces filled with affection, gotta catch the attention.
The photos were recently located in a hotel in Virginia Beach a ' punch ' shots along the way, Kim Ji-young set forth by the plethora of having a conversation with Kim Rae-won to capture the look of the pole he examines and full of ambition for success, and all living with a divorced daughter, for example, shows a heart for, Park Jung-hwan characters.
According to the official, the scene Kim Rae won Kim, JI young-every time you get up first, and to shoot with bow, this whole business is, of course, give hugs, stroking the head daughter like Kim Ji-young, pretty and lovely gaze is a message that is not achieved.

On the other hand, the ' punch ' has survived a broken world, such as the jungle came up with inspection pit jump at Mardi Gras world, as the light is right, both men and women, she described the fate of the rest of your life against a hot game it keeps with touching piece.
Chaser-CHASER ', ' THE Golden Empire ' can be a writer and a prolific Park Kyung ' fashion King ', ' two women's room ', she is Myung-Woo, the work of the PD of the SBS is currently airing coincided ' secret question-which comes with the Ark of the murders ' successor unveiled on December 15,.

- Other news : news.naver (tvreport) // news.nate (bntnews) via DC KRW
# Namooactors Update
#김아중 #Kimajoong
#SBS #월화드라마 #펀치

신하경 검사님을 뵈러 당장 들어가고 싶은 형사 제2부 310호실!
12월 15일까지 조금만 기다려주세요!
김아중 배우가 펀치로 여러분을 찾아갑니다!


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Thanks, @yumenas, for updates. Kim Rae Won and Kim Ah joong look good together and the little actress is adorable. They will portray a beautiful family on screen. Too bad that the tragedy is lurking around them. Jo Jae Hyun is making my skin crawl with just one look. They are already in character in the photoshoot.Good actors!

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@larus, you're welcome :D
The first teaser look good and the making poster video made me more interested. :bz

# Punch - Choi Myung Gil [20141112]
cr : as tag / 怀旧樱桃 via Baidu

cr : as tag / 怀旧樱桃 via Baidu
~ Twitter Update [20141110]
cr : chgmg via Baidu
~ Script Reading
cr : as tag / 怀旧樱桃 via Baidu

# Punch - Crew update
~ [20141120] - SBS staff update
드라마 펀치 아동5인병실 세팅~ 크리스마스시즌이라 엄청 신경써서 세팅했당~ 나의 혼이 들어간 세팅 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

cr : dargom88 IG via Baidu

~ [20141117] - Make up artist update
#sbs#월화드라마#펀치#김래원#한양대앞#25년전통#떡뽁이집 이~!! 팀!! 너무 좋다!! 단합도 잘되구^^ 스텝때 본 우리 래원오빠 ^^ 변한없이 잼잇구나~~!!!
cr : dh880105 IG via Baidu
~ [20141111] - SBS staff update
道具组 STAFF更新:
cr : Baidu from 韩社尔是

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# Punch - News [20141201]
‘펀치’ 김래원 vs 조재현, 카리스마 대결… ‘불꽃 승부’ 기대 만발
Source : sports.donga via Baidu

Bing Translate :
'Punch' Kim Rae Won vs Jo Jae Hyun, charismatic showdown ... The ' flame game ' expectations in full bloom

Actor Kim Rae-won and Cho reproduced SBS new drama ' punch ' (pole saw Park Kyung Chung, directing Myung-Woo) is a bee in the life thing bout her hot butt.
' Punch ' in the jungle-like in the world of life and light to the world and bid farewell to a woman, based on a man's hot and has also been drawing the last love story works. Pole of each storm and go through life like a prosecutor gave character to this park Jeong-Tae to postpone the two men fed up with success on a hot chest ambition runs together towards the vertices closer to each other, the brothers in relation to short of putting the knife in between the stone with a bold line stories is an advocate.
Two people the same way which is to the story. Seven years ago, check out this park Jeong-hwan unable to hardly at stake when you get your hands on because someone gave me this very taejuni. The day after Park Jung-hwan is one of the most precious ones are losing the most encouraging as far as beating Lee, Tae-Joon is a dependable partner to interest, and this thanks to the Tae Joon is the Attorney General pointed to the stands at the sight of the successful candidate. In the midst of a difficult home situation was hard to study the background of common human bond will have to conduct the checks, but this changed after everything they've doomed affair.
One of the most attractive wallpapers from the fatal Achilles ' heel turn with the changing relationship between the two of them attend a be the point of ' interesting ' punch. Walk the whole thing's life unfolded two of the bout draws a bold story hidden confrontation may be in the hands of a hot writer Park Kyung-an impossibility, even larger, is expected to be drawn to crush.
Also making a comeback on the CRT in three years and had to wash my thirst postponed Kim Rae won as Jeong do-jeon ' and ' also proved unmatched success of reproducing the momentum of the actor Joe concealment ' punch through ' is expected to generate synergies.
On the other hand, ' punch ' Tracker-THE CHASER ', ' Golden Empire ' can be a writer and a prolific Park Kyung ' fashion King ', ' two women's room ', she is Myung-Woo of the producers to the sum of the work. ' Secret question ' successor unveiled a fifteen (15) days, which comes with.
It has three projecthong@donga.com Hong Dong-dot-comPhoto/SBS contents hub

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# Characters Introduction 
*Main Cast From SBS
~ Kim Rae Won as Park Jeong Hwan

박정환 (37, 남) 
“바람이 분다. 살아야겠다. 바람이 불지 않는다. ..... 그래도 살아야겠다.“
당당한 말투, 여유있는 미소, 상대의 의중을 간파하는 통찰력, 남자의 마음을 흔드는 야성(野性)과 여자의 마음을 떨리게 하는 이성(理性)을 한 몸에 지니고 있다. 
국가가 부여한 검찰 권력을 사적으로 이용하는데 한 치의 가책도 없으며, 흔쾌히 권력의 충견이 되었고, 기꺼이 이태준의 수하가 되었다. 법률보다 이태준의 지시가 중요했으며, 도덕과 정의보다 권력의 풍향에 따라 판단하고 움직이고 있다. 하지만 식어버린 커피가 슬픈 이유는 뜨거웠던 기억 때문이듯, 성공을 위해 달리는 박정환의 뒷모습이 슬픈 이유는 청춘을 달궜던 그의 뜨거웠던 심장 때문이리라.

Bing Translate :

Park Jung-hwan (37, m)
"When the wind blows. I'm going to live.The wind does not blow. ..... Still, I'm going to live. "
A Regal tone, a smile, a suburban of the insights of the opponent, the man shook the hearts of feral ( ) and woman's heart quiver is the reason one body.
I have no doubt the country using a private prosecution powers granted by the book, nor readily available power, knowledge and loyalty,The number of willing was to Smith.The law gave important instructions, and this default than morality of course depending on the wind direction and power than moving.But why do the coffee cools away sad because it seemed to remember the hot, unlike for the success of the Park, the unknown soldier is a sad reason for youth month pooping shut off due to his hot heart.

~ Jo Jae Hyun as Lee Tae Joon

이태준 (52, 남) 
“30년을 매달 리가 살았더니, 고새 힘이 빠짔나? 정환아. 와 벌써 갈라캐갖고, 내를 이래 만드노?”
화통한 성격과 목소리. 억센 경상도 사투리를 구사한다. 책 한권 살 돈 없는 집에서 태어나 서울지검장까지 올랐다. 하지만 이 자리로는 아직도 부족하다. 사람 좋은 표정을 하면서도 앞을 막는 수십 명 검사의 옷을 벗겼고, 걸어온 발자국마다 비리와 불법으로 점철되어온 삶. 모두 더 높은 곳까지 올라가기 위해서였다. 그런 태준이 진심을 나누었던 이는 정환이 유일했기에…… 이제 자신을 무너뜨리려는 정환을 더더욱 용서할 수 없다. 

Bing Translate :
Lee Tae-Joon (52, male)
"For 30 years had lived by clinging to it, and a new power bar impacted? Junghwan Oh. And I already have, since my only to illuminate the Gala de no? "
Angry over personality and voice. Burly GyeongSang dialect.One book was born at home without money to buy up Seoul District. But this place is still lacking. Even with good expression, preventing dozens of clothes and, through a series of irregularities and illegal as per the footprints has been climbing higher to the point where all of life. That was the reason the nun taejuni serious Jeong-hwan ... Now take yourself to the Jung-hwan is all the more unforgivable.

~ Kim Ah Joong as Shin Ha Kyun

신하경 (35, 여) 
“세상에 같은 남자한테 청혼 두 번 하는 여자가 나 말고 또 있을까? 오늘 혼인신고했어. 마지막 날까지 내 남편으로 살아.난 당신 아내로... 싸울게.”
고3보다 키우기 어렵다는 일곱 살 딸을 키우고 있는 서울지검 강력부 검사. 예 린을 유치원 종일반에 맡기고 있지만, 사건이 밀려들거나 취조가 길어질 때는 하루에도 두어 번씩 집과 검찰을 왕복하며 애 데려오랴, 조서 쓰랴, 애 밥 챙겨주랴, 수사 지휘서 정리하랴, 애 재우고 오랴, 밤샘 취조하랴 정신이 없다. 대형 로펌에서 수억원의 연봉에 스카우트 제안이 오기도 했고, 대기업 법무팀에선 임원급 대우를 약속하며 자리를 제안하기도 했지만, 신하경은 모두 거절했다. 어쩌면 신하경은 박정환이 예전의 모습으로 돌아오길 기다리고 있는지도 모른다.
Bing Translate :
Shin Ha Kyung (35)
"Oh my God the same guy marriage proposal twice a woman besides me again?Today's marriage.It continued until my husband alive.I'm your wife ... Fight. "
And it is hard to bring up seven-year-old daughter than 3 raising a powerful Seoul District inspection.For Lin kindergarten full day leaving, but when you take a long incident pushed or questioned a couple of times a day, to return home and prosecutors and bringing down in Zechariah, Zechariah, Joe Bob patronize, to clean up in the investigation conducted, kids are staying up all night putting the spirit Zechariah Zechariah, Oh no Inquisition. Large law firms have also been proposed in salary from $ 13 million, and corporate legal teams Scouting-on-line executives promise to treat and often offer a seat, but refused both to the Lord God. Maybe it's old self to God, the Lord is back with this park Jeong-hwan might be waiting.

Edit :
*Other Cast

~ Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Ho Seong
~ Choi Myoung Gil as Yoon Ji Sook
~ Seo Ji Hye as Choi Yeo Jin
~ Park Hyuk Kwon as Jo Gang Jae
~ Kim Ji Young as Park Ye Rin


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# Photo Sketch ~ Jo Jae Hyun
[연기의신] 캐릭터에 조재현을 불어넣은 당신은 신인가?
수 많은 막장드라마와 복수극의 넘쳐나는 악역
늘 새로워지고 더 악해지는 악역!

조재현의 악역은 다르다!!
새로운 장르의 악역으로 이태준이라는 캐릭터에 '조재현'을 불어넣은 연기의 신!



▼ 늘 대본을 보며 연습하고 연습하고!
또 연습하는 본보기를 보여주는 멋진 선배님 '조재현'♥
이러니까 '연기의 신'이 될 수 밖에!!
'조재현'을 입은 <펀치>의 악역 이태준!
등록일 :
2014.12.01 20:48:56

Source : SBS

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@yumenas, @hulya.23_d801,  thank you for all the amazing goodies...!  With each additional post this drama looks better and better.

Message from Viki just now:

To Punch Fans

Hi fans of Punch! 
"Punch" has been licensed in the Americas + QC's Worldwide! 
Thank you all so much for the support! :) 
The first episode will air on Dec. 10! 
Also, remember to vote for the team name here: www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=547b940ae4b071bebe2986c5

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Kim Rae Woon look so and so flawless!!! Especially that scene of him with a kid. Awww <3
Besides, I'm so sorry to know what is going to happen on him. But I'm still anticipating.8 days to go, I'm ready collecting my own boxes of tissue.

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This political thriller seems right down my alley. Will definitely check out the premiere.
Cover-ups and tragedies drive SBS thriller Punchby javabeans | December 2, 2014 | 5 Comments


Punch just keeps looking better and better. The thriller from the writer of The Chaseralready seemed hard-edged purely from descriptions, where Kim Rae-won plays a prosecutor with a terminal diagnosis who vows to take down the corrupt on his way out—but now that we’ve seen glimpses of it in action, it appears to be veering on noir, and that’s an exciting prospect. (I don’t expect it to actually be a straight noir, but I’d welcome a hint of it since it fits this premise so well.)

Read more: http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/12/cover-ups-and-tragedies-drive-sbs-thriller-punch/

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