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[Drama 2014/2015] Punch 펀치


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Atet12 said: I also hope the male lead will not die. I always cry when the male/female lead dies. Anyway, the execution is always different from the original synopsis
SBS, please release soon script reading photos.

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# Punch - News [20141112]
Seo Ji-hye in "Punch - Drama"

Actress Seo Ji-hye is starring in the SBS drama "Punch - Drama".

Seo Ji-hye posted on her Instagram, "The first shoot! However, it's getting cold suddenly. Still, let's try our best!".

The picture she posted is of her holding a script called, "Punch - Drama" and looking scornfully at the camera. She's styling a high pony-tail while looking chic.

Netizens say, "She looks good in this role", "I can't wait for this drama", "Good luck!" and more.

Meanwhile, "Punch - Drama" is about a man who parts with life as he crosses a world he can never come back to and the records of investigator Park Jeong-hwan's final 6 months. The drama will be on air on the 15th of December.

Source : Hancinema via Osen

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# Kim Rae Won - News [20141118]
'펀치' 김래원, '믿고 보는 배우'의 첫 검사 변신 어땠을까?
Source : sports.hankooki via Baidu KRW

Bing Translate :
' Punch ' Kim Rae-won, '' would have transformed the actors ' first inspection see to believe?

[sports Korea media Choi Jae-wook press] ' Punch ' turns into adoring Kim Rae-won has been successful in tests.
Actor Kim Rae-won, a new SBS drama ' punch ' (pole saw Park Kyung Chung, directing Myung-Woo), immersive, and perfect the character from the first shot in three years raised the anticipation for a comeback of the cathode ray tube.
Kim Rae-won ' punch ' first photographed and produced early in the last 11 SBS, proceeded in the center of the mountain. Earlier in the day shot Lee Tae-Joon (Jo reproduction) to the Attorney General to make the Park Jung-hwan (Kim Rae-won) and the thugs are face-to-face, head shots. The goal rush without a hitch for a bar, Park Jung-the unknown soldier was God compelling a character.
This recreated hoax, Park hyuk-Kwon, focused breathing, along with Kim Rae-won character whose ambitions looked sharp with confident expressions and representations of the ' look ' to believe Kim Rae-won mark expectations of bloat for acting.
It's a difficult home environment, at the end of the inspection of the main stadium being poisonous, bigger success for the injustice and compromise but in the process, treasured thought many things lost scarred Park Jung-hwan character forward Kim Rae-won will reveal how the attention.
To do this, Kim Rae won ' punch ' appearances this decision, since the Park Jung-hwan, the character based on thorough analysis and affection for immersive and remembrances.
On the other hand, the ' punch ' in the jungle-like world, broken up inspection pit light Mardi Gras live rock fence drama examines the Supreme prosecutors ' Office's life is a game of touching the hot will be trying to log in to. Is currently airing "secret question-which comes with the Ark of the murders ' successor is expected to be broadcast in mid-December.

- Other news :
isplus.joins  // nate

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# Punch - News [20141118]
~ News 1
Kim Rae Won transforms into a perfect prosecutor for ‘Punch’
Photos of actor Kim Rae Won filming his first scene for upcoming SBS TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Punch‘ was recently released, and there is much anticipation among fans as it marks the actor’s small screen comeback after a three year hiatus.

Kim Rae Won takes on the role of Park Jung Hwan, who is the chief of the anti-corruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. Park Jung Hwan works all day as an investigator, and compromises with injustice in order to get things done. But he loses many things in the process, and gets hurt as a result.

After accepting the offer to star in ‘Punch,’ Kim Rae Won has since got down to analyzing his role thoroughly, and has completely digested his character as a result. The first scene to be filming saw Park Jung Hwan brainstorming in an attempt to make Lee Tae Joon (Jo Jae Hyun) the Public Prosecutor General. The sight of Park Jung Hwan going all out in an attempt to achieve his goal, definitely left a huge impression on many.

‘Punch’ tells the story of a section chief investigative prosecutor who only has six months left to live because of a terminal illness, and he decides to deliver a fatal crushing blow by taking down the whole house of corruption down with him.

The drama is scheduled for a premiere on December 15th, and will take over from ‘Secret Door.’

By: Alvin
Source : kpopfighting.com

~ News 2 (Repost from KRW's Thread) Kim Rae-won loses weight for upcoming SBS "Punch - Drama"

Kim Rae-won is seemingly different.

His first drama in 3 years, SBS "Punch - Drama", is raising expectations on the actor.

Kim Rae-won's "Punch - Drama" first started filming at the SBS Ilsan production house. Park Jeong-hwan (Kim Rae-won) and his henchmen brainstorm to make Lee Tae-joon (Jo Jae-hyeon) the Public Prosecutor General in the first episode. This scene brings out Park Jeong-hwan's head-first character where he always gets what he wants.

As a result of working day and night, Park Jeong-hwan becomes an investigator and compromises with injustice for a bigger success, but in the process, he loses many things and gets injured.

Kim Rae-won is said to be very attached to his character already.

Meanwhile, "Punch - Drama" is a bloody drama about an investigator surviving the 'jungle-like' world. It will be on aire in December after "Secret Door".

Source : Hancinema via newsen

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# Kim Ah Joong - News [20141119]
'펀치' 김아중, 첫 촬영부터 쉼 없는 전력질주 '열연'1416352433132_99_20141119081903.jpg
Source : news.naver

Bing Translate :
' Punch ' Kim Ah-Joong, the first shot from restlessness Sprint ' rolled '
[X-Portsmouth news = Jung-Hee told reporters in] actress Kim Ah-Joong is SBS's new drama ' punch ' first shot, we have taken over without a pause to Sprint from the Hon.
' Punch ' side according to the first shots in the last 15, Kim Ah-Joong, an apartment complex located in irwon-Dong proceeded in.
Wednesday's shooting is Kyung (Kim Ah-Joong) is an example of this is the daughter of Pak-Lin (Kim Ji-young) witnessed a rash of kindergarten bus accident shot and went through a whole scene, drama along one of the most important was one of the scenes.
Drama, "supposedly put forward speed to rush to catch up with the k-bus, Kim Ah-Joong is out of breath climbing Sprint the car from the chin up, without a pause, a big round of applause from the staff and received," he said.
Kim Ah-Joong is also one child as a mother-daughter be placed in a situation which is concerned with the safety of realistic expression far more forward Kim Ah-Joong Kyung for the characters in this new delay raised expectations.
Kim Ah-Joong Kyung-Shin to the role that this smoke just and it is doubtful whether a powerful Seoul District inspection. Unlike towards success is Park Jung-hwan (Kim Rae-won) and between the divorced, the ex-husband in the us, but at the same time the feelings of the really funky.
' Punch ' has survived a broken world, such as the jungle was Supreme prosecutors ' Office's examination of the life and tried to make a game of touching the hot is scheduled to log to. Is currently airing "secret question-which comes with the Ark of the murders ' successor unveiled in mid-December.

- Other news
: sportsseoul // nate

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Guest LadyAra

Kim Ah-joong reveals "Punch - Drama" in the making


Actress Kim Ah-joong is all there for the new SBS drama "Punch - Drama".

The first scene took place in an apartment complex in Gangnam on the 15th of last month. Sin Ha-kyeong (Kim Ah-joong) witnesses an accident involving her daughter Park Ye-rin (Kim Ji-yeong) riding on a kindergarten bus that was excessively speeding.

Kim Ah-joong ran after the bus until she had to catch her breath and the staff applauded her.

Kim Ah-joong also previously played the realistic role of a mother who was worried sick for the safety of her daughter.

Kim Ah-jeong's role of Sin Ha-kyeong is a Seoul District Investigator. She's divorced with Park Jeong-hwan (Kim Rae-won) and feels both hatred and affection for him.

Meanwhile, "Punch - Drama" is the touching story of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office investigators and will be broadcasted in December after "Secret Door".

Source : eto.co.kr/common/Resu... [more]

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