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[Drama 2014/2015] Punch 펀치


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Punch recorded 6.3% rating for its premier....Its a good number considering the last episode of Secret door only recorded 5.2%, an increase of 1.1% .....
Lets hope that the rating will increase as the story progress....

MBC "Pride and Prejudice" = 9.2%( -1.4%)
KBS "Healer" = 7.2% ( -0.4%)
SBS "Punch"= 6.3%.

cr: Naver

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Hiya! Its my first time on this tread! Hello Everyone! :)

I am I the only one so far that doesn't like the main leads character? I have love for him as he is dirty and corrupt Lawyer/prosecutor, he ignores calls from the mother of his child that was related to her accident and to top it off he seemed not to be fazed or cared that she was in an accident. Once he finds out who it was what does he do, he calls, then basically threatens and blackmails her to drop, change her story and recanted afterwards. Now that spells out a bad man and father figure; he may of started out good and all but still no love for him. I want to see some good parts of him before he became the way he is now. Lol I know its early and but I like it do far and I like this genre :)

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the plot is somehow similiar to I'm Sorry I Love You where So Jo Sub was in altho it's not completely similar.PJH is a bad guy whom willing to cover dirty people over his own daughter but somehow it feels like he is not completely ignorant.still, his reaction while holding Ye Rin at her birthday and the will to take over Ye Rin from her mom, it feels like PJH still left more than half of his heart on his daughter.
when in ISILY, So Ji Sub was being shot on his head while he run a mission to takes his own good justice.the different is in Punch, PJH is vanished by a brain cancer.
about the operation scene @ 2nd ep tonight, i don't think it'll bring us to a satisfying cured PJH when the synopsis itself said that PJH'll throw a final punch as his final farewell to live & corrupt world he was in.this is not even a final, it's only the beginning.therefore, by bringing our PJH to a cured state this fast as in 2 ep, it'll be such a rush.
then, i also think by the appearance of Ohn Joo Wan that i myself didn't have any idea, but i think by his appearance soon on screen will automatically let him to be a 3rd party between Shin Ha Kyung & PJH.maybe a love triangle?
still, that voice of PJH's sister on the phone when she tell SHK about her oppa condition, breaks my heart into pieces =((but after all it's a good 1st episode. even the backsound is good too, it suited much with the tragic feels brought by the drama 

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 I like this scene most in ep1.

This is how the people see the prosecutors' Office.

When an upright leader takes a stand and honest juniors follow him...maybe our Office will get a little bit clean at least.

Coming to the world, wearing a white robe...
but getting dirt on and wearing out...
People might say, 'this one's white, so why is that one so dark?'


Madame, please don't forget.
This is sugar, too.


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Guest keemchia

ah, I'm really hoping someone will recap this - looks so gritty. This has been on my watchlist (though I'm not sure if I can really stomach another hard-hitting drama after Bad Guys...), so I'm looking to check it out! Seems like there's very little hype for this though the writer wrote The Chaser and Empire of Gold, which were dramas that were quite well-received :( 

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NakaiKana said: I'm totally in love with this drama ! I didnt want the episode to end, it's been a while since I have that kind of feeling when I watch something. 
Love the Kim Rae Won versus Kim Ah Joong  (sorry I havent learn their characters names) scenes that I dont want them to be nice with each other yet. Cant wait for subs! And cant wait for ep 2! 
I hope the show will hit 20 % ... Is it too soon to say ? ^^

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i loved the first episode...so we have a corrupt prosecutor that  ignores calls from the mother of his child that was related to her accident and to top it off he seemed not  care too much that she was in an accident, then basically threatens and blackmails her to drop, change her story and recanted afterwards...a  BAD MAN...I CAN'T WAIT NEXT EPISODE!!! I like his ex wife very much,she is everything our hero is not a honest prosecutor and a good mom...i realised she will do nothing against her ex after knowing he is ill...heartbreaking story...you know can't  have a happy end but you can't stop watching...

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i've read an article somewhere (maybe from this forum), Kim Ah Joong stated like: "i and park jung hwan always fight in the drama, but i still can feel the spark between us." so maybe it's true that SHK is still loving him

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Guest berriesrw



'펀치' 첫방, 숨막히는 전개·배우들 팽팽한 대결 "명품이 왔다"

'Punch' premiere, Breath-taking development .  Actors' tense confrontation, "Luxury has come."






‘펀치’ 김래원, ‘3년 공백’ 벗고 ‘엘리트 검사’ 완벽 빙의… ‘입체적 배우’ 입증  

"Punch" Kim Rae-won "Three-year hiatus," unloaded "Elite prosecutor"... Perfect "three-dimensional actor" proven






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