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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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Oh gosh...i just rewatched the preview. BZH actually cut off his scar? Thats what Xiao Gu said. How? When? Im missing something....havent had the time to watch all the new videos. Need to read and watch vds. Thanks yall.

@Checkmate24601yes, xiao gu said that he cut off his meat and bone. Are we going to see it? Gosh...he is crazy. She even offered him to leave with her. 

Dood, BZH...just leave with Xiao Gu...Gosh..he loves to suffer. Annoying. Funny, because in real life...it's "lets hook up, if it doest work, then let's break up"... YOLO.!!!

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..., eventhough it makes you hate me, eventhough it gonna makes you expel me from Chang Liu, now my appearance doesn't look like human nor ghost........ Bai Zi Hua (Zhu Ran) : you are a demon goddess

Ladies, that Baidu link has more. Am afraid to repost because you will all surely vomit blood.   Ahhh someone posted. Never mind. Since it is blood vomiting day, again...     Now

I try to translate the 30 Scenes that has been deleted from TJOF (part 2) ( some of it quite similar to the one @springfiry translated before and I think there are parts that @miaka fy mention before

@funnlimmsia...thanks dear. ♡♡♡ im wonder and feel worried about all the teaser pic that we had see before this. <kissing scene, hugging on the bed and etc>. Worried if they gonna cut it and leave us hanging :(  hope tomorrow will only focus on BZH n HQG. No more filler....2 episodes just like one hour....how they gonna wrap it nicely....  :( 

based on time limitations. Im afraid all those kissing scenes might be cut or make just a 3 secs kiss. Still have to find QS, whats going to happen to nmt? ZR? Conversation with jie jie.  Doubt all that stuff couls fit in 2 episodes unless everything is rushy rushy. Maybe is going to be exactly the same as the cosplay that is online. He kills her...she somehow wakes up but doesnt remember anything...and she becomes his disciple again...

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hmmmm might explain how FGG came up wiht the 5 husbands ending....HQG is just never happy...:phew:

HQG believes in polygamy!  :w00t:  She's ahead of her time since in ancient times, women are subservient.

I agree with you guys that the ending is rushed.  Didn't domin explain that Hunan couldn't give more time to the drama as another drama is scheduled right after TJOF?  I think we just have to wait for the uncut DVD/version when it is released overseas.  I though HQG was too much of a cry baby as Demon Goddess.  She's too kind to be Demon Goddess.  Just a host of events which made the whole relationship spiralled out of control.   I noticed that 'anger/revenge' seems to be the common denominator in sparking off the change to 'fallen immortal/demons'.  ZiXun turned dark purple when she harboured hatred and revenge towards HQG and killed.  HQG turned dark red after she got mad and wanted revenge.  Wu Gong too.  Why is MoYan is not dark purple?  This dude is always angry for the wrong reasons.

Women are women.  They need open declarations of love in order to believe that they are loved.  :D  If HQG has a cooler head (she's pretty reckless) ie.  able to see the love after all the sacrifices he made to protect her, she wouldn't lapsed into anger and self destruction.  

Can I add to the checkmate's 100 list?  What is the no. now?

No#    If someone I care for created trouble for me, I will call him/her 'my fated calamity'.  

@Checkmate24601yes, xiao gu said that he cut off his meat and bone. Are we going to see it? Gosh...he is crazy. She even offered him to leave with her. 

Dood, BZH...just leave with Xiao Gu...Gosh..he loves to suffer. Annoying. Funny, because in real life...it's "lets hook up, if it doest work, then let's break up"... YOLO.!!!

I asked the same question.  lidge explained that the desolate power which resides in HQG must be destroyed as she is a walking time bomb.  Think Lord of Ring - the ring must be destroyed because it's power will destroy the world and all beings which possess it.  Hence it is not possible for them to 'run away and live happily after'.  That's why (I think), BZH was devastated (see his anguished face) when HQG turned demon goddess .  He couldn't prevent that from happening which he tried to when he locked her up so that the energy could not be released.  He either prevent her from turning Demon Goddess or kill her.  He tried so many times to prevent it from happening but unfortunately he couldn't prevent 'fate' as in TangBao's death, the ultimate catalyst in HQG turning into DG.

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Preview 58-59

HQG : He is the world's gentlest person, and yet he is also the world's most heartless person

BZH : Does it matter if I love you? Does it matter if I don't love you? We can never be together, ever. 

SXM (?) : *first part not sure* why do you keep stopping yourself from loving her?

HQG : *first part not sure* As long as he gives me some attention, as long as he lets me look (at him even for just a while), even if just for one glance, even if I were to die, I will die contented. 

Hi everyone, I occasionally lurks here to read your posts and the pictures. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and posts. I've seen this drama up to episode 36 but didn't have time to watch the rest so reading the posts here helps me to keep up to date. I'll help fill in the *not sure* part of the translation.

SXM: Love and hate is an obsession, but why do you keep stopping yourself from loving her?

HQG: Even if he doesn't love me, as long as he gives me some attention, as long as he…...

Thanks you all again for the wonderful posts. 

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I thought HQG was the only person who was able to handle/possess the Desolate Power bc she's the last living god.

Yes that is true but the problem is she will no longer be the HQG from before ~ she will loose her sense of self. Her body can harness the power but her mind can't handle it.  Kind of like possession by another entity only it's not by another person ~ the desolate energy is messing with her mind, remaking her into the demon goddess *** I guess you can say she's still transitioning, In a earlier episode BZH said that their is a certain amount of time (can't remember how much its like days) after the power is released that the demon god is reborn***:rolleyes:, since QG is in despair it's really hard for her to hold on to reason, but she is aware of what's happening to her and since she desires to protect the world and the person she loves in it.  She will most likely find a way to  take her life before that happens while she is still herself... sadly her teacher has taught her well.*[-( not talking  She doesn't want to die but their is no other way now that the seal is broken their just isn't enough time and she doesn't want BZH to be hurt again because of her~ even if his goal is to save her life.  :tears:

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I love how he came back to her  room at Emotionless, looking around, and  say to himseft " Little Bone, wat ever happen, shifu s gonna bring you back "

Lastnight eps, Little Bone try to be a bad girl, when her face come close to his face, im not sure she tried to kiss him or not but just look like she abt too, and he got up set yell " Little Bone ", look at her expression, she was scare . (little Bone, if you not dare to come closer to him, let me help you haha..) :D:P




poor my sexy shifu:tears:





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he wont be if not censored.,never had sex and for 1000 yearsje posesses stuff unused emotions unleashed.thats consistency.

I think I shld perhaps stop saying hqg expect bzh to love her. He does love her. So the right word is in love with her, if it makes any sense.

I thought HQG was the only person who was able to handle/possess the Desolate Power bc she's the last living god.

true but it is,such a big power one day it will consume her.,bzh shld have taken the power from her. More drama and this time it is hqg rubbing his back as his playgirl.

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Can someone summarized what QS said to HQG? I know it was said somewhere earlier but it wasn't clear. 

by the time I do full translation I think viki would have done it. So I summarise and those are in part words of an angry woman and also quite a betrayal but also some truth in it.

basically when she stabbed hqg she blames her for killing shiyi. That so many have died for her and why she had to leave the prison. She shld have stayed in it and never leave and she wished hqg never have left. She said tang bai, shuo Feng everyone sacrificed for her. She herself suffered because of hqg. She waited 3 years for mxl and finally he was to marry her and just because hqg needs to be out mxl couldn't delay a day and rushed to hqg immediately,,leaving her hangibg, with nothing. She asked why hqg doesn't just kill herself in the past, that way no one would have died because of her. Hqg didn't realise Qs hated her that much and Qs admitted she hated hqg, she hated her for what everyone else,did for her, what,mxl will do for her. But deep down it was regret that she informed nmt and got tangbao killed and she begged hqg to kill her, because she also caused this tragedy. Mxl couldn't believe the betrayal and said didn't he promised to marry her, isn't that enough but to Qs she knew deep down he never loved her the way she wanted. Qqs laughed madly and ran away because again of guilt. Mxl was stunned and realise whatever happened that day, the deaths were in part due to him. Nmt laughed madly, saying now hqg knows what it feels to be betrayed, abandoned, like just desserts for her but hqg grabbed her and basically said she won't kill her but she will,make nmt wished she did.

and guess what? Hqg didn't even poke out her eyes. What does it take to have nmt actually suffer? What?!

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YangD have already some picture :wub: then I upload juste the High Quality picture for everyone enjoy it














6d40f7f4jw1evtp67hgcmg209q05hkjo.gif ENJOY IT :wub::wub::wub:




I did watch the episode 55 and 56. Love when Qian Gu badass appear and when she become so not herself when she speak to Zi Hua. But isn't they cut again the scene when Shi Yi die...because we didn't see when he was kill...hm..

hm, how the will conclude this serie, seriously they still have so many part and scene they should have in the next episode 

- When Qian Gu when in her old home

- When Qian Gu will know about his nail scars

- My kiss between the OTP

- When Zi Hua will cut his scar on his arm

- When Man Tian will fight with Qian Gu

- My game seductiion between Qian Gu x Zi Hua

- When she will come back after her sleeping ?

- When Qian Gu die...

- etc.....too much 

and they really want to make into a 2 episodes? I hope will be a super long episode or I will be MAD. :angry::angry::angry: Tomorrow, I will able to watch the episode oufff safe ....

The tread moving so fast that omg OMG and I'm so late to read everyone...=.=;; sorry a lot happen in my life and was so busy awawawaaaa......

@hayuinblue : HUGSS :wub::wub:!!! Seem a eternity dear!!! I'm so busy in real life I will reply by pm back today 

Happy you like all pictures :) 

i don't care about chang liu, i don't care about the other realm, and i don't even care about everyone in the series as long as i get both of you in the same place and just lovey dovey for 2 whole episodes at the end. you guys owe me that much. i've been spending couple of month lack of sleep just watching both of you hurt each other

YES OMG GIVE ME ALL MOMENT WITH MY OTP ...something like strip will be great LOLL well Qian Gu seem really into it in my gif I post now ...kyaaaaaaaaa :wub:!!

Also ohhhh cosplay Hua Qian Gu ...interesting ..you know I love cosplay .. I will buy the second pictures, the blue one seem great :) 

@waven oh happy you like it :) and also because it's your first chinese serie after a lot anime, omg You should watch a lot now and need recommendation I will be super glad to recommend it :)

@bubblyb00_stv OH LOLLL oups sorry dear LOL i thought you said he look a bit old ...well without joking and said a true, in Hua Qian Gu because he is Zi hua...he seem on his age 30 ...in modern serie he look more younger. In his interview, he said that the makeup was make him like a cold and have a face like ...his eye LOL seem more strict...so that why maybe he seem a bit different.

Also from episode 01, you can see that he was really more...hm..his face seem more big than after...he did lose a lot weight for Zi hua and we can see it really much how much he become so slim :wub:. Dylan Kuo is ok hehe but I never complete Mulan serie...probably because I was still into the old version with Vincent :). The lead girl was ok but true she look llike too much modern and also in girl clothes..something in her face ...maybe makeup ...seem strange o.o I LOVE JIMMY LIN  :) 

@jolin_chan : Dear !!!:wub::wub: yes we do have a same opinions it's scary LOL and same thinking lolllll

anyway, tomorrow I will able to watch the last episode in live :)

Oh you are in TK clan omg seriously if you read my post in School 2015 loll you will find I like a lot TK and what happening for him...I was hope her twin sister will end with him...That so strange when the twin sister wasn't in love with the other guy o.o I was like o.o what!!!! Anyway...TK should have his own serie soon ..I mean the actor hehe

Happy you like all picture too :) and omg if Qian Gu can strip more ZI hua kyaaaaaaaaaaa anyway I will wait Zi hua push Qian Gu on the bed and kiss ...kiss forcelly LOLLL 

@IMOmusings ohh ME ME ME I'M HU GE FANS too!!!! :wub: so for sure I will watch it when is out....but seriously, he did change a lot from his accident in ROCH in 2008...sigh..and his own personality seem more colder because he still remember that 2 persons was die in the car ...because the accident sigh....

@bubblyb00_stv Wallace did seem tired...he got already panda eye from episode 01....I rewatch all episode from Hua Qian Gu and now up to episode 8 ...also it's because I cut all scene with Qian Gu and Zi Hua and will make a video later ;) dear seem he didn't take a rest and sleep really night that why in HD 1080p I can see so well his bag under eye...poor him hm...

@Checkmate24601 omg seriously I was thought we will have Zi HUA UNDRESS QIAN GU for her bath...why why why THEY don't do a scene like that kyaaaaa...I remember Li Ying do have a smutty scene bath in other serie ...don't remember which serie hm

omg if we will have our sensation smutty kiss scene in few hours OMG i will be so happy!!!! Also WOW A LOT NEW PICTURES THANK !!!! :wub:

@dominjoonssi OMG FOR REAL!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA:wub: so that mean we will really have a 54 EPISODES when the dvd is out right? Any new if Canada buy the licenced o.o? So they really cut 54 episode to 50 episodes sigh awawaaa.....now I ONLY hope is to buy the dvd and also OMG I WANT The stupid dw i have finish so I will got the uncut version!!! 

@Checkmate24601 o.O who said goodbye ? LOLL never !! hehe because MOSTLY all us wiill come back in the tread and keep update and post picture when we got our articles hehe

ohhh good idea 100 Things That Shows You Are Too Obsessed with Hua Qian Gu:wub: I will participated but you keep update everyone who said something hehe

HBO nann me immediatly was True Blood come to mind LOL seriously after ONLY one episode I was like OMG ...euh......LOLL anyway, my country doesn't have any censor for so all bed and kiss will glady welcome !!! hehe

@Bella-Chimura oh you welcome dear :wub: and also if you want it I will pm you all link to watch...hm ...you want english subbed righ for lakorn? OMG i won't move yet because Hua Qian Gu serie make me so obsessed it's seem scary o.O


Thank you for all the lovely SMQ, BZH & HQG pix and vids. I know today is the day HQG will be airing. I hope you will like the new eps. I'm gonna wait till all the eps are out to watch it. That way I can fast forward all the ppl I don't wanna see (Qing Shui ,NMT and Catfish LOL). I will not come back to this thread for a few days. That way I wont accidentally see the ending. I want to let you know that you were always the heart of this thread for me. You did a lot for this thread you always replied to everyone and made sure ppl didn't feel left out. You brought us all such great visuals with pix, music and vids. I'm so happy that I was able to meet you along with some really fun and nice ppl here. Sending you much love, good health and happiness.:D

Hey love!!! :wub::wub::wub: Me too I'm glad to meet you dear!!! and please come back after the serie will done because you will go in other same tread like us. I won't force you dear about you want to watch all later hugsss!!! I won't able to do the same thing I REALLY OBSESSED with this serie and WANT my kiss LOLL You know me right, I will still come back in this tread no stop because I'm still currently rewatch all epsiodes again o.o LOLL 

thank dear to send me love, health and happiness !!! I will send to you joy, love, prosperity, health and happiness HUGSSS!!! me only need health because without health, you cannot do nothing LOL  :wub: 

omg I will buy also the bell !!! dear, did you make your bf watch also Hua Qian Gu? :D:P


i will try to update this post later...its 3am soon ...:sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


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BZH is such a prude...

As funn mentioned, BZH hasn't dated or slept with any girls for 1000 years so what do you expect man?  There were no reference books or online internet for reference.  Even his own teacher and peers never taught him anything.  On the contrary, MoYan is trying his best from preventing BZH to have some 'experience'. :P

I see Chang Liu gang kneeling down.   Maybe they finally accept that HQG is good and may give BZH the blessing to wed her eh?  

@funn, Qing Shui has a valid point.  All the deaths in a way revolves around HQG.  She's everyone's fated calamity (and no thanks to DFYC making use of her and sending her to Chang Liu).  


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Guest Checkmate24601

Oh lovely pics!!! :)  I think the one where Chang Liu disciples are kneeling down is just when the entire cast is resting.  You can see that he's using his fingers like a sword instead of the sword itself ~ maybeit's  a practice run?

Just love the shock and devastation in BZH's eyes when he realizes what Qian Gu has done *sigh*

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Can anyone tell me where i can watch ep 46 with full engsub, coz in yuotube only 38 % engsub. I cant wait to see..


i found this playlist on youtube. this chanel also do the english sub for uncut version . it s not too fast as vietsub , but they will upload after the show on air one or two days. 


in case if you couldnt see the sub, next to the setting , you will see the button  " CC", click there and all the sub will come up. hope it s help :wub::wub:

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YangD: i watched all episode at those youtube channe. but till now there s only half sub for epi 46.. And as far as i watchd no uncut version..i couldnt watch on viki..the video in unavailabe in indonesia..so saaaddd...hope i could by the original version 

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OMG, ..is this for real?? :sweatingbullets:


credit as weibo

you beat me to posting this. I was going to post it when I saw it but didn't know how. Lol but thank you for sharing . I knew someone was going to post it. Was this part of tomorrow episode? If so I want to see. 

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