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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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Guest dominjoonssi

36. You buy peach flavored soya milk (I'm allergic to milk) and pretend it's peach blossom dessert soup.

37. You introduce TJoF to your father and he is on his cellphone everyday either reading the novel or rewatching on YouTube or asking you when is the next update.

38. Your pet cat now has a new nickname Fish Thousand Bone. (Pretty Flower's name literally translates as Flower Thousand Bone. My cat only eats steamed fish, so our kitchen waste has at least 3 fish skeleton bones a day, my father calls her Fish Thousand Bone as she would have eaten at least 1000 small fish a year.)

@BellyButton you need to register and set your overseas shipping address (you can write it in English) as default before you can use the official consolidate and ship service. if you use the official consolidate and ship forwarder, the system will automatically generate the China warehouse for your seller to send it to, or you can liaise with seller if they are willing to ship directly, if you just buying the one item, it's not that heavy so you may want to ask seller if they can ship directly to you via EMS or courier. All forwarding services have a minimal base charge as 1st kg even if your shipment is less than 1kg. this seller looks trustworthy and I intend to get one from her when I save up a bit. She did state when asked that her jewelry are 925 sterling silver, she stated that the bracelet itself  is about 12 or 13 grams. 

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..., eventhough it makes you hate me, eventhough it gonna makes you expel me from Chang Liu, now my appearance doesn't look like human nor ghost........ Bai Zi Hua (Zhu Ran) : you are a demon goddess

Ladies, that Baidu link has more. Am afraid to repost because you will all surely vomit blood.   Ahhh someone posted. Never mind. Since it is blood vomiting day, again...     Now

I try to translate the 30 Scenes that has been deleted from TJOF (part 2) ( some of it quite similar to the one @springfiry translated before and I think there are parts that @miaka fy mention before

Wait, did Liying and the actor for SXM work together previously in New Huan Zhu Ge Ge??!!  Is that SXM?



That's Gao Zi Qi, he played Xiao Jian in the New Princess Pearl with Zhao Li Ying. Li Ying played Qing Er. They played a couple in that series. The actor that played Sha Qian Mo is Ma Ke.

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@Checkmate24601 that is not SXM. SXM act in The Four movie version.

@BellyButton I can relate to no 30 and 31 LOL :D my darling know so well that I'm deep into this obsession, he even offer his wrist (as a joke) when I got dizzy and almost faint and he even repeating QG's sentence when she offer her wrist for the first time to BZH :sweatingbullets:

@BaiZiHua I hope you gonna watch the last 4 episodes soon and you gonna like it too, finger cross it will be the ending that we all hoping for. Same here, I always love your posts, and thank you for making such great effort to translate all those steamy chapters, I can not forget the part when you said : I can't even believe I wrote this OMG so mushy hehe O.o but this is the exact words in the book (quoted from your post) :w00t::D:wub:

And also all those non edible soup that you're making LOL :D and the name you give MY and NMT, I will never see Catfish and Jellyfish in the same way again :D

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@miaka fy thank you so much for the gifs ... :wub::wub: 

looks like shifu try to calm the demon goddess with the peach blossom soup

OMG demon goddess seduce shifu .. please.. please do more :lol: just kiss him already will you :phew:

@BaiZiHua nice to chat with you too :wub: and thank you for all the novel translation that you've done. love it so much :wub:

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Guest dominjoonssi

someone did a shot by shot screen capture of TB's death and Pretty Flower turning into Demon Goddess in detail with dialogue. argh I'm outside rushing back to catch the live broadcast. if anyone can go over to Baidu forums, it's there. 

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Thanks for reading my translations. Because it was my first time translating I was scared ppl would criticize me for not translating it properly. I said to myself if just 1 person read my post that was worth it for me translating. I am happy that I was able to translate little parts of the book for everyone. And I am so glad that you liked it .:)




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Guest Checkmate24601

Oh dear.  Here's the confrontation with Qing Shui over her betrayal I guess :(


More manga HQG:

Here's BZH being his ethereal self


Remember BZH is supposed to have knee-length hair in the novel?  Well, it seems Sha Jie Jie has floor-length hair!  :w00t:


And because we already miss Tang Bao:

42a98226cffc1e17cdd70e8f4990f603738de920    503d269759ee3d6d2fe6057540166d224f4ade68




They take selfies in Chang Liu as well lol



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In a recent interview, the producer has confirmed that 54 episodes have been cut to 50 eps to fit the quota. Grrrr, instead of replaying scenes from previous episodes, why can't HunanTV play the full versions and that way we'll only have 54 episodes?

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