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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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My guess, Wallace and Li Ying gonna show up and singing at HunanTV for the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival which is on September 27, 2015.

I feel sad that in two days this drama will end, I'm anxious to know the ending, but on the same time I want to see them more :sweatingbullets: and most of all, I will miss you all here :tears:, @miaka fy, @carmolita, @Bella-Chimura, @BaiZiHua , @hayuinblue , @BellyButton , @thundergirl3 , @Checkmate24601 , @Mikki- , @Cupcakeninja , @YangD , @funnlimmsia , @dominjoonssi , @mmrod_04 , @IMOmusings , @kashie19 , @bubblyb00_stv , @Le_Amarant , @litia , @PUNG , @Soniya15 , @sugarista , @thisisablack0ut_stv , @myden , @evori , @xXMzSmilesXx (sorry if I forgot to mention anyone :sweatingbullets:) thank you for taking this journey and share our obsession together, it's been a blast :wub: and hopefully we can meet again in other thread. And please keep update this thread whenever any of you hear or read the newest info regarding this series (release date to other country, release date of DVD, etc). I certainly will still lurking on this thread for a long time :D

Regarding Wallace and his female costars, I still think that Wallace has a lot of chemistry with Yang Zi, but the more I watch TJOF, the more I want Wallace to end up with Li Ying especially after I heard that Chen Xiao already with Michelle Chen, I always thought that Li Ying already has a boyfriend (Chen Xiao), so after I heard Chen Xiao has a girlfriend, I ship Wallace-LiYing a lot :D eventhough there is slightest chance they gonna end up together I still ship them for the time being (anyone will do, except Frida :w00t: I'm still so stubborn on this, and you know that well too @thundergirl3 :D I still can't forget your post about the green eye monster LOL :D).

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..., eventhough it makes you hate me, eventhough it gonna makes you expel me from Chang Liu, now my appearance doesn't look like human nor ghost........ Bai Zi Hua (Zhu Ran) : you are a demon goddess

Ladies, that Baidu link has more. Am afraid to repost because you will all surely vomit blood.   Ahhh someone posted. Never mind. Since it is blood vomiting day, again...     Now

I try to translate the 30 Scenes that has been deleted from TJOF (part 2) ( some of it quite similar to the one @springfiry translated before and I think there are parts that @miaka fy mention before


Oh I think Frida already has a boyfriend? That's what I heard from Vietnamese fanpage for TJOF. She just admires Wallace, she calls herself a HuoMi.

that's what I've heard too. They said she's dating the actor who acted as Lang Gege.

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@funnlimmsia really? He smokes? :(  i kind of knew it, but wasnt sure. I think he chewed or still chews bing lang too like many people in Taiwan. He is only 35, but he has wrinkles already. I guess all the hard work, stress, smoking...makes him look older? I still find him good looking though. He's got something ....that makes him "him." 

Here's why I think Wallace and Yang Zi makes a super cute couple. 


True he is much older than her, but age shouldnt matter. I like older guys...like 10+ years older. When Im 30, Ill still look younger than my guy..lol. 

I dont know how to post images...sorry

Copying and pasting:


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Oh...and to the Australians that were asked about exotic animals in your backyard. Dont worry about it. Im from Costa Rica. Most people dont even know we exist, but the people (usually Americans) who know tend to ask if we still live on trees. 

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Seeing such sweet posts from @jolin_chan and @BaiZiHua is making me happy but sad at the same time. I wish this series never ended! It was very fun being in this thread. I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and comments regarding TJOF. Thank you so much for taking out the time to make this thread so enjoyable and exciting! Hopefully we can run into each other in a different forum/thread one day. Some of us are actually meeting up for coffee and lunch thanks to this thread!! :D I would love to meet my fellow drama addicts if anyone is living in Austin Texas. 

WOW! There are so many Aussies in this thread! Any Americans in here? @BellyButton LOL at the riding in kangaroo's pouch to get around. I'm from Texas and everyone thinks we ride horses to get around too! HAHA 

What is that black box thing they're holding? A fan?? 

For those who hate NMT.. She looks friendly here. Shoot the famous "splashing 3 life pool" water on QG. Probably cause Li Ying looks really scary with all the bloody make up.

Bowing down to the one and only Demon Goddess!! BTW, Halloween is coming up. I would love to be Demon Goddess HQG! :rolleyes:

Awww. QG snoring next to Sifu and he is unable to sleep. :wub: If only this was actually in the series! I want these too to at least become a cute couple in the series. In real life.. That is kind of impossible. I don't believe they are dating since Wallace said he would definitely reveal the person he's dating.  

Demon Goddess: "BACK THE H3LL OFF MY SIFU NI MAN TIAN!!":angry:

Xiao Yue's last breath.. 


Demon Goddess: "Don't call me Xiao Gu" (I think that's what she said.. Based on my Mandarin knowledge)

What does the caption say here?

OK, time for some beautiful Wallace photos! <3 <3 <3

OMG, he went blonde!! He just got 10X hotter. Is that even possible?!! :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


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@jolin_chan I know, Im sad that tomorrow and monday will be the last 2-4 episodesepisodes. However...BIG HOWEVER...Im also glad that it will end in mainland so it can be broadcasted in other countries and the uncut DVDs get release. I dont have that much cash to purchase all those "souvenirs," but I do want the best quality of the DVD. Im also looking forward for a photobook :w00t: . 

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@thundergirl3 : oh, thanks dear, sure i will , that s gonna be great..:wub:

@BellyButton : yeah that s true, i love to see his close up face, it s just perfect..beautiful heee..:lol::wub:

Bellybutton, i havent been to Sunshine state , that s good be lovely to come there one day dear...:P.

@jolin_chan: my pleasure dear, we all enjoy the moment, just 4 eps to go..im gonna miss this felling..:wub:


i love to see sexy shifu cry somehow its quite beautiful to me :lol:



Actually he didnt cry on this scene , i just been naughty..:lol::D






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@YangD  Did you come up with the teardrop verse?  Wow, you have a poetic flair.  I like your photoshop.  That scene is very mesmerising.  You could clearly see the affection in his eyes though his words didn't sound affectionate.  These close up shots of Bai Zi Hua's micro expressions is a testament of his acting skills.  Both LiYing and Wallace really really are perfect cast for these two roles.  Yes, feel free to contact me when you are in Sunshine State.  You may not find me on Soompi because I only only come here to talk about TJOF.  You can find me and message me on Wallace Info Forum and I use the same name in that forum.  There are a few of us here.  I may be meeting up with a HUOmi from Melbourne here (Brisbane) in October, and I will be in Melbourne for a week in November.  

@myden  There are a few other TJOF fans from the USA in this thread.  You may already know who they are.  Live on trees?  Not a bad idea.  I like tree house.  You can pretend to be Tarzan's Jane.  ;)

I love those cute pictures of HQG.  Hahaha.. snoring in BZH's face.  It's nice to see the BTS and how TJOF cast interact and have fun behind the scenes whilst we cry, swear, whine and laugh watching the drama.  

Guys, let's all log onto the finale tonight and tomorrow night.  Let's have a TJOF party and a few more chats before all is over.  I am going to drink lots of coffee to stay awake, and maybe call in sick the next day for work (OK, I am bad influence.  Don't tell your parents and employers about my suggestion okay).  :D

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Guest Soniya15

@BellyButton: the teardrop verse is a quote. I remember reading it somewhere. I like your idea of logging on during the finale episodes. I'm not sure when it airs live in China. I only wait to watch it upload to Youtube then wait to watch the eng sub. The nice thing about this weekend is that I get a Monday off. 

@myden: I'm from US, but I live in Missouri. Nothing special about Missouri. 

@Jolin_chan: Thanks for your comment. I will miss everyone too on this thread. Wish I knew about it before. I just found this thread couple weeks ago. Yes, I love to share my obsession with you all. I can't believe I'm hooked onto TJoF even though there are many spoilers out there. With those leak kissed scenes, it's something to look forward to toward the end. Hopefully, it doesn't get cut. 

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Guest dominjoonssi

tonight we will be bidding farewell to the cutest worm. :tears:



did anyone notice TB is meant to resemble Little Bone in her facial features, especially the eyes I think. They choose the actress for TB really well. I remembered reading that spirit worms will take form as human depending on whom they like, so TB choose to resemble her Boney Mommy, while turning into a girl for LSY's sake.

will be sharing some cute pics in lead up to the finale today and tmr.

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hm night night again here omg ...I was so busy today awaaaa

anyway EXTREMELY BIG SPOILERS HEHE ENJOY IT :wub::wub::wub::wub:


Seriously, Zi Hua hand seem really hesitate to take out Qian Gu clothe....isn't a bath there....should we have a scene with Qian Gu bathing and Zi Hua there O.O OMG...THAT WILL GREAT!!! 

O.O WE HAVE MANY MEMBERS FROM AUSTRALIA!!!! great!!! I have some my family over there :). Question isn't about the kangarou but about a spider...did really spider fall from the sky o.o sorry I have a extremely scare about spiders...so that why o.o 

Frida is the actress name Li Chun in her weibo account, so that why I call her Frida. I think she choose this name for her english name.

About Wallace my real thinking.....

Wallace is really friendly with all his costar actress, but seem take some distance with Li Ying and Li Ying too seem take some distance with him. In the beginning when I start this serie, I saw many spoilers picture because I was searching and got a huge file pictures. Wallace and Li Ying seem take some distance and that was really strange. Also when Wallace said that Li Ying call him daddy and uncle, seem was take some shield from any rumour with Li Ying...that really strange. If they hiding the relationship it's seem plausible. Rumour said from a popular serie 2015 Li Ying go out with her costar...which isn't give a lot choose ...3 persons which Zhang Han out, Wallace and Zheng Kai..both of the serie are really POPULAR and she do have a lot chemistry with both of them.

When Wallace seem to be playful or really talk a lot and make a lot joke when he filming with his costar...seem like isn't no feeling...well my interpretation...hm strange right?

I know we have many members from USA :) which I'm not and many other country too :wub::wub::wub: me from Maple syrop country hehe

BTW the UNCUT EPISODE 01 is seem out I NEVERRRRR imagine they cut something from the episode 01 o.o but yes they cut it ....I will upload it the cut scene ...OMG meant the uncut was really cut a lot to fit in the time and cut because they want to cut too =.= 

@jolin_chan LOLL yes we thinking really alike everytime, are you not my familly seriously LOLL :) Dear, I won't able to watch tomorrow because something I need to do ''sigh'' so when I come back I will watch it  ;) I will come in the tread with my cell and read everyone post hehe :wub: dear I will repload the video in another site for you about Sha jie jie meet Qian Gu. 

@Bella-Chimura Oh I know this spoiler it's really cool!!! :) When I saw it I was like O.O oh my my .....I cannot wait episode tomorrow !!! but will watch later everyone :)

@thundergirl3 oh I recommend you Mafia Lakorn serie but the 1, 2, 3 and 4...about the 5, bring kleenex box ...I prefer this serie more http://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Suparburoot_Jutathep and I love Cubic lakorn it's come from a novel also and suppose to have part 2 awawa I want my part 2 and search the novel LOL http://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Cubic I currently fast forward many new lakorn (because my heart is only for Hua Qian Gu!!! LOL)  and well i did watch http://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Wannueng_Jaa_Pben_Superstar and it's good :). Waiting the remake Prissana 2015 with Num and again why they keep sticky all serie together o.o a connection to one serie to one serie o.o sigh so we need to watch like 3-5 series to see the end oh my my...intelligent....

@mmrod_04 No problem I will repload the video that jolin-chan posted it if you want it :) ...I think Wallace and Li Ying will sing together soon, and now they currently practice it maybe hm...imagine Wallace and Li Ying together again ...for pratice kyaaaaaa hehe

@IMOmusings NO joking o.o so that meant Nicky will introduce to his good friend who is true Wallace...well seem Nicky know something that no one dunno LOL well isn't a hint by Nicky o.o ohhhhh

@BellyButton ohh yes she look super badass like that Qian Gu omg I will missing episode tomorrow ...watch for me ok :) I will watch when I come back.

@jolin_chan oh dear:wub: I think we will meet with some a bunch people here in other chinese tread hehe or kdrama tread like we meet in Who are You school 2015 LOLLL wait a minute dear which clan are you in School 2015 LOL me I was in the two clan until I find the blond guy more sad story and he should got something in the end. Also I won't move from this tread LOL everyone also :) me I try to get my real uncut version stupid program baidu ...it's really stuck ...ohhh handsome god who share all the file in the net the real uncut version ..please come back o.o

btw dear don't forget me...Wallace can end with anyone (BUT SURE I'M SHIP SO HARD FOR LI YING LOLL) but no Frida ^^;;;

About Wallace smoke...yes he smoke if I remember he start to smoke more after one serie...don't remember after which serie...Hu Ge also smoke...he lose his baby face both of them...sigh ...

oh please all actors don't smoke are you will have a small face!!! 

@bubblyb00_stv dear nann he not so old hehe he is cute :) probably because he isn't a bit older than me so that why I defend him LOLLLLLLLL sure he did lose his baby face sigh ....my baby wallace grow up and me stress a lot I think LOL

WOW in the first picture you post I though it's Ruby Lin LOLLL

OMG i'm fall on my laptop ...so sleepy now....will come back later 

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Guest dominjoonssi

some DF pics


Their first meeting


Birth of TB


"Little Bone, Don't Look!"

For Beautiful Sister.


So you're the new appointed Sect Leader for Mao Mountain Sect? *pat*


Jie Jie, You're so beautiful!


But your chest is a bit small...


Little One, Jiejie has come to see you.


JieJie, come and save Little Bone!




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Guest dominjoonssi

Sexy Shifu & Pretty Flower


Their first meeting as in the novel, when HQG as a worm fell into BZH's wine cup.


HQG fell in love at first sight when BZH bestowed a rare smile at the worm in his wine cup.


Control your breathing, don't be afraid, I'll be handing over the control of the sword to you.


Shifu! Shifu! ~ I'm in the Study.


Teaching Pretty Flower how to play the Guqin.


Pretty Flower asking Sexy Shifu to eat with her once a day.


Little Bone, are you done yet? The Ceremony is about to start. ~OK, OK I'll be done soon.


Pretty Flower seeing Sexy Shifu's bare back.


Who is it?


Vampire Shifu


Pretty Flower begging Sexy Shifu not to use the sword.

that's it folks.



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