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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2015] The Journey of Flower 花千骨

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Has any other Chinese series undergone so much haphazard cutting as JOF? I feel like up until the bloody "kiss", it was all fine, and now everyone's panicking that everything will get cut.

Why would the angry kiss be cut? It doesn't violate any SARFT regulations.

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..., eventhough it makes you hate me, eventhough it gonna makes you expel me from Chang Liu, now my appearance doesn't look like human nor ghost........ Bai Zi Hua (Zhu Ran) : you are a demon goddess

Ladies, that Baidu link has more. Am afraid to repost because you will all surely vomit blood.   Ahhh someone posted. Never mind. Since it is blood vomiting day, again...     Now

I try to translate the 30 Scenes that has been deleted from TJOF (part 2) ( some of it quite similar to the one @springfiry translated before and I think there are parts that @miaka fy mention before

Wallace is an actor, not a politician. He expresses neither any religious views bor political reference. Boc is at its heart a love story. Don't get angry with Wallace. He got a script, he liked the script, he filmed the script and that's the end of it. If he feels otherwise he has to move to another country or change career.

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Guest dominjoonssi

I someone on tieba posted something about the lack of continuity and level of quality in the latest few episodes. I will do a simple translation for them. 


1. Sexy Shifu meant to stab deeply but when he saw the shattered Hall Bell, he couldn't bear to continue (hence he withdrew the sword. )
2. Pretty Flower wanted revenge for DF's death, Sexy Shifu stopped her and suffered a backslash, when Pretty Flower turned back to check whether Sexy Shifu was okay, he sealed her powers again. Hence, later when they were executing Chibi Moon, Pretty Flower couldn't move at all, actually Sexy Shifu had a line "I'm sorry, Little Bone. " But the dubbed dialogue wasn't aired. 
3. Actually during this time, Chibi Moon was actually being burnt by Holy Fire, after bidding farewell to Pretty Flower, gradually turned to ashes and dissipated.  However the CG for this scene wasn't completed. In actual fact, this was a vision conjured by Sexy Shifu with the Illusion Cauldron, and when everyone left, Chibi Moon reappears and was taken away by SXM. these scenes were partially cut without rhyme or reason probably because the burning to death sequence didn't pass the censorship, and they didn't have alternate angles to show or substitute scenes, so they cut a version without CG effects, the plot become muddled up. 
4. With DF's and Chibi Moon's death, Pretty Flower's misunderstanding towards Sexy Shifu deepens, physically and mentally exhausted, her heart is now dead. 
5. though the scenes seemed superficial, this is needed to lay groundwork for the later part, so we can understand why QS would betray and hurt Pretty Bone. 
6. iQiyi's previews for 2 episodes sometimes only covers 1 episode. in regards to the demon goddess, I can only tell you that the demon goddess story line including the Great Battle is around 80-90 mins, the pace is very fast, whatever should be included is there, something that aren't supposed to be there will be included as well, even though some scenes may be cut and CG not completed properly, but the quality of the episodes doesn't lose to the first 20 episodes. 
for this drama, all the actors and the production members put in a lot of effort to complete it, of course they would want it to be as perfect as it can be. however there wasn't enough time, budget was tight, the censorship was very very strict and harsh, some areas may be lacking, but I hope everyone can be understanding. in future, there should be a complete DVD release version or overseas complete version. 
-end  translation -
well, that explains why since Pretty Bone unsealed the Holy Instruments and accidentally released the Great Powers, storyline and editing has gone downhill. Thanks to SARFT and so they cut scenes and didn't  finish the CG for the latter half since a lot of of scenes will be cut. Hunan probably made it worse by putting the broadcast time slot so early, just one year for a heavy CG dependent drama. After the first airing, they will probably be editing for overseas release and completing the drama as it should be. 
to confirm, Perfume Lady dies to save Sexy Shifu, and also restore his immortality cultivation. so when Sexy Shifu willingly goes to Demon Goddess Flower, he has regained his powers. I saw a leaked production schedule which hints that when Sexy Shifu was drugged, he looked at the tea in the tea cup, which had reflection of Demon Goddess Flower's eyes, so his object of desire is projected to be her. The other interesting thing listed also hints that Sexy Shifu and Pretty Flower later became mere mortals,or they went to live in the mortal realms, cos it was truncated so the meaning is not clear. maybe it's a nod to Sexy Shifu's dream of them becoming mortals and growing old together. These should also be a shot of Sexy Shifu's arm scar. 
lastly, has anyone noticed? Mo Bing's and Sexy Shifu's  beginning with Pretty Flower followed a 3 step progression. First they met Pretty Flower in a life-death situation (Monster Attack and Tai Bai Mountain Massacre) and they fight their way out together. Then Pretty Flower is gifted with a sword for protection or backing, Mo Bing hand makes a wooden sword for her, Sexy Shifu gives her Abstain Thought sword. Then Pretty Flower makes Peach Blossom dessert for both of them. FGG really put a lot of thought for their storyline.
@bubblyb00_stv every country has their own pace for social and political development, we should respect it. putting aside the political views of the drama, Battle of Changsha is an excellently produced drama, and Wallace accepted the role due to the script and the production company.  I haven't watched the drama yet but I intend to. before we criticize, we should at least have an understanding of the background and culture, China's modern history was violent and turbulent and even now social economic and political development is uneven. There are many things we won't understand because we are not Chinese. Let's not criticize others until we have a better understanding of them. the same goes for censorship. they have their own consideration, I don't mind as long as the overseas release is complete and not cut. Others dramas have been brutally censored before, e.g Scarlet Heart 2, Song of the Desert, The Empress of China etc. TJoF is not the only one. 
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no wonder it felt a bit weird when xiaoyue suddenly started screaming in pain. What ab excuse. No budget to complete the effects. That is embarasing for the company and utter rubbish nonsense.

in the end they have to be immortals. You cant give up immortality without dying, if he has his powers back why cant he resists the viagra pill? Because to show he already desires hqg? Utter rubbish. The production themselves is killing their own baby.

if zx gonna give up immortality like how tanfan did for her except she was near death. Doesn't make sense.


anyway I get the anger at the pro communist story especially when things are any Taiwan. General knowledge. Chinese govt is and was the villain so to speak. But so were the turmoil of those times. Wallace is an actor. If he has any beliefs and wont do certain roles for political belief, he runs the risk,of being a hypocrite. He cant even voice an opinion on politics. He acts, he gets his salary and he goes home. The rest should be the job of the political activist.

sorry not because of budget constraints but censorship. But didn't the script must get approval first?



god forbid if they want to make a series about massacre in Nanjing.

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Guest dominjoonssi

the script get passed but there is a second round of censorship process after the the filming is done and the original cut is edited. 

they chose not to do the CG cos the scenes will be cut. They will probably do the CG properly at one go when everything else is finalized. it's efficient and helps cut costs. 

being immortal doesn't mean you don't have emotions and desires, or physical reactions. it's a drug, if immortals can get poisoned, they can get drugged too. remember he does get drunk at the end of the novel. whether he regains immortality before he goes to find Pretty Flower can only be confirmed when we actually see the episodes. his life force is tied to the seal so it actually makes sense if Perfume Lady had to die  and exhaust her powers to bring him back from near death. 

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Dont get me wrong, Im not hating on the Chinese culture. Im part Chinese and Ive always been interested in its history and Im always trying my best to embrace the culture. What bothered me about TBoC was its constant focus on how evil Kuomintang was. However, they mentioned nothing about the negative actions from the CCP during the 8 years of war. If you ever watch the series, the last dialogue Wallace had was 100% anti-kuomingtang. 

Jacky Chan has very close relationship with the communists. He will even produce movies about the negative events during the Republic era. But has anyone watched a cdrama o cmovie talking about the Great leap forward? Cultural revolution? Chinese great famime? Tienanmen aquare massacre? So far, only HK has done it. Those Chinese events caused more damage than what the Japanese did in Asia...but China is constantly pushing its own propaganda. Yes, Wallace is an actor, and actors (media) is the most powerful tool used by politicians to propagate their own agenda. Ironically, Wallace is Taiwanese Chinese...he has great influence in both states. 

As I wrote, it was just a rant. TBoC was okay. It was boring imo...plus, I cant stand biased historical films. Again, I have nothing against the Chinese. Im just anti-socialism. 


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each side has its own story and views. No wonder this series not shown in Taiwan. But you gotta admit if limiting to just Changsha the actions of chiabg kaishek and his decision had adverse effect. Cant blame the sentiment. I am,sure Taiwan if produced this series will be pro themselves so to speak.

I remember watching Kang xi di huo and the endless episodes on Taiwan and very pro propoganda.


what was the last line uttered?

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Guest dominjoonssi


you think too much of actors in Asian countries, they do not have that kind of influence unlike their Western counterparts. 

politics is like religion. we can only agree to disagree. there is no political party that doesn't do propaganda. it doesn't excuse the CCP, but no one is clean in this case. It's a common political tool. this is a China made drama, what did you expect? 

being part Chinese or of Chinese descend is not the same as being Chinese Chinese, there is a difference. your nationality, allegiance, shared history and life experiences do count. 

Cdramas are meant to be aired on Mainland China public airwaves, of course they have to take inconsideration the political climate, especially China. CDramas do not cross the line, but Mainland Chinese writers and film makers do. They do have works that criticize the the sensitive areas in Chinese history. Films and literary works are subjected to censorship as well, but overseas distribution is easier and the government has lesser control over them, and they reach a wider and/or different audience. If you have watched the films  or read the literature, you would have found that even under censorship, these creative people find innovative and subtle ways to undermine the political propaganda and express their views.

all films and media alike are subjective. even documentaries, no matter how well balanced it seems to be, has a point to make. let's just focus on the drama instead and not talk about about politics. it's only fictional drama, and they never claim to be otherwise.

i respect your views on this matter, but would just like to point out other viewpoints for your consideration, let's return to our focus on the drama. Battle of Changsha is a serious human drama, so it really isn't for everyone, you don't have to like it. .i only mentioned the censorship so we all know why the scenes were cut.

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@bubblyb00_stv  I agree with @dominjoonssi and @funnlimmsia  Asian actors have no great influence over the government.  There are certain professions that it is best to keep away from politics and I think acting is one of them particularly in Asian countries.  If you don't live in Asia or have experienced both worlds, it is hard to compare and understand.  I understand your concern in relation to propaganda bubbly and this is why I LOVE The Battle of Changsa because personally, I don't care about propaganda and I don't care whether which party was right or wrong. BOC has minimum propaganda compare to many war dramas in China.  The production's focus in on the families. The impact and cruelty of war is universal.  Unnecessary death and families being torn apart.  The painful rebuilding and having to live the ghosts of the past.  One of the best drama I have ever watched in my life time.  

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Guest Checkmate24601

@YangD  Oh darling, thanks so much for posting the kiss!  Can't wait for this weekend!!!  That kiss does look very passionate.  @funnlimmsia  There's a bit of pressed noses.  Wallace's nose against Liying's cheek I mean.

Wasn't really expecting anything explosive.  So when I was scrolling through my mobile this morning, I literally cracked my head against the bed frame when I saw the kiss and the lovely gifs of the ending.  :sweatingbullets:  But love, love, LOVE the leaked scripts (thanks @dominjoonssi) and the gifs/photos (thanks too to @miaka fy).  Oh goodness, Wallace is pressing her into the ground.  So ZR is gonna be the one who initiates the kiss??!! :crazy:  A bit weird and creepy - does anyone think he's quite similar to his father?  The apple doesn't really fall far from the tree.  I mean he's INCREDIBLY MANIPULATIVE - and just when HQG is getting a sense of peace in her isolated Cloud Palace, he starts leaving messages of war inciting panic and suspicion in the Hypocrites Immortal Club.

@BaiZiHua  NNNNNNOOOOO!  You can't leave!!!  *uses the Shuang Tian chain to tie you up*  Why are you leaving us Soompiers?  No, no no.  :P

Can you imagine what would happen if that kiss doesn't get broadcasted or is too short?  More likely disappointed viewers and fans will storm Hunan HQ ROFL.  Hunan probably should get insurance against curses and voodoo exorcisms just in case in addition to fire and earthquake damage insurance.  As for Wallace and Liying's non-stop kissing (whether true or not), it sounds so cute :wub: And it seems to people who were on set that it was intense and deep, almost like two people in love and in a relationship (I think somebody mentioned that the kiss was so well done that if Wallace and Liying are not together in the future, it would be the most professional kissers lol ;))  We hold out hope for our OTP.  And it's absolutely true that Wallace's eyes are so expressive!  In episode 54, he regretted cutting off the Bell so much!  When HQG accepts YR as her disciple and puts the temple bell on YR, BZH takes out HQG's temple bell which is still chipped and broken, and looks at it so wistfully - as if he's imagining his days with HQG in Emotionless Hall *sigh*  Did anyone notice how he kept looking at HQG's Water Scar - especially after he caught her when she passed out?   I wish he did cut off NMT's arm - flinging her aside and his moment of anger was satisfying but not enough.  


This pic actually reduces HQG's scar lol

More looks



And the way he angrily tugged off the Sect leader feather and throws it to MY!  It felt like he really despised that position as Chang Liu's leader for a moment!



I WANT THE CD!  It's pretty funny how they translated the titles though - so elaborate (perhaps a bit too fancy).  It's a lot more straightforward on Youtube - the names I mean.  Nothing overly fancy.

So the reason why pink jellyfish looks particularly pink and suffering from joint problems is because she's sucking up HER OWN SECT'S power.  Can't believe she's so hateful as to hurt her father's adviser who always had her and her father's best interests at heart.  She's just completely blinded by hatred!  Don't want to focus on her too much because we all know she leaves a bad aftertaste in the mouth.  She just enjoys torturing and killing anyone who is friends or associated with HQG.  It's obvious that she's aware that it's actually SCQ (ie. Asian Fabio) who killed her father.  She even tells SCQ to give back her father's life when he comes to rescue NWY.  So she's not ignorant that it's NOT ACTUALLY HQG who kills her father; she just irrationally hates HQG! 

And how on MY can cultivate to the level of a sect leader?!!!  :angry::blink:  He's not just short-tempered but he actually replied to SXM that he's done NOTHING WRONG!!!  Nothing wrong, are you kidding me?!!!  He killed Li Meng and is so unreasonable.  Before and even now, he's basically dictating how to rule the 6 Realms - attacking the Seven Murder faction even when they've not acted out!  What's wrong with this man?!!!  He's so hateful!  He actually ordered NWY (KNOWING THAT THE BOY NO LONGER POSSESSES THE DEMON ENERGY) to be killed by CHAIN ASPHYXIATION!!!  WTH!!??  There's no way of justifying that torture.  If death is the punishment, then it should have been a quick, not-messy death.  Anyone who says they've not done a thing wrong is a pretty shallow soul!  So how on earth is he even an immortal AAAARRRGGGHH!!!  Even if he does sacrifice himself to resurrect HQG through soul swapping (pish, soul swapping not reincarnation), he still won't win my sympathy.  :mellow:  Does he even redeem himself in the book?  I know that many people forgives him in the book but to what I remember, he doesn't actually admit anything...  Oh someone just grill the Catfish!  I hope his behind the scenes actions get exposed - if BZH actually saw the entirety of the damage of the Water Scar to HQG's eyes and face, does anyone think he'll pull out the sword and threaten NMT and MY?  I hope he would - if that happened.  ZR pwning MY is just awesome :)

Oh DF, DF, how you've suffered!  Was bawling my eyes out at this scene - it's clear he wants so much to live out the rest of his life with her but Time Ran Out for him.



One of you lovelies mentioned wanting another photo of Sha Jie Jie in white.  Here you go:  Credits to Viet FB page



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Guest Checkmate24601

More photos since pictures are always great and speak a thousand words.  :D 

Sha Jie Jie is capable of getting along with his sister's chosen love - behind the scenes of course ;)


Poison Lady being flirtatious with Sha Jie Jie :lol:


I think it's just a common trait that demons just lounge so beautifully!  HQG wasn't just channeling her Demon God self during this moment, she was also channeling Sha Jie Jie!



I was so happy to hear that Wu Qing Luo and her sidekick got married - though I wished the series actually showed their wedding (:o!) instead of focusing so much on QS and MXL.  Their relationshp doesn't add much to the plot even though it will explain QS' betrayal later but seriously 10 minutes to them!!!  And Hunan actually promotes JoF using Wallace and Liying, but gives so much time to the secondary cast - that's just cheating!  :(


I mean they're such decent, nice people but they get so little air time.  I mean in all the recent angst, why not show their wedding or something!?


Oh dear ZR is up to no good again!  Trying to kiss Demon God HQG soon?


Getting ready for battle?


Outlaws Unite!  :w00t:


And last but not least, GROUP HUDDLE! 


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Oh I like the funny couple.  They add laughter to the drama!

Sha Jie Jie in white?  @funnlimmsia  maybe SQX bcomes immortal?  Hey, he may belong to the demon realm but he has a kind heart.  I think he deserves to become an immortal.  :D

I am going to cry for Xizun.  She going to sacrifice for her life for BZH.  

Man, the kissing leaks is hot.  Now you girls got your wish. 

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Guest Checkmate24601

@jolin_chan  As the audience, we don't realise but to create the flowing effect of their clothes and hair, the background is actually quite loud.  It's almost like a loud hairdryer or in some cases a lawnmower!  :w00t:  Those guys are really pro, and I don't just mean the actors and actresses.  The stunts team and all the supporting operations people who handle the wire work and helpers who coordinate umbrella shade and handing out water etc. are truly amazing people.  After all they make the filming smooth.  And I couldn't believe that all the demons from the 7 Murder Sect actually are people wearing green latex suits!  Gosh, filming in that must be excruciating especially when the area they were filming in was boiling!  Even Rocky was actually just a person in green latex before the production team edited and turned him into a CGI dinosaur-dog-cat-pet(?) hybrid.

And all the actors/actresses have amazing imagination - since they don't actually have the final background and landscape, they have to imagine the setting to place themselves in character.  I'm definitely impressed.  ^_^


Just love this hug sooooo much!


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Guest dominjoonssi



now you understand why I said that wuxia and ancient costumes dramas have to be dubbed, the set is simply too noisy to capture proper live sound and voices, and with the rest of the equipment needed to create that visual effect, it's simply not possible to do live sound capture, unlike modern dramas where its easier to isolate the background sounds.

Wallace was saying during the press conference that he was perspiring like mad during the filming and you can see the sweatdrops and wet lapels in the above photo. Sexy Shifu only limits skin ship with Pretty Flower cheek to cheek or forehead to cheek or forehead to forehead, it's okay, it's just a hop and skip to mouth and mouth. :wub::wub:

Hunan wants the viewership ratings so whatever they can show, they will show as long as SARFT allows. Unfortunately, this week is a sensitive time period for China as they are commemorating the end of World War II and promoting peace, so censorship wise it will be more conservative this weekend for TV. I'm crossing my fingers tho.

Edited by dominjoonssi
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Guest Checkmate24601

@dominjoonssi  Yeah, they're all sweating - even Liying's hair is coming loose from her normal tidy hair updoes.  It's hard to fault the actors and actresses for wanting to limit skin contact LOL  As you say, fingers crossed.  

And because I like HuaYing moments so yup...


Ahhh, their smiles :wub:

When I saw that picture of HQG holding NMT by the throat, I was cheering with pom poms.  First of all, it's easy to empathise with HQG.  She just witnessed her daughter get killed.  It's not surprising that she goes ballistic and holds the person responsible, well, responsible.  And this time, NMT has finally broke the straw on the camel's back and bit off more than her jellyfish mouth can chew LOL  Go Qian Gu, toss her into the water of Greed and let her rot and peel!  (Maybe the reason ZR also tortures NMT, as seen in the pics, is because HQG tries to keep SF's promise so lets ZR who's quite expert at killing and torturing people to handle it in the beginning???  I mean even when NMT finally fights against Demon God HQG, HQG closes her eyes and just holds her arms out in a rather vulnerable way.) 

I remember someone mentioning they want the two HQGs side by side.  One artist here decided to draw them - hope it helps!  It's rather sweet.  :)

Awwww, Liying seems to like fanart!  :wub:

Demon Goddess on the prowl catwalk.  Doesn't the guy's hairstyle seem Spock-like? 

For Hu Ge/Nirvana in Fire and HQG/JoF fans, we have this:

More Luvly illustration

SXM's smirk at number 128.  He's just enjoying the chaos so much!  And afterwards, his face is so composed when MY looks at him for an explanation.  ROFL

Hehe, instagram followers created this family of three

And yes, their eyes - how true that love is expressed through the eyes!

At this point, HQG doesn't know that YR is her disciple and is so full of hurt, asking whether BZH truly regards her as his disciple.  Of course, BZH (who never had the intention of killing NWY) is hurt in turn that his Xiao Gu would ask such a question.  *shakes head*  Pain all around :tears:

OH MY GOSH, SOOOO CUTE!!!  SO MANY TANG BAOS!!!  :wub::wub::wub:

I love the idea of BZH proposing with the Bell (though I think it's more like a tender statement instead of popping the question).  ;)

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Hello babes, Thank you for all the lovely pix they are my all time favs. I love you so much for posting Sha Jie Jie's pix I miss him so .... so much. I super LOVE the Tang Bao stuff animals. I'm tying to get my boyfriend to buy me one. But we live in America and I don't have any idea where to buy it (criesss:tears:).


The pix where BZH stabbed HQG I so heartbroken watching that part :tears:. But the part where you know what happened to DFYQ :tears: I almost cried:(. Also I am 100000000% behind you in hating those 2 losers (catfish:angry: & NMT:crazy:) I can't even put into words how pathetic they are Grrrrrr.


And I'm not going to leave the thread. I promised miaka fy that I'd stay in this thread till the end of the drama. I'm not leaving soompi I just am not watching HQG live anymore. I'll wait till the drama finishes airing then I will watch it. That way if there's stupid NMT,Catfish & Qing Shui scenes (<<< OMFG so effin boring) I can just fast forward it. It's seriously like torture for me to see those ppl it's like watching grass grow. Sighs :blink:. BTW do you know when the last ep airs if you do please tell me okies? Thanks.:wub:


Anyways I really hope with all my heart the ending will be good or else I'm gonna be pissed off. Because they have a great script and some of the best actors/actresses. It would be a sin to waste great talent like that. Also, Is this the only drama you're watching? At first I was only watching this but thanks to the lovely carmolita I'm able to watch something else so it's all good hehehe. :)





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I'm with you on this one @BaiZiHua! I too, have stopped watching the drama as it airs...stopped about 20 episodes ago to be quite honest. I couldn't deal with the stupid push/pull of the love triangle between BZH/HQG and DFYQ...@_@

I wonder if the floating raft scene that was released before will be recycled for the ending?

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Sighsss ...... I have learned my lesson this will be my first and last drama that I will put a lot of energy into. Oh well, there's nothing I can do but hope it doesn't have a open ending :tears::tears:. Oh God ....... I hate that even more than ppl in dramas having amnesia (that's on the top 3 of my hate list). I'm disappointed that the OTP hasn't had much screen time together.



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