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Bernard Park 버나드 박

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PROFILEName : Bernard ParkHangul : 버나드 박Korean Name : Park Nak JunHangul : 박낙준D.O.B : January 29, 1993P.O.B : Atlanta, United StatesCurrent Agency : JYPE Entertainment (2014)Education : Georgia Gwinnett College
He is known as the winner of SBS's K-pop Star Season 3.

DISCOGRAPHY- Before The Rain (EP, 2014)

VIDEO- A Story of Bernard Gom Teaser - 난(I'm...) Teaser | MV- Before The Rain Teaser | MV

iTunes- 난… I'm… - EP

AWARD2014 SBS K-Pop Star : 1st Place (Winner)

LINKWebsite : Webpage | YouTubeSNS : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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[interview] Bernard Park Has No Regrets About Choosing JYP Over YG
Bernard Park, the winner of SBS’s K-Pop Star 3, has made his debut.
After pre-releasing his remake of Park Jin Young’s I’m…, Bernard Park released his mini album with the title song Before the rain on October 13.
In a recent interview with Newsen, Bernard Park shared his excitement to make his debut, working with JYP Entertainment as well as some of the nation’s best producers, Park Jin Young and Jo Kyu Chan.

When asked how he feels about debuting, Bernard Park said, “I never thought that I could be a singer all my life so I still can’t believe that I’m debuting. I’m just thankful because I can release the album thanks to the fans.”
Coming from America, Bernard Park gave up on his dream to become a singer after hearing that you need to know many people in the industry in order to become a singer in America. That’s when K-Pop Star launched an audition in Atlanta and Bernard challenged himself for the last time. And he won first place.
Out of JYP Entertainment, headed by Park Jin Young who calls himself ‘Bernard’s hardcore fan,’ YG Entertainment, headed by Yang Hyun Suk who highly praised Bernard Park and Antenna Music, headed by Yoo Hee Yeol, who always smiled at him, Bernard Park chose JYP Entertainment.
Reminiscing the moment, Bernard Park said, “My disadvantage was that I didn’t know K-pop very well. But Park Jin Young PD was a singer for a long time and wrote many hit songs even after he set up his company. He also thought technique is important when singing. I’ve never learned singing in my life. So I thought JYP Entertainment could teach me well and that’s why I chose it as my agency.”

When Bernard Park chose JYP, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk had said, “You will regret your decision.” About this, Bernard Park said, “I’ve never once regretted my decision.”
He said, “I don’t sing for popularity. When I was eating with Park Jin Young PD, we talked about how doing music for life is more important than gaining popularity. I think similarly with Park Jin Young PD. So I don’t regret at all.”
For the new song, Bernard Park focused on studying Korean. 
Carrying out the interview alone without a problem, Bernard Park said, “I worked hard to focus on the Korean lyrics and put my emotions into them. If I couldn’t understand the lyrics at first, I would translate them into English in order to understand, and asked my Korean teacher for help. Park Jin Young PD also helped me out a lot since he’s good at English.”

He added, “I heard that I couldn′t bring out the emotions from Korean songs when I was in the audition so I really worked hard this time. Maybe people will not feel that way if they listen to my album. I will make you feel like I’m conveying the story in the lyrics.”
Finally, he was asked to recommend a song other than I’m… and the title song Before the Rain. Choosing Even If I Become a Singer (translated) Bernard Park said, “It talks about the things I went through to become a singer and all the emotions I felt during the time. It’s one of the songs I really got into when I sang it.”
The title song Before the Rain from Bernard Park’s debut album is a ballad song thanking the people who trusted him by his side when he went through difficulties in order to achieve his dream. 
It was written by songwriter Jo Kyu Chan and he revealed that it is one of the few songs that he wrote all at once without stopping.

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버나드 박(Bernard Park) "난(I'm...)" M/V

His voice is good. The MV kinda remind me of an Indonesian band MV. All the best, Bernard. Although this is JYP remake, but I never heard this one before. 
-----Park Jin Young Told Bernard Park He Got a Once In A Lifetime Chance
Bernard Park shared a piece of advice he received from JYP’s head Park Jin Young.
Bernard Park and Almeng, the stars from SBS’s K-Pop Star 3 guested on SBS Power FM’s Old School aired on October 22.

Almeng’s Choi Rin confessed, “As I got ready to debut I visited the dermatologist and lost weight too.”
Bernard Park said, “After my album was released, I got excited and amazed, thinking that I’m finally becoming a singer.”
Bernard Park also shared, “Park Jin Young told me, ‘This kind of opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. You better keep your head straight,” revealing that Park Jin Young was strict in leading his path to stardom.

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Bernard Park "I'm…" Tracklist:
1) I'm...2) Before the Rain

3) A Woman Like Youhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3Z8Dq0VLEA

4) One More Dayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z65Bm94v5BE

5) Honestlyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zwfx0gHXpI

6) Even if I Become a Singer

my favourite tracks --> Honestly & Before the Rain-----------------------------------
Bernard Park - 'Before the Rain' First Stage @ SBS Inkigayo 2014.10.12

Bernard Park @ Waiting Room
----------------------------'Bernard Park Veranda Live' 


Bernard Park "Before the Rain" M/V Making Film!






Bernard Park 'Before the Rain' Daum Music Greeting


Bernard Park Jacket Shooting Set & Interview!


[141013] Arirang Radio Super K-POP



[141014] KBS CoolFM Jo Jungchi & Jang Dongmin’s 2 O’Clock 



[141015] Bernard Park's Fall Music Appreciation



Bernard Park's Fall Music Appreciation
Bernard Park w/ MC A Yeon&Jimin


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BERNARD PARK OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE '버나드곰' 굿즈! 2014.10.20.12PM @ Kart ( http://www.ilovekart.com  ) 

Bernard Park - Before The Rain ~ Veranda Live @ daehak-ro dal.komm COFFEE! 141017


[141016] Before the Rain @ M! Countdown


[141019] Before the Rain @ SBS Inkigayo 

Simply K-Pop : Bernard Park - Before The Rain


[141018] KBS One Nation Gayo Korea


-----------------------------------------[141018] KBS Cool FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio

---------------------------NYLON (November, 2014)


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[soompi Shop] Autographed Bernard Park “I’m” Special Package + Shoutout!


Hi Soompiers!

Soompi Shop is happy to have for the first time a special package with K-pop Star 3 winner, Bernard Park! The solo artist will be signing copies of his debut album, “I’m,” for all his international fans!

200 copies will be available for this limited edition deal. Support Bernard Park and get your signed copy now on Soompi Shop! Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from the agency, likely within two weeks after the end of the sales period.

Bernard Park prepared a shoutout for Soompiers! Check it out below!

Now check out his music video for the song “Before the Rain’!

Special Package Details:

Bernard Park first mini album “I’m” autographed

Order Details:

  • Availability: 200 setsPrice: $17.99 USD, excluding shipping and handlingShipping: Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from the agency, likely within two weeks after the end of the sales period

See you soon again for another Soompi Shop special!



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버나드 박(Bernard Park) 1st Mini Album "난...(I'm...)" Album Spoiler

This is like the nicest spoiler so far by JYPE release this year. Just that the font need to be bigger size. Love the bear and I hope that it will be permanent trademark for Bernard. The songs all nice and I just need some time to get use to it.

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[141022] SBS PowerFM Kim Changryul's Old School

---------------------------------------------[141023] Mwave MEET&GREET


---------------------------------------------[141025] Bernard Park Fan Autograph Session @ Hot Tracks


crdt as tagged
-----------------------------------------------[141029] After School Club Ep 114 - After Show





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Release Date: 2014.11.05 (Wed) 12:00PM (KST)

genie only!


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[FANCAM] Bernard Park - Lies (by G.O.D) @ MILK Music Live Station 141108

[AUDIO] Bernard Park & Bae Suzy - Separation in the Daytime @ JYP Nation One Mic in Seoul

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JYP NATION in BANGKOK 2014 [ONE MIC] : Bernard Park

[FANCAM] Bernard Park - Lies (by G.O.D) @ MILK Music Live Station 141108

Bernard Park - Right Here Waiting @ dal.komm Coffee Veranda Live

Bernard Park - 하루만 더 (One More Day) @ dal.komm Coffee Veranda Live

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