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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2014] Because of Love - For Love is a Miracle 因為愛情有奇蹟


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Details:Chinese title: 因为爱情有奇迹 / Yin Wei Ai Qing You Qi Ji
English title: Because of Love - For Love is a Miracle
Genre: Family, RomanceEpisodes: 82Producer: Guo Xiao 郭潇, Sun Zhong Huai 孙忠怀Director: Chen Qi Jun 陈启峻、Gao Xian Ming 高先明Screenwriter: Zhang Jia 张佳Remake of: 2012's Korean Drama Hundred Year InheritanceBroadcast Period: October 20, 2014 - December 2014
Cast:Peng Guan Ying as Qi Ji 齐霁Zhao Han Ying Zi as An Qi Yuan 安琪媛Lin Yo Wei as Li Tian You 林天佑Lu Chen as Lin Tian Ya 林天雅Xu Yu Lan 徐玉兰 as Pan Su Fang 潘素芳Wang Zhi Hua as Liang Yong Shun 梁永顺Xu Gui Ying as Lin Xiu Qin 林秀琴Li Xin Cong 李欣聪 as Wu Mei Zi 吴美姿Kingdom Yuen as Ma Yu Ping 马玉萍Xu Rong Zhen 许榕真 as Meng Jie 孟洁Zhao Sheng Sheng 赵胜胜 as An Xiang Dong 安向东Chen Cheng 陈恒 as Zhen Xiao Zhi 甄小芝Cai Gang 蔡纲 as Qi Hao Yang 齐浩洋Zhou Cai Shen 周云深 as Liang Zheng Wen 梁正文
Synopsis:A warm-hearted family drama about a long-running noodle house that’s been operated by one family for generations.
Raw Trailer:

OSTs:Yu Hao Ming - Loving You Makes Me Become A Childhttp://youtu.be/-oihFWguU78

Dí Kè Niú Zǎi - Love Has Miracles

Huáng Yīng - Waiting For You in (My) Memories

Additional Links:Because of Love - For Love is a Miracle 因為愛情有奇蹟 Official Weibo
Because of Love - For Love is a Miracle 因為愛情有奇蹟 Raw Episodes
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