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[Drama 2014] Old Good Bye 오래된 안녕 [MBC Drama Festival] Main Leads Jang Hyuk 장혁 and Jang Nara 장나라

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Guest OreoVampire


~ Nov 10th, 2014 ~






Old Goodbye synopsis:

Soo Hyuk receives a call telling him he just received a house. It's his ex-wife Chae Hee's house. Soo Hyuk finds some old polaroid photos in the secret attic and has a time slip to the past...Chae Hee waiting for her death, and Soo Hyuk struggling to save her. The breathtaking time travel begins.

"Old Goodbye" is a romantic time travel fantasy in which a couple gets a second chance at love and at properly saying goodbye. Jang Hyuk will play a former boxer named So Hyuk and Jang Nara will play Chae Hee, his wife.

Chae Hee is dying. Once passionately in love with her, So Hyuk travels through time to meet her again at different ages and discover why he originally fell for her. He meets her when she is 10, 17 and 22.

But traveling through time to revisit their romantic past is dangerous and he may risk his life to discover what he has lost.

About MBC Drama Festival 2014:
Is a series of one-act dramas that feature dramas by upcoming directors and writers as well as unconventional and experimental works.

Where to Watch:"Old Goodbye" is available with English subtitles on SoompiTV for fans in US & Canada. Thanks for supporting Soompi!

Subbed Interview Collection:
( Please note this subbed clip and more also available on Jang Nara Official Soompi Thread First Page. Refer this link HERE )

image141105 Old Goodbye Interview & BTS - Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk | Page 118



Translator: @anopinion
Spot translator, timer, editor, encoder: nug9 aka @Lindahz


  • Translations were made from Korean > Chinese > English so some assumptions were made
  • FTLY = Fated to Love You

Idea and Design By : KyoRean @ Soompi Thread
*All decorations are only for Old Good Bye Official Soompi Thread*
(last updated Jan 9, 2015)

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Wow, Awesome news . i can't wait for their new drama. 
wish it could be more than 2 episodes, but i am satisified with the new comeback of Janghyuk and Jang Nara. :) thanks MBC :x
* Jjang *
Edit :
@KyoRean  : hai chinggu and thanks very much for making this thread , so fans of JJang couple could notice this awesome news , thank you a lot :D:)

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Guest OreoVampire

xopo17 said: Wow, Awesome news . i can't wait for their new drama. 
wish it could be more than 2 episodes, but i am satisified with the new comeback of Janghyuk and Jang Nara. :) thanks MBC :x
* Jjang *

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Guest OreoVampire

class="content-title" Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk to Reunite for MBC’s Drama Special an0ya October 14, 2014 Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk to Reunite for MBC’s Drama Special

Stars of MBC’s “Fated to Love You,” actress Jang Nara and actor Jang Hyuk, will be reuniting for a one-act drama.

A representative of MBC’s drama department revealed on October 14, “After acting together on ‘Fated to Love You,’ Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara will be starring in a same drama again through MBC drama festival’s ‘Old Goodbye.’”

“The one-act drama ‘Old Goodbye’ is led by Kim Hee Won PD, who directed ‘Fated to Love You,” the source added.

The project is already attracting great interest from fans of “Fated to Love You,” who are curious about the chemistry between Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk in the new drama. Details about the plot or roles have yet to be revealed.

“Old Goodbye” (official English title pending) is expected to air in mid-November.

Cr Soompi : http://www.soompi.com/2014/10/14/jang-nara-and-jang-hyuk-to-reunite-for-mbcs-drama-special/

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Guest OreoVampire

From FTLY to Old Goodbye. Looks like JJang Couple is fated to reunite again. We are going to see the drama airing as scheduled in Nov. Hope for the best. Here are some print screen from fans' Tumblr. Credit to them.



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Guest OreoVampire

Cara said: Thanks @KyoRean for making this thread. you're always awesome at decorating the 1st page. Glad you're the starter of this thread :-bd

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Guest OreoVampire

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reteam for Drama Festival by javabeans | October 14, 2014


They waited twelve years after their first drama to reunite in another, but mere months after that one ended, the Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk pair are coming back for a third outing. It’s not a full-fledged series so don’t get too excited yet, but hey, a reunion is a reunion.

The project is a short drama that’s a part of MBC’s Sunday-night Drama Festival series, titled Old Farewell. Furthermore, the actors are reteaming with their Fated To Love You director, Kim Hee-won. While the Jangs just came off a run playing a couple who married first and then fell in love, the plot of the new project paints them as a divorced couple.

We’re not given anything else to go on, so I’m going to guess that a happily-ever-after isn’t necessarily in the cards for these two, given the title. (I suppose they could be divorced spouses who reunite, but if that were the case I’d expect that to be in the series logline.) But any drama featuring the two of them together ought to be bolstered by their chemistry, and while Fated To Love You had some (big, glaring) points I had issues with, I thought the two leads and the director were great, so I’ll keep an eye out for this one-off special.

Drama Festival—Old Farewell will air on November 9. Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk is currently looking for his follow-up project, while Jang Nara is already at work on hers—her fantasy-romance drama Mr. Baek will air on MBC in mid-November.

Credit to source : http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/10/jang-hyuk-and-jang-nara-reteam-for-drama-festival/

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Guest OreoVampire

More pics from the coffee/food truck by DC FTLY for Old Hello team.



Photos credit to rightful owner/ ^Cara@FTLYsoompithread

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Oh wow even one episode drama gets a thread...? lol.
Just pointing out one, "Drama Special" is a series name for KBS one-act dramas. MBC's one-act drama series is called "Drama Festival", so I think it'd be better to use that name on the thread title...?

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thank you so much for this thread..i'm so looking forward for this one act drama
i'm so curious what is this drama all  about, nonetheless..whether is a melodrama, makjang or romance-thiller..just bring it on..i dont care as long as our JH and JNR in it..my heart beats fast just seeing them together, they didnt even doing anything yet, just standing at each other, make me so excited. i dont mind at all, if the casts are only JH and JNR lol..for just one act drama all i need is only JH and JNR's scene together
:x..i bet i will be so busy when this drama is airing later, cuz i have to run back and forth to this thread and FTLY's thread..

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