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[Taiwanese Drama 2014-2015] Aim High 22K夢想高飛


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Details:Title: 22K夢想高飛 / 22K Mèngxiǎng gāo fēi
English title: Aim High
Genre: Dreams, Modern
Director: Xǔ Pèi ShānScreenwriters: Wú Xiàng'ēn, Lín Yǔ Chén, Féng Bó DìEpisodes: 20Broadcast Date: October 24, 2014 - March 13, 2015Broadcast Days: FridaysReplacing: Pleasantly Surprised 喜歡 · 一個人
Cast:Lego Lee - Rèn Dào Yuǎn
Chris Wang - Yù Qí FēngGuo Shu-Yao (Yao Yao) - Yán Mào Táng
Summer Meng - Xǔ Yī Fēn
Lyan Cheng - Tián Míng Xiāng
Huang Wei-Ting - Hǎo Měi
Synopsis:Four college friends – all finance majors – must each learn what it takes to make it in the real world but will it be at the expense of their strong bond as friends? Yī Fēn (Summer Meng), Mào Mào (Guo Shu Yao), Qí Fēng (Chris Wang) and Dào Yuǎn (Lego Li) are close college friends who assumed that they would all be able to pursue their dreams of success – and break the 22K-wage barrier for young professionals – without compromising their principles. But when a big fight breaks up their close friendships just before graduation, each has to find his or her own path to success. With four different life experiences and career paths, what will the former friends do when their paths cross once again?
Watch it here with English subtitles!
English Subbed Trailer:

Raw Previews:

Wei An & Wei Xuan - Sparkling Dream

Fuying & Sam - Kiss' Temperature

Soo Wincci - You're Welcome

Wincci & Daniel Chan - Endless Happiness

Soo Wincci - Looking For Trouble

Ryan Ding - Who Stole Your Happiness

Don T. - I Want You

SET Viewership Ratings:
Episode 1 (October 24, 2014): 1.08%Episode 2 (October 31, 2014): 0.83%
Episode 3 (November 7, 2014): 0.90%
Episode 4 (November 14, 2014): 1.03%
Episode 5 (November 21, 2014): 0.90%
Episode 6 (November 28, 2014): 0.92%
Episode 7 (December 5, 2014): 0.99%
Episode 8 (December 12, 2014): 0.92%
Episode 9 (December 19, 2014): 1.05%
Episode 10 (December 26, 2014): 0.95%
Episode 11 (January 2, 2015): 0.98%
Episode 12 (January 9, 2015): 0.96%
Episode 13 (January 16, 2015): 0.90%
Episode 14 (January 23, 2015): 0.85%
Episode 15 (January 30, 2015): 0.83%
Episode 16 (February 6, 2015): 0.82%
Episode 17 (February 13, 2015): --
Episode -- (February 20, 2015): --
Episode 18 (February 27, 2015): 0.95%
Episode 19 (March 6, 2015): 
Episode 20 (March 13, 2015):Average Ratings: 

Additional Links:
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Aim High 22K夢想高飛 Episode Recaps

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Made some gifs from the latest trailer that focuses on Lego Lee and Yao Yao

Trailer featuring Chris Wang and Summer Meng

Btw the background music for Lego Lee's trailer is FS 吻的溫度 Temperature of a Kiss:http://youtu.be/yePCEbOB5Yc 
Lego Lee and Yao Yao's trailer pique my interest in this drama, ex high school lovers get reunited when they grow up sounds soo good!!
original tumblr posttumblr_ndqyoyRkqw1qiy3sso2_250.gif tumblr_ndqyoyRkqw1qiy3sso1_250.gif
tumblr_ndqyoyRkqw1qiy3sso3_250.gif tumblr_ndqyoyRkqw1qiy3sso4_250.gif
tumblr_ndqyoyRkqw1qiy3sso5_250.gif tumblr_ndqyoyRkqw1qiy3sso6_250.gif

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Thank you for making this thread on 22k Aim High. I just found this thread here. lol Any way I just want to said saw the first episode and it was good and the storyline is cutie and funny with four best friends. As I was watching first episode I almost thought Lego Lee and Yao Yao couple was the main couple storyline I was so into them when I first saw that scene of Lego Lee running to Yao Yao at the train station. Their storyline really draw me in to see more of this drama.  8-> ....The accidental kiss between Chris Wang and Summer Meng was cutie and funny how it happened.   :)) Can't wait to see their storyline unfold since their storyline is kind of different from Lego Lee & Yao Yao storyline.   

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I don't know how many time I said this but I love love MM & DY storyline so much right now.  :x ....Episode 4 was the best. I got tearing eyes just watching DY think of MM and when he call in to the radio . :((  

This scene was just heartbreaking to watch.  :((

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This week episode 6 was cutie and funny. It was fun episode to watch no drama or sad moment like in the past few episode. Qi Feng was hilarious in this episode trying to tell Yi Fen his love.  =))
Man, next week epsiode look like it going to be more misunderstand and more problem for DY & MM storyline. I thought that last week episode they all ready understand each other and today episode was the episode they get back together but look like at the end of this episode is a big no. 
Qi Feng brother lovestoryline with Ming Xian is cutie. I hope there no drama for misunderstood for this couple since there all ready two couple with problems all ready.  

Preview for next week episode:

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I recently picked up this drama and marathon though all 5 episodes. Although I like the realism of the drama showing how life and career is not what people dream it will be when their in school .
One thing that is ruining this drama for me is that, I really don't feel any chemistry between the 2 leading couples. Guo Shu Yao and Lego Lee's supposedly great love story is not working for me and also the Chris Wang and Summer Meng's storyline.
BTW does anyone know the song played in the background when Lego first appeared in ep 1. 

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Marathoned Ep2~6 lately and I think after I adjusted my expectations, lowered it down. It's still pretty enjoyable (objectively speaking) despite it flaws.Definitely much better than what SETTV have been putting out for their Sunday dramas where it's filled with Makjang galore.About the characters, I think the writing lacks a lot in terms of detailed/intricate writing but still pretty serviceable. I didn't feel anything for Summer Meng and Chris Wang as a couple at first but Chis Wang as Qi-Feng is becoming cuter as he starts to feel something for Yi-Fen. As for Mao-Mao and Dao-Yuan, I think we'll get to see them getting together soon in ep7.

HD download link of Aim high @ 1080p


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The cast attend "Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony". 
Yaoyao won for best actress for this drama.
image.jpg  image.jpg



Lego Li won best on screen couple with Kirsten Ren in "In A Good Way" his other drama. 

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