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Wang Jackson & Young Ji (Tuesday/JackJi Couple) - Roommate Season 2

Guest shiningpanda

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Guest shiningpanda

WANG JACKSONtumblr_ndcce4F0yE1tqqj2xo2_250.gif
Stage Name: Jackson
Real Name: Jackson Wang
Nationality:  Chinese
Position: Lead rapper, main dancer, vocalist
Born: March 28th, 1994
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: 174 cm or 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 63kg or 139 lbs
Blood Type: O
Favorite Foods: Hamburgers, dim sum, carbonara, chicken, chocolate
Favorite Hobbies: Dancing, rapping, beatboxing
Ideal type: A healthy and attractive woman
INSTAGRAM: jacksonwang852jy

Credits to http://igot7.com/got7-member-profile-facts-jackson/#

YOUNG JItumblr_static_335isfa0thesc008kk4sw08sc.
August 30, 1994
Height/Weight: 166cm/49kg
Blood type: A
Hobbies, specialties: Watching performance videos, dance
Former CCM and Keyeast Trainee
She is now the new member and maknae of Kara.TWITTER: @hyjiiiiiCredits to:  http://fyeahyoungji.tumblr.com/profile
Official JackJi Chat Roomhttp://jacksonyoungji.chatango.com/

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@shiningpanda Thanks dear for opening this thread  :)>- 
Like you, when I saw it was impossible not to send them. You who are now at the stage of friendship, but the important thing is that you are starting to get along very well with each other. I hope for more sweet moments in RM! 
The navigation starts.  =D>

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Guest coizimoon

Kyaaaaa, I'm crazy right now because of this 2 cutie pie >"<When i watched Roommate 2, i didn't know anything about both Jackson and Youngji. and i'm quickly falling in love with them. The interaction between them is no joke =)) and so cute, sweet, funny at the same time :D

the way he fed Youngji, the way she complained >"< 

(Sr: krungpopwendy09)

and i laughed so hard when he said "She's my wife" =))
Nice to see u guys here, my English's not good, so sorry if i made any mistake :) Thank u :x
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Guest vresse7

i was skeptical about youngji (in general) at first but i found her to be very refreshing and cute. jackson on the other hand had been my favorite in got7 since pre debut.
i am shipping the youngsters couple, it's my second ship on roommate. my first one, bodong, sadly sank even before it could sail far.

PS i created a soompi account just for this ship! :D

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Jackson really like touching/skinship. But i think because he can be easily feel close to other people, he's cool..

I just realized that most of his things is black or white and there's his name on it, 'wang' , 'jackson'.. it makes it easier to know whose thing is it..hhehe #sorry oot

I like the 2, too. They are so cute and unique..

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Guest baekdreamer

@aeca41387_0bff yes,.i really like bodong couple too! after minwoo-gayeon lol.

me too, i know what u feel. i made soompi acc just for JjongAh couple (WGM)

aah i wish yongji will wear less makeup. i dont know if maybe his management want her to *bcz she's still new to the entertaiment so she has to look good on screen.

i want her just be her. just like jackson :D we can see it right that she's pretty cute without make up. *remember with the gukjoo scene.

jackson said his ideal type is sporty girl right? well youngji likes basketball. and her english quite good too... so? anything to say more? lol.

this ship start to sailing...

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Guest kidhysteria

I see Jjongah shipper has opened this thread and it makes me double happy :)) >:D<
Finally I can go crazy over this couple somewhere lol. And damn it, this girl really reminds me of Moon Chaewon  :D Hope to see more moments of our youngster couple, they are soooo lovelyy

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Guest shiningpanda

aeca41387_0bff said:i am shipping the youngsters couple, it's my second ship on roommate. my first one, bodong, sadly sank even before it could sail far.
PS i created a soompi account just for this ship! :D

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Guest baekdreamer

haha. thank u @shiningpanda i feel glad my jjongah family made this thread. guess we have the same taste bout couple, eh? lol

eng sub already out guys.

jackson will be on japan today and tommorow. huhu~

hope to see the youngster couple interaction more...

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Whoaa..thank you for making this thread..

I love interaction between Youngji and Jackson. I keep replying the scene when Jackson feed Youngji and their melodramatic acting..haha.

As far as now, I just see their just a friend, didn't has romantic sparkling (but I hope in the future their has..lol). Maybe because their character easy going and don't care with their image as idol, so they seems comfortable each other.

Because it's just start..so we can't judge anything, Jackson flirting with almost cast member even male cast too..hahaha. So hard to know him really like a woman (especially Guk Joo, he declares many time that he likes her__but I think it's not romantic feeling more like family/sister-dongsaeng feeling), and Gayon..i've same reaction too when I see my idol infront of me (but not as hilarious like him)_fans-idol vibe.

Strangely..I felt it's different when it come to Youngji, he is more playful and sometimes teased her. And Youngji treat him different from others, she is more naughty and babbling. Yeah..maybe because they are same age and keep bickering.

Anticipated for their next interaction.

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Guest coizimoon

so happy to see this pic :)

7o3x7GT.jpgcre: fy-got7@tumblr

and this scene is so funny, Youngji's reaction when Jackson said 2 sisters are not look alike is so cute ~~ Hope that they will "fight" often like they said :D





cre: sungkyu-ngkwan@tumblr

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Yay! A thread for these two youngsters! I'm a fan of their interactions. I can't say that the vibes I'm feeling between the two are anywhere near romantic at this point but I just plain like their interactions. It's cute to watch and they drew my thoughts since they first appeared. As to say, I was curious as to what their chemistry would be like in the long run. :)

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Guest tita_tahirah_cf81

made an account for this couple (and to join this forum) <3 really ship and love them much! youngster couple or some said it's jackji hihihi but i named them sonji hehe ^^ feel great i found many people like this cute couple! <3

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So much fun and feels watching Jackson and Youngji this eppie as well as the last! I hope there will be more interactions in the eppies to come! I'm just a bit disappointed because according to my analysis at the end of the night, before Cucumber was discovered to be sick...
-The two were nowhere to be seen....and when they were Youngji was wearing her number 58 tshirt with black shorts and Jackson with wearing his star studded/ dotted black man top. 
(Which could possibly mean that they were outside in the backyard and Jackson was teaching Youngji acrobats which the PD filmed but cropped out of the broadcast.) -After they came in to deal with Cucumber, when they were deciding who would take Cucumber to the hospital, Jackson and Youngji stuck close together and Jackson probably even planned to go with ended up not going... ie putting on his sweater, therefore his seeming boredom when he had to stay back with Sunny, Minwoo, Seho and Ry instead of  going with Youngji, his Amma and Appa. 

-When the worried group came back and had the karaoke session with Sunny and Ry sharing a certain interest, Youngji and Gookju were in Jackson and Kang's room but he was in closest proximity with Youngji....no doubt this was the eppie where the two maknaes found out a bit more about one another and some of the things they have in common. :) I'm anticipating  the growth and development of their friendship!!

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