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[Variety 2014] Three Meals A Day 삼시세끼 (tvN) | Season 2 Premier May 15, 2015

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Guest adikkeluangman

Some tidbits from press conference. Mostly short translation via twitter.
Basically, Taec is the one doing all the job and LSJ lazy around. All the animals got their own name in English. Jackson is the goat name and also name for a member in GOT7 that same label with Taec. Taec managed to made ricotta cheese from the goat milk.
First episode yesterday, recap by fans. They don't allowed Taec and LSJ to bring smartphone to location. Of course, Taec is clueless without it. It such improvement on Taec because he is scared on animals. Yep, the beast idol is scared. Now he play with the puppy. The moms in Wonderful Days drama came and they all over Taec and ignore LSJ.
On subtitle, 2PM fans may do it if there's sub from China fans. So it will be KR-CN-EN.
14-10-17 Fan spotted both of them at local market.B0JRp4uCYAE9Xu3.jpg

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October 18, 2014
‘Three Meals in a Day’ 4.6% in first broadcast, the moment becoming special entertainment
Source: Innolife Korea11550_1.jpg
‘Three Meals in a Day, it was the moment a common meal became special moment. tvN ‘Three Meals in a Day’ is a self-sufficient organic farming program which is firstly broadcasted in 17th. It noticed the chaotic challenge story of meal in house by older farmer Lee Seo-Jin and youger farmer Ok Taek-Yeon. 

Making three meals in a day by myself. Lee Seo-Jin and Ok Taek-Yeon had to practice the most difficult thing that seems easy, ‘making meals’. These two guys have depend on instant food at home and their taste are tamed by seasoning outside. While they have to make three meals by themselves, they were frustrated. The life of ‘Three Meals in a Day’ started in Jeongson, Gwangwon-do with clean water and fresh air. The thing they had to do is just making meals and eating. At each meal, they had to make the menu staffs designated and eat. It is task and homework to Lee Seo-Jin and Ok Taek-Yeon. Their first meal was rice with white radish and bean paste stew with wild chive. It was not easy from the start. 
There was no special setup for entertaining. But small smile continued on ‘Three Meals in a Day’. They made a wry face when making mockery sorghum rice by shaking out sorghum. Then they turned and made lunch again. They brewed nurungji by scorched sorghum rice and made welsh-onion pancakes. They innocently smiled with satisfaction. 
Making three meals in a day. Where can this common and great diary go special? The table set by Na Yeong-Seok PD and agreeable food made by Lee Seo-Jin & Ok Taek-Yeon is expected.
[Picture=tvN capture]

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My fave scenes
Lee Seunggi calling Lee Seo Jincredit seunggiairen

hahahaha Seunggi's voice... I wish he comes into the show

Lee Seo Jin's niececredit LOL Hong

She looks so cute. and they have a cute relationship
Taecyeon's washing ricecredit LOL Hong

Cutie Doggiecredit LOL Hong

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class="at_ttl" style="font-style: normal; text-align: center; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; list-style: none; font-size: 30px; line-height: 35px; letter-spacing: -0.03em; clear: both; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"Taecyeon And Lee Seo Jin Cook Up Some Comic Funtaecyeon.jpg?w=600

The writers of k-dramas know there is nothing more likely to set female viewers hearts a-flutter than the sight of an attractive male lead preparing dinner for the woman he loves. And reality shows featuring attractive cooks are also a popular draw for both male and female audiences. So, the upcoming CJ E&M reality show "Three Meals A Day" has decided to add an extra helping of appeal by featuring two attractive actors preparing delicious dishes in a challenging environment.

The two actors are Lee Seo Jin, best known for his roles in the historical dramas "Damo" and "Yi San," and 2PM singer Taecyeon, who acted in the dramas "Dream High" and 'Who Are You?"

At a recent press conference, Taecyeon talked about the traditional methods he was required to use while cooking on the show.

"I was surprised to find myself cooking with Lee Seo Jin without using any modern cookware but we are actually doing well," said Taecyeon. "In the first episode, we made ricotta cheese in Gamasot (Korean traditional black caldron) and ground coffee beans in a millstone, which was very interesting and fun."

Besides the fun he had cooking, the singer enjoyed spending time in the village.

"Above all, I really enjoyed the clear skies and fresh air in the village away from the city," he said.

The program will show the two stars barely managing to copk three meals a day in a traditional farm village. With little knowledge of or interest in cooking, their attempts to make meals using whatever that can find in the village should be both chaotic and funny.

Na Young Suk, who produced "Grandpas Over Flowers," will produce "Three Meals A Day." It will be the third time that Lee Seo Jin has worked with Na Young Suk as he played the baggage boy on trips in the "Grandpas Over Flowers" series. When Lee Seo Jin appeared on that show, his cooking skills were made fun of.

It's also the second time that Lee Seo Jin has worked with Taecyeon as the k-pop idol played his younger brother in the weekend series "Wonderful Season."

The last time Taecyeon was seen cooking on the small screen was on the global edition of "We Got Married," when he prepared for his housewarming party with virtual wife Gui Gui. Together they cooked fried rice and chicken soup.

 "Three Meals A Day" will air on Fridays, starting Oct. 17.


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2PM Taecyeon Transforms Into A Village Cook For Reality Show '3 Meals A Day'3-meals-a-day-official-poster.jpg?w=600

On October 15, 2014, CJ E&M released exclusive photos announcing the upcoming reality TV show, 3 Meals A Day and the corresponding press conference that was held in Seoul. 

Meals A Day is produced by Na Young-Suk, CJ E&M's well-known director of the hit "Flowers" variety show series. 3 Meals A Day stars popular K-Pop boy group 2PM's Taecyeon and K-drama star Lee Seo Jin.

Both Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon previously appeared together in KBS's weekend drama Wonderful Season as brothers who did not get along well with one another. This will also be the third time Lee Seo Jin works with Na Young-Suk. He has also taken on the role of "baggage boy" in both trips for the Grandpas Over Flower series

tvN will once again collaborate with Na Young-Suk through a cooking show starring Taecyeon and Lee Seo Jin as the head chefs who are to cook three meals a day as they reside in traditional farm villages around Korea. With little knowledge and interest in cooking, the way they cook using the ingredients they can find around the village will become chaotic but humorous to the viewers. 

At the press conference, Taecyeon explained, "I was surprised to find myself cooking with Lee Seo Jin without using any modern cookware, but we are actually doing well. In the first episode, we made ricotta cheese in a Gamasot (a traditional black caldron) and ground coffee beans in a millstone, which was very interesting and fun." Also he added, "Above all, I really enjoyed the clear skies and fresh air in the village away from city."

Along with starring in the new reality show, Taecyeon will also be preparing for his upcoming 2PM "Go Crazy" concert tour, which will be making stops in New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, and California. 

3 Meals A Day will officially start airing on tvN every Friday at 9:50PM (KST) on October 17, 2014.



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Three Meals a Day: Episode 1by girlfriday | October 18, 2014


girlfriday: Yay, Three Meals a Day is here! I don’t normally watch cooking shows, but I have a feeling this show is mostly just another chronicle of Na PD and Lee Seo-jin’s bickering bromance.

javabeans: Right. I’m even keeping my expectations low, because of all the pre-show stuff where Seo-jin has been complaining about how doing this program was less fun and more pain than doing Grandpas Over Flowers. Of course, his entertainment is often inversely proportional to ours, but when your preview is full of people saying onscreen, “This program is going to be so boring, you guys are doomed,” I’m going to try to keep that in mind.

girlfriday: I’ll die laughing if the show actually sucks. It’ll be his revenge in a meta way.

meals01-00028.jpg meals01-00034.jpg

javabeans: Yes, his version of “Maybe now he’ll stop calling me!” Is that like tanking a date instead of breaking up with someone?

read full: http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/10/three-meals-a-day-episode-1/

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all i can say for the first episode is : seojinnie is the most badboy/badass actor ever

: i ship taec and the puppy so badly.




hahaha. looks like this show is going out great ! seriously cannot wait for next week's episode !

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Guest adikkeluangman

Flower and rice&eggs wreath from Taec Global fans. The food send to the district office that they did the filming. Meanwhile press and staff that came for the press conference got organic snack and beverages prepared by Taec fans.Bz-ISMzCcAAmNNN.jpgBz9e3X1CQAA-xmc.jpg
I think LSJ will take TY as his protege or anything like that especially in proffesional/business world. They got so much similarities beside their dimples. Education, multitasking and although Taecyeon is not from rich or chaebol family like LSJ but his business OKCAT is doing very well.

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