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[Drama 2015] Hyde, Jekyll, Me 하이드 지킬, 나

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Did not watch this drama due to its low ratings but was pleasantly surprised with the splendid chemistry between Han Jin Min & Hyun Bin where i would dare say the entire show is way much better in comparison to the recent series that i had watched, eg. The Entertainer, Come Back Mister, Mirror of the Witch, etc..

In short, highly recommend this drama despite its low ratings in Korea which i believe maybe caused by viewers boycotting of Hyun Bin for dumping Song Hye Ko!!!... just my two cents... ;-)

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this was the best conversation i've read from fans who sees the beauty of this drama. glad people are still coming to this page to reminisce this such wonderful works of great actors.:)

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[Because of you
After I met you everything changed
I started to believe for the first time
I discovered, I dreamed
That a person like me can be in love
Because of you, because of you
The reason I live, because of you]

I was late to Hyde, Jekyll and Me but I love this drama so much (despite its huge flaws) that I create an account to comment here. I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments so far and I am grateful for everyone's support to our beloved BinMin despite the drama's low ratings.

I feel like the song Because of You was written for our Sangmunim, a.k.a flowerpants Monk. The character development for GSJ was amazing. I could understand his rude manners at the beginning because of the traumatized childhood he had. I felt sorry for GSJ. Being kidnapped was traumatizing enough, he had to deal with the fact that his father refused to pay some ransom. On top of that, I'm sure GSJ suffered survival's guilt as well, even though it may be subconscious, because he was the one who made the escape and left his friend behind. Dealing with these facts was so hard for Sangmunim that he thought of suicide more than once.

Even with all that GSJ managed to be a calm and collected director. Throughout the series I enjoy the fact that he always dealt with all the information from the doctors and cops with a clear and lucid mind. The scene when GSJ confronted Lee Soo Hyun, the moment he patted away the balloon gave me goosebumps. I love GSJ not only because he started to open his soul for the first time but also for those moments when I felt like Hana, Robin and us viewers could count on him to make things better.

My favorite GSJ/Hana scenes have to got to be in episode 5. This was the second time GSJ did something out of character to save the situation. The forced Robin smile, the pointing at the dog 'how cute' give me butterflies. I also love how he miserably walked hand in hand with Hana in the night, mentally making note "beautiful stars my butt, fresh air my butt" but following her lead none the less. He must have enjoyed her accompany more than he thought and I feel like that was the first time GSJ really eased himself and learned how to relax. My most favorite scene has got to be when he grumpily threw the blanket over Hana to keep her warm. My GSJ/Hana heavy shipping heart was pounding wildly for this scene.

"Because of you, The reason I live, because of you." My second favorite scene has got to be when GSJ hugged Hana after he was confronted by the fake criminal during the interrogation. GSJ had tried to play strong for so long and this time when we got to see him vulnerable, it was heart wrenching. I got tears in my eyes thinking about how messed up GSJ really was inside and he was so lonely fighting his own battle. I'm glad Hana came to his life. I'm glad Hana gradually changed him and made him better.

That said I was upset with our writer for giving Robin too much screen time and tossing our beloved Sangmunim aside. She made him a monk, politely asking Hana if it's okay to love her, then patiently waiting for her return and agreeing to coexist with Robin just for her. GSJ deserved this love and more than ever I want him to be happy. I want him to be fully healed. I was mad that Robin became too real and he started acting annoying with his selfish love. Just like many of you, I hope the problem was resolved in ep 19 but sadly, it wasn't. GSJ was tossed aside once more so that Hana could have her last happy times with Robin. That's too bad. I think the writers barely managed to make up for the lack of GSJ scenes with heartwrenching Robin scenes. I did cry for Robin last moments, e.g his wedding, his lost of memory, his last trip with Hana to the house he believed to be his family.  But the fact that how ep. 19 was played out gave me a sad and empty feelings for the situation of Hana, Robin and GSJ. 

Overall, this was a bittersweet drama to me. There are certainly huge flaws such as the dragging of the whole kidnapping incident, the abrupt introduction of Terry and abrupt dropping, the lack of GSJ romance time with our heroin etc. Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoy the drama because of its originality and brilliant Goo SeoJin character development. Needless to say, Hyun Bin's acting performance is superb. I feel sorry that this series got low rating because I think this is one of the best works of Hyun Bin. He was able to portray two opposite characters splendidly. He's also eye candy to us and his voice as Robin is extremely soothing. I could still hear the echo of his voice "Hana-ssi", I could melt right then and there listening to this. GSJ looks dashing in Rogatis suit but Robin looks super adorably in long coat. The best outfit imo has to be Robin in navy suit. Without the glasses Hyun Bin looks so gorgeous as a groom that I almost forgive Robin and Hana for getting married, lol.

I rarely ship Korean actors but I've been a loyal fan of Hyun Bin since MNIKSS. I think he's one of the finest Korean actors who can pull off different roles successfully. His ability to cry was amazing and I believe he has to possess a sensitive soul to do those sad crying scenes that well. This fact can be proven by his real crying twice, once when he enlisted the army and once when he was discharged. Hyun Bin was all cute and adorable in Kim Sam Soon, he was good in Snow Queen and Secret Garden but I think Hyde Jekyll Me is when he really shines. His acting is so good that last night I had to go and see Confidential Assignment and once again, he never fails to surprise me. I'm glad he's careful to pick his projects and I will continue to support him nonetheless. I would also like to say thank you for this thread, where I got to read and join you guys in the Hajina emotional roller coasters. We laughed and cried with Hana, Robin and GSJ and we stayed till the end. That's what matters.


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