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[Drama 2015] Hyde, Jekyll, Me 하이드 지킬, 나

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Thanks everyone for the update on Japanese promotions for their upcoming airing. I hope it all goes well for them. Hehe... I like that long-sleeves shirt on HB. The one he wore for the dual SJ - Robin superimposed scene. Cute!!
It's still all quite a daze how this drama went down and went down fast. I definitely have some whiplash from it. 
Those are very professional looking books these fandoms put together. So happy that soompi hajina had one too.

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@jellybing2009 No, I'm not a professional translator even though I love doing translations. Chinese is my native tongue so I'm fluent there, and I studied Japanese for a while so I understand it on a basic to intermediate level. It's a lot more time consuming doing Japanese to English because I need to check the dictionary frequently, haha.
Here's HB's KNTV Guide interview. If there's anyone fluent in Japanese and can find any mistakes please let me know! Also, please credit if reposted anywhere else, thanks. 

Please tell us what compelled you to act in "Hyde Jekyll, Me."HB: After my previous work, the movie "The King's Tears - Yi San's Determination" (The Fatal Encounter), it's been a long time and as my drama comeback I'd wanted to select cheerful content rather than darker content. I was attracted by the part of dual personality. When everyone sees this drama, I think they'll be seeing a drama with various appearances.
Please introduce your character Ku Sojin (GSJ) and Robin.HB: The character GSJ is the director of Wonderland, the largest theme park in Korea. He lives in a world with himself only, having erected a wall between him and others; in this sense, he is a character who lives in solitude even though he possesses many things. Robin is a character opposite to GSJ, the other personality within GSJ and his complete opposite. Robin is always cheerful, meeting others pleasantly; I think viewers will find the two extreme characters interesting.
About Seojin and Robin, what are the similarities, differences, and points of empathy with the real Hyun Bin?HB: I see. I'll probably have no one around me if I acted like Seojin (laugh). However, I'm not as cheerful as Robin. No matter who it is, there are probably times when we may not stand out and have various appearances. If presented more extremely, some will say it is dissociative identity disorder, but I think everyone has a side in them that even they don't know.
You have co-starred with Han Ji Min in the movie "The King's Tears - Yi San's Determination," how does it feel to work again with Han Ji Min as your partner?HB: Because we acted as the head of opposing factions, we hardly had any chance to talk on site. During filming it was always filled with tension, and I had very few scenes with Jimin-san. We met on the site about 3, 4 times. Just when I thought it'd be good if we could meet in a different project some time, we are able to co-star in this project, and now we are filming in a completely different atmosphere.
Hypnotherapist Yoon Tae Joo, acted by Sung Joon, is your junior in the same agency, but in the drama you act in a confrontational relationship. How does it feel to perform together for the first time?HB: I was fairly concerned. I was worried as young as he is, how he would display the character of YTJ who has concealed many parts of him, but I was needlessly worried. It should have been difficult on site, but he had taken up and completed the mission enthusiastically and silently, without any worried expressions, and I am happy as his co-star.
Lastly, please tell the Japanese viewers who will be watching "Hyde Jekyll, Me" what to watch for and leave a message.
HB: "Hyde Jekyll, Me" will be airing in Japan for the first time. This is a project which describes a romance between a man with two completely different personalities, one haggard and one endlessly kind and pure, and a woman. It may be interesting to see two personalities, and this is a genre unique in drama until now. I believe it'll be enjoyable, so please take interest.

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fuyukimi said: @jellybing2009 No, I'm not a professional translator even though I love doing translations. Chinese is my native tongue so I'm fluent there, and I studied Japanese for a while so I understand it on a basic to intermediate level. It's a lot more time consuming doing Japanese to English because I need to check the dictionary frequently, haha.

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Here's HJM's KNTV Guide interview! I don't have the Japanese original interview so I had to translate from the Chinese version that was done by Baidu Hajina. Enjoy!

Please tell us what compelled you to act in "Hyde Jekyll, Me."HJM: There are lots of love entanglements with a good man and a bad man in real life; I was attracted with the set up of a female character being loved by a man with dual personalities of a good side and a bad side, so I decided to participate.
Please introduce your character as Jang Hana.HJM: Jang Hana was originally from Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, and later became the ringmaster of Wonderland Circus. She is a career woman with a strong sense of responsibility who wants to watch over the circus, and she is a woman who sticks to her words. She is a determined and noticeable character.
The profession of a circus ringmaster in a theme park is rare; what are some things to watch for when performing, and what do you use as reference?HJM: The drama began with [a scene where I was] ziplining between buildings. So I had to learn ziplining, coin magic, fire magic, etc. In the latter half of the drama, the romance became the main feature rather than professional content; I had wanted to perform more [as circus ringmaster] but was unable to, regrettably.
It was said you performed an underwater scene with Hyun Bin in December... It must be tough to film underwater during the middle of winter. Can you tell us more about it?HJM: That scene was filmed in the first day. There were two location shoots, then we went underwater to film; I had to first encounter Hyun Bin and then jump into the water because the scenario was very scary. It was filmed in a 5 meter deep swimming pool, and we had prior training, but the water was very cold, so the scary feeling engulfed my heart once more. However, Hyun Bin was from the marines, so I felt very safe beside him. In reality, Hyun Bin was filming and directing at the same time; when I was not ready to film, he was waiting at the side and watching over warmly, and it felt very reliable. At first, it was very difficult because we had to hold onto each other and jump into the water, but the two of us had good chemistry and didn't waste any time.
Lastly, please tell the Japanese viewers who will be watching "Hyde Jekyll, Me" what to watch for and leave a message.HJM: Hello everyone, I am Han Ji Min who acts as Jang Hana. This is a a character who falls in love with a man with dual personalities; please anticipate this fantastical love triangle and how it will develop. This is a project to be viewed with tension because the love story is injected with mystery and thriller elements. Please look forward and enjoy it.
---Highlighted are the parts which I think all of us Hajina addicts would agree with. We kept expecting circus action and didn't get any, LOL. I'm sure JM felt a little sad about how her character got stuck as a love interest ever since Hajina took a nosedive into the revenge arc. She probably was quite thrilled at first to act as a circus ringmaster, too bad it didn't last long. I totally LOL'ed at where she said this is to be viewed with tension. I'm sure lots of hair were lost and calories gained because of all the hair ripping and snack eating while we followed the show live. ;)

@junkietiger14 You're welcome! It probably just takes practice, when I first started translating Chinese articles I had to think quite a bit about how to word it in English without making it sound awkward too. :)

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"Can you throw away all your memories and just walk away that easily?" - Jang Ha Na #HydeJekyllMe


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Still keep coming back on this thread everyday, thanks to all who still post and update. Missing Hajina a lot, so happy that there are new updates. Hope it will do well in Japan and China, so that the possibility of releasing unseen BTS, directors cut will be higher. I still havent seen any drama after Hajina, guess my kdrama life for half a year is all about Hajina hihi

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Thank you @fuyukimi for sharing the translation of KNTV interview. I wonder why is there no HAJINA post interview with local media? I really hope there's one or two post interviews with Hyun Bin or Han Jimin with local media..Well i guess it's not surprising though since HAJINA is not doing good in Korea T.T
HAJINA teaser for KNTV


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Hyun Bin filming at Kintex for HAJINA episode 20..All fan girls are crazy about him..Famous GSJ :D

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This press-con pic is so cute..Just look at how Binnie looks at HAJINA poster..He looks amazed by his own handsomeness :P:))

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Guest addictivepersonality

“We just got word from the hospital, CEO Goo. The hospital is still refusing to release Soo-hyun.” says Secretary Kwon.

Seo-jin leans back in his chair and closes his eyes, the picture of defeat. Getting Soo-hyun released, even temporarily, is impossible. The criminal charges against him were already dropped thanks to Dr. Kang’s testimony and insistence that Lee Soo-hyun, AKA Tae Joo, was not even remotely in his right mind when he did the things he did. However, the psychiatric hospital is more than reluctant to release him, despite the fact that recovering the lost traumatic memory has completely cured Soo-hyun’s psychosis.

The director of the hospital has been intentionally difficult. He refused to even talk to Dr. Kang. Detective Na tried convincing the man that Soo-hyun would be well guarded during an outing, but to no avail.

It is becoming clear to Seo-jin that the hospital’s director is playing some sort of game, looking to use Hana’s incident to his gain.

There is a knock at the door. Seo-jin ignores it.

“Having a pleasant nap, cousin?” says Ryu as he steps into the office, tisking at Seo-jin. “This is what the CEO of Wonderland does in his office? Interesting.”

“Why are you here, Ryu?” asks Seo-jin. He’s still leaning back in his chair, eyes closed, not even bothering to regard his older relative.

“I’m here to make a deal with you.” his cousin says, clapping his hands together and rubbing as if he’s gained something from the meeting already. “I want to be CEO of this great company again.”

“If you’re the CEO, what will I be?” Seo-jin asks, sounding less than half interested in the conversation. “If I go back to being the Director, I’ll be under you. And as the heir of this empire, that’s probably not going to happen. I’d love to have this conversation sometime, but can you save it for later? My wife is in the hospital-”

“And you need Soo-hyun to make her well again.” Ryu finished. “I’ll be the Director until your father retires. Then when you’re Chairman, I’ll gladly take the position of CEO. I know how to do the work, and I know the kind of thinking needed to run a large company like this one.”

“You know about Soo-hyun’s involvement in this? Did you tap CEO Goo’s phone again?” Secretary Kwon asks, narrowing his eyes at Ryu.

“Wrong question.” corrects Ryu dismissively. “The real question is: What do I have to offer? I am here to bargain, and I know Seo-jin will give anything for what I have.”

“What do you have?” Seo-jin asks.

“Leverage. I have something that will force the director of the hospital to do whatever you want, and I’ll be glad to give it to you in exchange for the position of Wonderland Director now and Wonderland CEO in the future.”

“What kind of man are you, blackmailing Seo-jin at a time like this?” asks Secretary Kwon. The timid man looks like he’s seconds away from hitting Ryu. Ryu seems to sense it and he edges away from Kwon slightly.

“He might be a smart man, Young-chan.” Seo-jin replies, finally bothering to look at Ryu. “He might even prove to be conniving, if he can deliver on his promise. Fine, dear cousin. I’m desperate enough to make a deal with you. If whatever ‘leverage’ you have is enough to free Soo-hyun, I’ll give you the title of Director today and the title of CEO when I become Chairman.”

Ryu sends a text message and his secretary Seo-hee enters the office with a folder.

“He has agreed to it.” he tells her. “Give him the folder.”

Seo-hee hands the folder to Seo-jin. “It’s all there. Pictures from the CCTVs. The guest register. The credit card numbers and history. The phone numbers they called while staying here. There’s the woman’s name and address. And we also have this.” Seo-hee hands Seo-jin a flash drive. “Things got hot and heavy in the elevator. It’s all caught on video.”

“The director of the hospital will do anything to keep his wife, and more importantly his wife’s family, from finding out about his affair.” Ryu promises. “He’s looking to go into politics, which is why he’s so unwilling to let Soo-hyun go. He wants to maintain a reputation for being tough and uncompromising.”

“Which is ironic since he put himself in a very compromising position.” Seo-hee remarks.

Ryu and Seo-hee share a laugh together, no longer trying to hide their budding relationship.

“If this works, I’ll make good on what I’ve said.” Seo-jin promises.

Ryu nods, suddenly solemn. “It will work. When you present this information to the director, I suggest making it clear that you have people digging up more dirt on him as you speak. People like him tend to make mistakes in multiples.”

“And we are actively digging, here at Wonderland and at other hotels.” Seo-hee says.

Ryu and his secretary/girlfriend leave.

“What a sorry human being.” says Secretary Kwon angrily as soon as the door is closed. “I can’t believe you promised him that, Seo-jin. I would have stolen the information from him later if you had given me the chance.”

“I wouldn’t want to make you a thief, Young-chan. Besides, Ryu’s right. Leverage, blackmail, corporate espionage … those are necessary skills for surviving in the corporate world. Ryu seems to favor that kind of petty thinking. Plus, it will keep him busy.”

“Do you think what they’ve found will work?” asks Kwon.

Seo-jin plugs the flash drive into his computer and clicks on the video file. Secretary Kwon comes around the desk to see.

“Oh, that should definitely work.” says Kwon, frowning at the screen.

“I wonder how those two found this.” wonders Seo-jin.

“Maybe they have a ‘batcave’ full of CCTVs like you do, Seo-jin.” suggests Kwon, jokingly.

“Probably.” Seo-jin replies.

“What a creepy thought.”

Seo-jin makes copies of the video before heading to the hospital with the evidence uploaded to a tablet. The meeting is a brief one and by the end of the day, Soo-hyun is declared mentally competent and cured, and the hospital director learns a very important lesson about blackmailing the guy who owns the hotel you have affairs in.

When Soo-hyun sees Seo-jin, he’s quiet. The two men face each other, both silent.

“I need you to make something right, Soo-hyun.” Seo-jin tells his childhood friend, voice low and cold. “Hana trusted you enough to let you into her mind, repeatedly. Dr. Kang says that something you planted in her subconscious has put her in an advanced hypnotic state. Only you can fix it.”

“Hana’s been hypnotized?” Soo-hyun asks, puzzled. “Did her trigger song play?”

“Trigger song?” repeats Seo-jin.

“Yes, her song was Fly Me to the Moon.” admits Soo-hyun. “In hindsight, I should have chosen something a little more obscure-”

“You think?” Seo-jin snaps.

“Getting her out of it will be easy.” Soo-hyun promises.


“Damn it! We’ve lost her.” says Soo-hyun.

The beeping of the heart rate monitor is edging higher and higher. Seo-jin grabs Hana’s hand and holds it tightly, hoping that somehow she’ll know that she’s not alone.

“While we wait for her heart rate to normalize, let’s go over what we know.” suggests Dr. Kang, ever the cool-headed professional. Seo-jin can’t decide if he is grateful for the doctor’s logical approach or if he dislikes her impersonal detachment.

“Subject is responsive until the fight or flight response is triggered, presumably by some event in the subject’s subconscious, real or imagined.” states Soo-hyun, robotically. “The few times we’ve connected to the subject during times of elevated heart rate have been random.”

“Go on.” encourages the doctor, jotting down notes.

“From what we’ve been able to get out of the subject, she’s imagining herself at the themepark, under a ferris wheel. She’s looking for her mother. This dream will repeat until she finds the object of the fantasy, which would be her mother. However, her heart rate spiking seems to cloud her mind, making it impossible for me to talk her through completing her quest.”

“But you have spoken with her while she’s panicking.” argues Seo-jin.

“Briefly.” Soo-hyun agrees. “But she hardly responds, and when she does, it’s not very helpful. I seem to be able to reach her at random-”

“I don’t think it’s as random as we initially thought.” interrupts Dr. Kang. “Each time that she responded when afraid, it was when you were becoming impatient with her. Those were the times that you failed to call her by name, and that’s when she responded.”

“Name is tied in strongly with identity. Even in sleep, we recognize our name. So if Hana isn’t responding to her name, does that mean that she’s forgotten who she is?” asks Soo-hyun.

“I also noticed that her speech patterns change when her heart rate is elevated.” continues Dr. Kang. “Her tone is low and dull, but her sentences are short and simple. Like a child. It’s possible that you are speaking to two Hanas, Soo-hyun. The first one is the adult Hana revisiting a memory from her childhood. The second is Hana as she would be during the time of the memory. Hana as a child.”

“An interesting theory.” says Seo-jin. “But Hana is Hana. Why would Hana’s child self not know her own name?”

There is a knock at the door of the hospital room.

“Come in.” says Dr. Kang.

The door opens and Jin-joo steps in. Hana’s heart rate is normal now, but Seo-jin is still holding her hand. Jin-joo looks at their joined hands and smiles a sad smile.

“Thank you for coming so quickly. You grew up with Hana, right?” Dr. Kang asks.

“Yes, we grew up together.” replies Jin-joo quietly.

“Were you close?”

“Yes. Growing up, Hana was like a little sister to me.” Jin-joo replies.

“I think that having you around would be helpful. Hearing a familiar voice is a good thing. Seo-jin talks to her, but Hana has only known him during her adult life.”

Jin-joo nods.

“In order for you to assist us, we will need to bring you up to speed on what’s going on. Hana willingly went under hypnosis in an effort to find my kidnapper. The method of hypnosis used a trigger sound to bring her into a hypnotic state. Hana heard that song and is now stuck in an illusion. Soo-hyun is able to talk to her, but there are times when Hana becomes unresponsive. If we can’t find a way to keep contact with her long enough to lead her out of her own mind, she will be stuck there forever.”

Jin-joo nods. “I know. And Soo-hyun is the only one she can respond to. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from throwing you out the window. I’m tempted to do it anyway, you rotten jerk!”

“If I can’t save Hana, I’ll throw myself out the window.” mutters Soo-hyun.

“Jin-joo, does the ferris wheel mean anything to you?” asks Dr. Kang.

“Hana used to love the ferris wheel. We would ride it every night and look out at the park. The view was beautiful.” recalls Jin-joo with a smile. “But then, Hana stopped wanting to ride it. She said she got a bad feeling around it, so we stopped going there. Now that I think about it, we stopped riding the rides at the park shortly after that.”

“How old was Hana at the time?”

“She was 6 or 7. I don’t really remember.”

“From what Hana has been able to tell us, she is imagining that she’s under the ferris wheel, looking for her mother.” Soo-hyun tells her. “She is looking desperately. But as she continues to search, something happens and it becomes very hard to keep in contact with her.”

“The little bit she’s said after reaching that point makes no sense. It seems that her dream changes at that point, and she starts talking about a room and her grandfather.” says Dr. Kang.

“How old was Hana when her mother died?” asks Seo-jin.

“Hana’s mother passed away when she was 6 years old.”

“And her grandfather passed away when Hana was 10.” adds Seo-jin.

“So we are probably dealing with two personas. Adult Hana and child Hana.” says Dr. Kang.

“That still doesn’t explain why Hana stops responding to her name.” Soo-hyun points out. “Hana was Hana, no matter how old.”

Dr. Kang nods. “It’s not completely unheard of for a child to disassociate from their name-”

“But it’s not at all normal. It typically happens when children are adopted and given new names.” interrupts Soo-hyun. “Two identities begin to exist within the child’s mind. The one with the new name and the one with the old name. That’s not the case for Hana.”

The beeping of the heart rate monitor begins to speed up.

“Here we go again.” groans Seo-jin, gripping Hana’s hand tighter.

“What’s happening?” asks Jin-joo, staring at Hana in alarm. Hana’s brows are furrowed and she’s moaning.

“She has reached the rough part of her dream.” explains Dr. Kang. “Soo-hyun, go ahead and try talking to her. It couldn’t hurt at this point.”

“Hana, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Hana replies.

“Hana, I need you to tell me where you are.”

“I-I’m under the ferris wheel. There is something behind me. I can’t turn around!” replies Hana, voice full of fear.

“I need you to turn around, Hana. You need to face whatever it is that’s behind you. I am here, and you’re not alone. You’re safe. I need you to believe that you’re safe. Nothing in this dream can harm you. Turn around.”

The heart rate monitor’s beeping is inching higher and higher.

“I- I can’t.”

“Hana, focus on my voice.” begs Soo-hyun. “Just keep talking to me.”

Hana goes silent, her heart rate soaring.

“She’s going to have a heart attack!” yells Jin-joo. “Do something!”

“She’ll come out of it shortly.” assures Dr. Kang.

“Can you hear me?” asks Soo-hyun.

“Yes.” replies Hana, voice now low and calm despite the rapid beeping of the machine.

“Tell me where you are.”

“I am in the room.” she answers.

“Can you come out of the room?”

“No. No windows. No doors.”

“Is anyone in the room with you?”

“Grandfather is gone.” she replies.

Soo-hyun shares a look with Seo-jin. This is the part where they always lose contact with Hana, but they both know they have to try.

“I need you to imagine a window or door. Do you think you can do that?” Soo-hyun asks.

Hana doesn’t respond. Her heart rate has gone up even higher.

“Jin-joo, you try talking to her.” suggests Dr. Kang.

“That will never work.” states Soo-hyun. “In this state, Hana can only hear my voice-”

“We have nothing to lose.” says Seo-jin fiercely. Seo-jin is willing to try anything and do anything to get Hana back at this point. Unbeknownst to either doctor, Seo-jin plans to bring Dr. Minsky and other international specialists in to work with Hana if these attempts continue to fail.

“Hey, Hana! Why would your grandfather leave you in a room with no windows or doors?” asks Jin-joo. “That makes no sense. How did you get in there in the first place, if there’s no door or window to open? Your grandfather was a strange man, but he wasn’t magic. This dream you’re having doesn’t make any sense. You need to come out of there, okay?”

“Grandfather wants you to come out.” says Soo-hyun.

“Grandfather?” Hana mutters. “Grandfather said I have to stay here.”

“Your grandfather would never say that.” argues Jin-joo. “His little sparrow means the world to him. You can’t start believing that this dream is real, because it’s not.”

“Who is Sparrow?” Soo-hyun asks, looking at Jin-joo for an explanation.

“I am Sparrow.” Hana replies immediately.

“Sparrow was Hana’s nickname. I don’t think I ever heard her grandfather call her anything else.” explains Jin-joo. “The old man was weird, and honestly not very nice, but he always called Hana his sparrow. So he wasn’t all bad.”

“Sparrow, can you hear me?” asks Soo-hyun.


Dr. Kang looks at Seo-jin and smiles, looking profoundly relieved, and Seo-jin finally feels like he can breathe again. There is hope for Hana.

“Sparrow, I need you to imagine a window or door to escape out of.” Soo-hyun tells her.

“I can’t.” she replies.

“You must. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in there forever. You need to create a way to get out of the room.”

“Grandfather would get mad if I left.”

“Why would he get mad, Sparrow?”

“He put me in time-out. I can’t come out until he tells me I’m done.” explains Hana.

“So we are dealing with a young Hana! How fascinating.” exclaims Dr. Kang. It might be the Robin in Seo-jin, but at this moment, Seo-jin decides that he hates how delighted Dr. Kang is at finding that her theory was correct.

“Sparrow, your grandfather wants you to come out.” Soo-hyun says.

“You aren’t Grandfather. Why should I listen to you?” asks Hana.

“Because someone I care about will be hurt if you don’t listen to me and come out!” yells Soo-hyun, all patience gone.

“Soo-hyun!” Dr. Kang scolds.

“Who will get hurt?” Hana asks, voice concerned and curious at the same time.

Soo-hyun doesn’t reply, unsure of what to say.

“You could tell her that Jin-joo will get hurt. Or her grandfather. Or even her father?” suggests Dr. Kang.

“Will Hana get hurt if I don’t come out?” she asks.

Everyone is silent. Even Jin-joo seems to understand the implications of what Hana just said.

“Tell her yes.” orders Dr. Kang. “Hurry.”

“Yes, Hana will be hurt if you don’t come out of there.” Soo-hyun replies.

Hana is silent. Seo-jin looks down at her face, wondering what exactly is going on in that mind of hers.

“Should I imagine a door or window?” she finally asks.

“Either will work.” replies Soo-hyun. He looks shaken yet excited.

“I see a door, but it’s locked.” Hana tells him. “I don’t have the key.”

“I am on the other side of the door, and I’m unlocking it so you can open it. On the count of three, we are going to work together to open the door. One, two, three.” Soo-hyun snaps his fingers on three.

Hana’s eyes fly open and she stares up at the ceiling. She’s squeezes Seo-jin’s hand briefly before going limp, eyes sliding shut. It’s only the beeping of the heart rate monitor that keeps Seo-jin from thinking that Hana just died right before his eyes. Her heart rate slows until it reaches a slow and steady rhythm.

“What just happened?” asks Soo-hyun after a moment of silence.

“Both selves, past and present, must have somehow observed each other.” says Dr. Kang. “For Hana as a child to know Hana as an adult… that’s the only explanation. The child must have realized that Hana was herself, and self-preservation instinct kicked in when she was told that she would be hurting herself if she stayed in the dream.”

“What happens now?” asks Seo-jin cautiously.

“I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that Hana will sleep for a while and then wake up normally, possibly without even remembering that this happened.” Dr. Kang replies. “The loop is broken and she successfully resolved her dilemma.”

“What about the song? How can we keep this from happening again?” Seo-jin asks.

“When Hana is stable, I’ll be able to work with her and remove the song as a trigger.” answers Soo-hyun. “I don’t even know if I should bother trying to apologize for all of this. I’m sorry is not enough for the trouble I’ve caused-”

“All’s well that ends well.” says Seo-jin, cutting him off. Seo-jin finds himself unable to judge his former best friend. Soo-hyun had Tae-joo and Seo-jin had Terry. How could he judge?

“Seo-jin?” asks Secretary Kwon from the doorway, looking pale. “Is Hana doing okay?”

“She’s on her way to recovery.” Dr. Kang tells him.

“What’s wrong, Young-chan?” Seo-jin knows the other man well enough to see that something isn’t right.

“It’s your father, Seo-jin. He’s not well.”


“He’s here, at the hospital. But I’m not supposed to tell you.” replies Secretary Kwon. “He had a seizure during a meeting. The doctors are examining him now.”

Seo-jin stands and joins Young-chan at the door. “Take me to him. You guys, can you keep an eye on Hana? Let me know if anything changes.”

“I’ll come with you, Seo-jin.” offers Dr. Kang. “I know a thing or two about the brain. I could take a look. I’m here anyway.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Seo-jin tells her. “You’ve done enough.”

“I really don’t mind.”

The three of them leave together.

“Poor CEO Goo. Nothing is as it should be in his life right now.” says Jin-joo with a frown. Jin-joo’s phone chimes. “Aigoo! I’m late for rehearsal. I’m Hana’s stand-in.”

“Go. I’ll keep an eye on things here.” says Soo-hyun.

Jin-joo eyes him warily. “I guess I’ll take your word for it. But if you do anything to Hana-”

“You’ll throw me out the window. I know.” Soo-hyun finishes.

A few minutes later, a nurse comes in and looks apologetically at Soo-hyun. “I’m going to need a few minutes with the patient. Would you mind stepping out for a moment?”

“Umm, I’d rather stay, if it’s all the same to you-”

“Are you her husband?”


“Then I’m going to have to ask you to step out for a moment for privacy’s sake. It will only take a moment.”

“Very well.”

Soo-hyun waits and just as promised, the nurse leaves within minutes. As soon as Soo-hyun steps back into the room, he notices that the covers are pulled up higher than would be comfortable, covering Hana’s face. He pulls the covers back.

Seo-jin’s cell rings. He’s sitting in the ICU with his father, who has been ill for a long time but hiding it, whether out of pride or misguided concern, Seo-jin isn’t sure.

He sees that it’s a call from the hospital.


“Hana’s gone!

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” 

Hey HAJINA Family! This is the second chapter of the story. Sorry it took so long to upload; I'm moving and it's a total drag. :P
I have uploaded this story on fanfiction.net as well for easier reading. Here's a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11176855/2/Hyde-Jekyll-and-I-Season-2-Moonstuck
@frankreich @Tazi_chan @fuyukimi @hwa180566_at_gmail.com_stv @azmyranny_stv @newhere @Cathgu @lovehjk666 @matahari123 @be5t4r @bie_nure @forget-me-not123 @yoontira @annamchoi @junkietiger14 @lretth @Lantim01 @ariel6 @thenewyosi @janinenana @Hacci_is_a_penguin @aum2sy @jellybing2009 @shynaz @beachygirl @Soah-Bin @selenette 
Feedback is appreciated very much! 

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@addictivepersonality - very very nice. I am pleasantly intrigued!! Where is Hana??? Why would she leave? I had some trouble following in terms of medical fantasy vs reality but you have me believing it with your writing :) Keep it up... I actually have no idea what direction you are going with this. So I am going to have to wait to find out!!! Can't wait. :) Thank you so much of writing the fan fic. If only, the actual drama was as fast paced.  :-bd

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@addictivepersonality hi Dear! Thank you for the mentioned.. Appreciate it! :) love your FANFIC moonstruck part 2.. It's just that on the last part it made me sad.. :( where's Hana?? looking forward to season 3! Chukahae! :)

@ilwoo_aein thanks thanks for sharing awesome BinMin goodies! Love the picture you've Posted, Binnie amused of seeing himself on a super big banner! He's so cute!

@all your unwavering love and support on our beloved thread! Means so much! Thank you! :)

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Hi @all ! HJM recently did a Chinese interview with Sina. Here's the first part that is related to Hajina and HB. I'll translate the rest of the interview later and post it at HJM and BinMin threads for those interested. 

Firstly, let's greet our netizens at Sina!HJM: Hello, Sina netizens, it's been a long time. I'm Han Ji Min, it's good to see everyone!
How does it feel upon completing "Hyde Jekyll, Me"?HJM: Because my body was exhausted while filming the drama, upon its completion, I felt very relaxed, very good, and I was finally able to sleep well. At first I was very happy, but after a few days I started missing the filming set, and I miss it very much.
When facing your partner with dual personalities in "Hyde Jekyll, Me," are there any parts that was particularly diffcult or requires special notice?HJM: At first I felt that even though there were two personalities, it was still the same man, so I had to think if I should act as if they were different people or as the same man. After much thought, when I knew that the two men were one, I deliberated for a long time how to act. First, I saw him as a different man when acting, then I looked for Robin's shadow in Seojin, and after I found out about his DID I started treating him as one man. Actually, it was very hard for me to act under these considerations.
Your crying scenes were very real and moving every time; do you have any special methods to bring forth tears?HJM: Every scene is different; the best affirmation is to think of that particular scene and cry, but it is very hard to cry and think of those scenes when there are lots of crying scenes in the project. This time, the emotional scenes are basically towards the end. At that time, my emotions towards the character has deepened a lot, and it was very natural to be sad when facing Robin who I loved and he was gradually disappearing. These scenes were around episodes 17 and 18, it's lucky that my emotional build up was already heightened at that time, when I read the script I cried, and many times, in that scenario, I cried as I felt sad.
Having worked with Hyun Bin twice, do you feel any changes with him?HJM: I've said it several times before. We were rivals in the movie before, so on set we basically didn't talk much because it helps our feelings (as political rivals in TFE), and we deliberately stayed away from each other. However, now that we are lovers in the drama, it's important to cooperate and understand each other, and it felt very fresh, like working with another person. In TFE, Hyun Bin was a different person, without any similarities to the Hyun Bin who I know now. In the movie he held the image of a serious king, and it was like he was a completely different person. In the drama, when acting with Seojin and Robin, there are differences in appearances and acting, and the atmosphere is very different too. Seojin has always been a very sensitive and prickly person, when filming that scene, Hyun Bin is even quieter than usual. The image of a king in TFE, Seojin and Robin, all three are different.
Which of Goo Seojin and Robin is closer to your ideal type?HJM: Personally, for ideal types, I can't understand why [other people] like bad guys. I prefer guys who are kind, gentle, and emotionally rich, so I've said many times it'd be the type like Robin. However, while filming, I've come to understand Seojin's past, and knowing the reason why he acted like that had triggered my sympathy. I thought it's rather cute how he expresses himself in his own way, so one of my lines was that it'd be good if Seojin and Robin were the same person. With that line, I feel that a person's desire is really endless. Both [Robin and Seojin] are very good people.
---@addictivepersonality Wow, that's a really fast paced second chapter! I'm not sure if I followed Hana's mind state correctly... does she also have an alter ego hidden away in her mind? And where did she go at the end of the chapter? Did someone take her away or did she leave by herself? Please update soon! Can't wait to find out what happens next. :)

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Guest forget-me-not123

@fuyukimi   Thanks for your translation!  >:D< >:D< :-*



:)) :D

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Here's Sung Joon's KNTV Guide interview. This is translated from Baidu Hajina's Chinese version :) Enjoy!

Please tell us what compelled you to act in "Hyde Jekyll, Me."SJ: First of all, I'm happy to be able to act together with Hyun Bin-sunbae from the same agency. I was interested in the character of a hypnotherapist so I wanted to try it out.
What preparations have you made for this character?SJ: Very cautious manner of speaking. I had to communicate smoothly because I am to provide professional advice, and I must speak in a way to make people feel safe and relaxed. I put a bit of thought into it to be more convincing.
Tae Joo's hairstyle is very short. What're the reactions like about it? Are you satisfied with it yourself?SJ: In truth, I didn't get a haircut for the character, as I had already got it cut short before accepting this project (laugh). A doctor should look clean, and I coincidentally got a haircut that matches what is required for the drama, so it's good.
What are your thoughts about acting with Hyun Bin?SJ: I learned a lot from Hyun Bin; he is after all a top-notch senior. When there are problems during filming, he would immediately tell me all sorts of experiences and suggestions, and also how to manage my health when I'm not feeling well. I am very thankful.
What did you learn from acting with Hyun Bin?SJ: Hyun Bin's acting is really great. Goo Seojin and Robin have obvious differences, it's like two different people. I really thank it's great.
What are your thoughts about acting with Han Ji Min?SJ: Beautiful! I've seen her in a volunteer activity program before, and I thought she was a very beautiful person at that time, and she is still very beautiful now. Han Ji Min is always enthusiastic in her acting when filming, and outside of her own scenes, she has provided a lot of help in the delivery of my own emotions. I am very grateful.
What is the scene you would recommend?SJ: The scene where Robin and Hana are lounging and reading comics, it looks very beautiful. I think viewers will be moved when they see that kind of scene.
Lastly, please tell the Japanese viewers who will be watching "Hyde Jekyll, Me" what to watch for and leave a message.SJ: I am Sung Joon who acts as Yoon Tae Joo in "Hyde Jekyll, Me." "Hyde Jekyll, Me" is a very interesting drama. The cast is filled with handsome men and beautiful women; it's a project where the actresses have put in a lot of effort in filming as well. I hope everyone will like it.
---Aww, looks like Sung Joon looks up to HB a lot and adores HJM. I'm glad they had a good time acting together despite the low ratings!

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