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Go Kyung Pyo/Ko Kyung Pyo 고경표


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Cute, handsome and funny guy.


Biography ---

Name: Go Kyung Pyo Chinese characters: 高庚杓

Birthdate: 11 Jun 1990 (Sun sign - Gemini)

Height: 185 cmFamily: Parents and older sister

Education: Konbuk University (Film studies)

Special highlight: He was a YG trainee

Debut year: 2010


2018: Cross

2017: Strongest Delivery Man

2017: Chicago Typewriter

2016: Jealousy Incarnate

2016: Reply 1988

2014: Tomorrow Catabile on Oct 13 (KBS)

2013: Potato Stars (TVN) and Flower Boys Next Door (TVN)

2012: Standby (MBC) and God's Quiz (OCN), Operation Proposal

2011: I believe in Love (KBS)

2010: Jungle Fish (KBS)

Movies --- 

2018:Night of 7 Years

2017: Garak Market Revolution

2015:The Treacherous

2015: Casa Amor

2014: Roaring Currents, High Heels, One Summer Night

2013: Believe Me, Horror stories 2, The story of Man and Woman

2012: Graduation trip, A Millionaire on the Run

2011: Jungle Fish 2

Variety ---

2014: Happy Together on 29th May, watch

2012: Strong Heart ep 159 with the cast of Flower Boys Next Door

2011 to 2012 Saturday Night Live, Season 1 to 3

2009 Nicole 

His Instagram


I first saw him in Saturday Night Live, where he acted as the doppelhanger of Choi Siwon, they really look alike. Then I watched Flower Boys Next Door, and he was that innocent, charming second lead. I am so happy that he score a significant role in Tomorrow Cantabile. Hopefully, more people will know him from the high profile drama.I have a hunch, he is going to make it big very soon!

I am still in the midst of putting in more information for this up and coming talented actor. 

Give me some time and put up with me for the time being. Thanks!


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Here is a list of videos that you can sample his acting. :) More coming soon...
Flower boy Next door

 ( I think he sing ok )

Potato Star With Krystal

The Story of Man and Woman
wish there are subs)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0FcSV8L_jshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK4k8ekcZ88http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VqnPZPeUQk
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Guest adikkeluangman

Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung and More Show Fantastic Teamwork in ′Naeil′s Cantabile′ BTS Photos
Airing the first episode on October 13, KBS 2TV Naeil’s Cantabile’s production company Group 8 released a set of BTS photos of the cast members at the fun-filled filming site on October 10.
The photos show the leading cast members filming the drama with smiling faces.

Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, Ko Kyung Pyo, Kim Yu Mi, Jang Se Hyun and Baek Min Jung, who will be depicting the story about finding the meaning of love and happiness through beautiful orchestra harmony, showed great teamwork as they are all similar in age. They can be seen sharing conversations about their characters whenever there is a chance and joking and playing around with each other. 
Unlike his brusque character ‘Cha Yoo Jin,’ Joo Won is adorably making the V at the camera while Shim Eun Kyung spreads happiness to everyone by showing her lovely smile.
Ko Kyung Pyo, who has been brightening up the the filming site with his cheery personality, is seen posing his ‘father’ in the drama, Ahn Gil Gang.
An affiliate of Group 8 stated, “Like an orchestra, which makes the best harmony with different instruments, Naeil’s Cantabile shows off fantastic teamwork of the cast members. Despite the tight schedules, they have been showing the best team work by giving off positive energy. Please anticipate Naeil’s Cantabile filled with the passion of the cast members.”
Naeil’s Cantabile is the story of love and growth of young people who passionately pursue their dreams in classical music. It is set to air on October 13, following Discovery of Romance.

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Guest adikkeluangman

More pictures and selfie from mambo episode  featuring SEK, GKP, Dohee, Hanmin and Jang Se Hyun together with the orchestra member. I so want to see the selfie picture that they took in that episode. So far the one that have been posted in this thread. Not the same from the scene.10610620_793876923988052_331004936966186


via tnbenter
Tomorrow Cantabile "Mambo" shooting

Another video that show footage from practice and full dress rehearsal of Mambo performance.
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Guest adikkeluangman

More Go Kyung Pyo pictures from Ceci magazine November issue.BOkfmI0.jpgLjSx9Yr.jpg


Link to the interview.http://mnbmagazine.joins.com/magazine/Narticle.asp?magazine=201&articleId=RGS28L1K6P1TVEHopefully there's will be translation for the interview

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Guest adikkeluangman

In Naeil's Cantabile Lesson 13, Go Kyung Pyo wears jacket and shoes by Le Coq Sportif. 10426319_863865110299058_88504104279359010309205_863865100299059_906855845896852

Jacket Le Coq French Duck Down10402716_863865130299056_151276864626395
GKP shoes Bicross Warmer10410346_863865133632389_260046597075161

-----From SungA twitter as the feisty Lee Danya in drama Naeil's Cantabile.
Caption : 우리는 "라이징 스타" 오늘도 뽜이팅하고 촬영해보잣!!! 
Trans by google : We "Rising Star" Let Go and shoot today!
L-R: Bae Min Jung, Go Kyung Pyo, HanMin, Jung Sung Ah, Dohee, Lee Joo Hyung, Jo Yoon Woo (it is him right), Jang Se Hyun 

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Guest adikkeluangman

‘Naeil’s Cantabile’ Cast Members Play Around and Hug Each Other Before Final Shoot
Naeil’s Cantabile released a set of behind-the-scene photos from the last day of filming. 
On December 2, KBS 2TV’s Naeil’s Cantabile released a set of photos featuring the members of RS orchestra on the last day of filming. 
The cast and orchestra members who gathered on the drama set on December 1 couldn’t hide their excitement upon seeing each other, although they saw each other’s faces almost everyday. With the final shoot about to begin, they expressed their sadness on soon parting with the staff and cast members, who they’ve become attached to. 

The last shoot involved the cast members, Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, Ko Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Gum, Jang Se Hyun and Min Do Hee, playing Mozart piano concerto no. 21 with the orchestra members.
Before the shoot began, the actors and actresses took photos with the orchestra and staff members, who worked hard together for the past several months. Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, Ko Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Gum, Min Do Hee and Jang Se Hyun, who became close friends in real life, started playing around with each other, filling the drama site with laugher. Joo Won left the pictures of what will soon become good memories on his cellphone.
Joo Won said, “The cast and staff members worked really hard and I don’t think I will be able to forget,” and Shim Eun Kyung shared, “I still don’t feel like it’s over. I feel stunned and sad but I’m happy that I was able to work with good people.”
The last shoot of Naeil’s Cantabile, which was filled with more laughter than ever, will air on December 2. 
-----Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung and More Share on Ending ‘Naeil’s Cantabile’
The six cast members who led Naeil’s Cantabile shared their heart touching thoughts on ending the drama.
KBS 2TV’s Naeil’s Cantabile ended the 16th episode on December 2, by showing Cha Yoo Jin (Joo Won) overcoming his trauma and leaving for study abroad for a new challenge and RS orchestra preparing to become a professional orchestra along with Seol Naeil (Shim Eun Kyung),
The actors and actresses who have poured their effort s to practice and analyze their characters since the hot summer presented beautiful classical stage and heart touching story of growth until the end.

The six cast members, namely Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, Ko Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Geom, Min Do Hee and Jang Se Hyun, who have led 16 episodes at the center of the story shared their thoughts on wrapping up the project through the drama production company.
Having acted out Cha Yoo Jin, who seems brusque on the outside but is caring and warm-hearted, Joo Won shared, “I started practicing on a hot summer day holding a baton and an instrument but the long journey of Naeil’s Cantabile ended in the cold winter. Naeil’s Cantabile was a project that made me nervous and required more preparation than any other. It’s a project that I put a lot of efforts in because I wanted to show myself doing well without lacking in any way. It made me greedy because I wanted to do really well but now I’m left with a sense of regret.”
Joo Won added, “The director who always shared many discussions with me and the writer who wrote good scripts. The staff members who made the best filming site for us. Eun Kyung who probably had a tougher time than anyone else. The cast members who followed along well with bright spirits. You all worked hard and I’m grateful and will never be able to forget. And thanks to many people who loved Cha Yoo Jin I was able to film with a happy heart despite the tough schedules. I will return your support by working harder in my next project.”
Shim Eun Kyung, who acted out the quirky 4D, genius pianist Seo Nail, said, “Naeil’s Cantabile was a challenging project for me. And Seol Naeil is a child who brought many things for me. It was a thankful project that made me realize what I lack in and the happiness that comes from acting. In the end, I learned that acting and project are work that cannot be done alone and it can only be achieved along with numerous actors and staff members.”
Shim Eun Kyung said, “It still doesn’t feel like it’s over. I feel like I have to go to Haneun music school everyday and be with Yoo Jin sunbae and my friends but I feel sad. I was happy to be able to work with such good people. I think it will be a project that I will never be able to forget in my life. All the staff and cast members, you all worked hard.”
Ko Kayung Pyo, who played the sentimental violinist Yoo Il Rak, shared, “I sincerely thank you for loving “Naeil’s Cantabile until now. I was happy to be able to wrap up this year with Naeil’s Cantabile. I spent happy and enjoyable moments while filming. Have a happy end of year everyone.”
Park Bo Geom said, “I was thankful and happy to always be with the friendly director and the cast members through Naeil’s Cantabile. The director, writer and all the staff members, you all worked hard for the past three months.” Park Bo Geom acted out Lee Yoon Hoo, who went from being a genius cellist to a conductor with soft charms. 
Jang Se Hyun, who acted out Ma Soo Min, said, “Naeil’s Cantabile is a drama that I really wanted to do since the time I auditioned for it. Thanks to my longing heart, I was able to take on the character named Ma Soo Min and I was happy throughout filming. As it was a drama about music and growth, I also learned many things while filming and was able to growth one step in my acting life so I will remember it,” and added, “The cast members, teacher, director and staff members all worked hard. I would also like to thank all the viewers who loved the drama one more time.”
Lastly, Min Do Hee who acted out Choi Min Hee shared, “I started the drama with a concern since I have never experienced classical music and the contrabass but now that I started getting familiar with clasical music and became attached to the contrabass, the drama is over so I’m sad. I was happy and spent precious times meeting and working with a good director, staff members and colleagues. I hope that all the viewers will also remember this drama as a good project. Thank you for your hard work. I love you everyone.”
Meanwhile, Naeil’s Cantabile that began on October 13 and filled each episode with beautiful classical music and bright story of growth, ended with the 16th episode on December 2.
-----Wrap up party
Go Kyung Pyo20141202_1417518821_23314500_1.jpg

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Guest adikkeluangman

More pictures from the last performance. I guess the girl is part of Naeil's Orchestra. She took picture with SEK and Jang Se Hyun. Also picture of GK-JW in action.1510918_808901039152307_2853009796235825via TNB Entertainment

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jang Soo Won, Ko Gyung Pyo and Choi Woo Shik were picked as a 'star of tomorrow' by ELLE magazine! Pictorial behind-the-scenes

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Guest adikkeluangman

Here Go Kyung Pyo picture posted by Park Bo Gum on his twitter. Can someone guess whose hands that hold him.

"믿어주는 사람이 있는데 지쳤다고 그 손 놔버리면 그럼 안되잖아, 그건 아니잖아." - 드라마 <내일도 칸타빌레> 중에서 - pic.twitter.com/shK0XMC8zW

— 박보검 (@BOGUMMY) 

December 23, 2014
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This thread needs some love.


The gang is assembled for Answer Me 1988

by girlfriday | May 18, 2015

Go Kyung-pyo, Hyeri, Park Bo-gum

Well that only took forever. Answer Me 1988, the third installment of tvN’s throwback youth series from PD Shin Won-ho and writer Lee Woo-jung, has at last announced its main cast after months of speculation, rumors, retractions, and recriminations. First, the good news: Go Kyung-pyo (Cantabile Tomorrow)!! I love him and his awesome comedic chops, and I’m thrilled that he’s scored his first leading role in a show that’s easily going to make him a breakout star.


Answer Me 1988 airs on Fridays and Saturdays in September.

Read the rest at dramabeans

Aw, reunited with Park Bo Gum again!  The third time already? Or 4th?

I really didn't want to watch 1988, but now... :)


Also, this is old, but...



A still from Chinatown/Coin Locker Girl:




From the press conference (March 24, 2015):




From the premiere (April 20, 2015):



sources: 1 2

I guess he's a baddie in Chinatown?  I don't know anything about his character there, but I definitely think the movie looks interesting.

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Guest FashionFreaky

Fashion Faceoff: Go Kyung Pyo Vs. Do Sang Woo Vs. Park Sang Hyun In Valentino Combo

Go Kyung Pyo, Do Sang Woo and Park Sang Hyun wore the same Valentino butterfly combo - but who wore it better?

In the last (male) Fashion Faceoff, doe-eyed king Luhan faced model-actor Lee Jong Suk in the battle of the Coach cardigan. After an interesting back and forth, Luhan won with 69% of the votes. For this week’s battle, we bring out the butterflies! No, seriously. Former Saturday Night Live Korea cast member Go Kyung Pyo, forever-unimpressed eyebrows owner Do Sang Woo, and ex-idol Park Sang Hyun (holds back sob) wore the the same Valentino combo. The $750  butterfly print polo shirt and $980 twill trousers can be yours at Barneys. (In the first-class cabin of a speeding airliner, Jessica Jung just woke up in the middle of her sleep.) Both articles walked Valentino’s Spring 2015 Menswear collection runway show.

Go Kyung Pyo wore the shirt and pants in the May issue of Ceci. He finished off his look with a black undershirt and multiple rings. Meanwhile, Do Sang Woo modeled the pieces in the April issue of Cosmopolitan. He accessorized with a beige blazer and his cheekbones that could cut steal. Finally, Park Sang Hyun sported the twosome in the May issue of Arena Homme+. For his photo, he wet his hair and then pretended that he was left home alone while his family vacationed in California.

So, who wore it better? Vote for your favorite below!

Go Kyung Pyo



Do Sang Woo



Park Sang Hyun


You vote here!! -----> http://www.kpopbreak.com/2015/05/14/fashion-faceoff-go-kyung-pyo-vs-do-sang-woo-vs-park-sang-hyun-in-valentino-combo/


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Guest adikkeluangman

Netizens get fired up over Ryu Seung Ryong's seemingly degrading remarks about Suzy

Another controversy has burgeoned recently, involving miss A's Suzy and some innocent words that were uttered by her 'Dorihwaga' co-star Ryu Seung Ryong at the film showcase that was held back on November 4. 

There seems to be no real harm behind the words the actor said about Suzy; in fact, he was complimenting Suzy on her bright and cheery persona. However, what he said rubbed some people the wrong way. Ryu Seung Ryong had said, "The atmosphere on set was noticeably different when Suzy was there compared to when she wasn't. Just by being there, she infected us with her happiness, aegyo, and the virtue that a female actress should carry on the set. On Pepero Day, she gifted all the staff members, all 100-something of them, with Pepero and handwritten notes." At the time, what the actor said was simply taken as a joke and people hadn't thought too much of it. 


However, what Ryu Seung Ryong had just said in the moment became a controversy, as some people claimed the actor's statement was degrading women. The issue may have died down on its own but Go Kyung Pyo added fuel to the fire with the rantings he left on social media. 

Go Kyung Pyo wrote on his social media account on November 19, "What kind of nonsense is this. Will someone explain this situation to me? While I was filming for 'The Treacherous,' I went to visit the set [of 'Dorihwaga'] just to say hello and Suzy was just so pretty and nice and I felt that everyone there liked her. Just how do you have to interpret what Ryu Seung Ryong said for you to leave comments like that? How is life in society possible for people like you? Someone please enlighten me. It seems like it's mostly women who are commenting but do women understand what's going on? That reaction? Do you really feel that Suzy is a well of happiness? Did what Ryu Seung Ryong say really make him seem like a pervert?" 

Go Kyung Pyo was said to have went back and forth with the people on his social media, arguing with them over the issue. Though his social media account is his own space, his extreme words are certainly not helping the case. Netizens who read Go Kyung Pyo's social media post pointed out, "Go Kyung Pyo is the bigger problem here. He is making the issue worse."   

Go Kyung Pyo's agency has stepped forward on November 20 to make a statement regarding this matter, telling Daily Sports, "We are discussing the issue with [Go Kyung Pyo]. We are sorting [the matter] out internally." 


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Guest skeletonworks

Should I camp here now that GGP aka Sunwoo in R88 is out of the game? I wish for him to have a lead role in a drama so that I can actually finish watching a drama. A good one that can exploit GGP's talent to full potential. Not some character that was thrown under the bus...

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