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[✿OFFICIAL✿]Kim Young-Kwang(Kang Jin-Goo)♥Kyung Soo-Jin(Ma Se-Young)[✿JinSe Couple✿][✿9th Boy✿]

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awwn!! its so sad that this thread hasn't been active since 2015...

but i just found out about this couple so here i go....

i watched this mv by brown eyed soul's you..... it was really a sad love story...

kim young kwang and "that girl" acted so well i was so in love with the couple and it reminds me of college days 

however they didn't end up together i was like ....NOOOOOOOO.........i'd give them acadamy if i could the acting is just out of the world....

lots of close up shots......i could feel what they are thinking just in those shots

then i stumble upon this plus 9 boys drama.....the girl is there along with kim young kwang .....so i found out her name is kyung soo jin..

i feel as if KYK is really in love with her

i wonder if the director decided to pair the two cuz of the MV - cuz they were SOOO GOOOD!! MV was shot in 2013 and the drama in 2014 

and i am happy that they will have happy ending in the drama unlike the MV



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im happy that she casted in WLFKBJ 


i hope the reunion of them in a kdrama soon

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On 4/12/2017 at 0:55 AM, seaweedislife said:

New variety together T__T is this a dream T_____T

yeah huhu

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