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[✿OFFICIAL✿]Kim Young-Kwang(Kang Jin-Goo)♥Kyung Soo-Jin(Ma Se-Young)[✿JinSe Couple✿][✿9th Boy✿]


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class="content-title"Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week


7. Plus Nine Boys: A Good Day for a Confession

One thing we are sure of is that Jin Goo is head over heels in love with Se Young. They are perfect for each other, so it’s been frustrating to watch him dance around her without making a move.

This scene finally gave us what we wanted: a confession and an explanation. Rain scenes are a bonus!

They are a very playful pair whose feelings are apparent to everyone but each other; so, it was great to finally see Jin Goo drop the act and lay everything on the table. We loved how he fervently expressed the depth of his feelings for her and also how direct she was about why they couldn’t be together.

We can’t wait to see how he convinces her to trust him again.

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2014/09/14/top-ten-k-drama-moments-of-the-week/8/

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"There is no special reason a woman opens her heart to a man. Sincerity that you feel with your whole body… where no words or expressions are needed. That’s the only key that can open a woman’s heart".


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They say it takes seven seconds for a man to fall for a woman. However, it took me seven months. That’s how I came to look only at Se Young.


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class="content-title" Top Ten K-Drama Moments of the Week by couchkimchi September 29, 2014


1. Plus Nine Boys: I don’t want to be your friend 

It’s hard to be friends with someone you spend each waking moment fantasizing about kissing.

Se Young refuses to be anything but a friend to Jin Goo, and both work hard to regain their friendship after his confession. However, Se Young begins to have a change of heart upon learning that he’d ridden her bus just to be close to her. He gets her favorite seaweed soup for her birthday, and suddenly, she’s dolling up and wearing heels.

After a platonic date that feels like a romantic one, Jin Goo asks to drop their friendship. He confesses that he’d only proposed it because she was having a hard time but he’s always wanted more. What does she say? She responds with a peck on his lips, and he answers back by pulling her in for a long kiss. SQUEAL!

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2014/09/29/top-ten-k-drama-moments-of-the-week-3/2/

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I SHIP THEM! :D I honestly think they have chemistry but I don't know how I feel about KYK as a person. Ever since I found out about him opinion on body sizes, he doesn't look like the same kind of person as he did to me anymore. Whenever I see him interact with females, I'd just wonder what's actually on his mind. SIGH. But yeah, despite that, I still ship him with KSJ. I'm just saying that I'm not quite a fan of him.

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