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[Variety] Roommate Season 2 (It's Okay, 룸메이트)


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Guest cascade7

@angelbeast90 thanks for the okay.... *DEEP BREATH
 I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ACTUALLY CONTINUED THE NANA AND SEHO LOVELINE! like what?!!!! thank goodness GukJoo went along with them otherwise it would have been SO awkward! argh!!!!!! all in all, that part kinda killed the buzz after the opening section with Jackson and Kangjoon. not to mention it was followed with a tour of the area where only Joon was the bright spark .... i just watched the number of streams drop drop drop drop..... 
things picked up only when most of them had dinner together and planned a surprise for Nana.
to me, the most watchable were:
1) Jackson - cause he's craaaazy and so darn spontaneous Kangjoon didnt really know how to react2) Youngji - this girl, she just lights up the screen everytime she appears :) she's very very special3) Sunny - her and exercise just don't go together... hehehe4) Gukjoo - her presence was the ONLY thing that made the seho and nana cut bearable! And she took over the planning for the surprise birthday party. It was her excited enthusiasm that saved the whole event.5) Joon - what a GREAT surprise to wake up too! i laughed my head off at that one! 
the low points were
1) why in the world did Nana, Seho and Gukjoo go to Seho's parents' house to have breakfast?! 2) tour wasn't interesting for me (cause i couldn't understand most of it. maybe i'll like it better when the subs come out)
There, my first desire to rant is spent..... *huh

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Guest cascade7

Oh, and i forgot to add the ULTIMATE sweetest moment for me was Ryo when he said that for the first time in 15 years, someone greeted him when he came home....
*SOBS... you sweetheart!

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Guest cascade7

@ocha23 Here you go, do let me know if the links work :)


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Guest ocha23_

it works.. I'm gonna watch it now.. catch with u guys later.. btw can anyone help me, I want attach an image from my mobile phone gallery on this box.. does anyone know how??

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@cascade7 I was so excited to watch this episode then I read your comment! Wth?! I thought they leave the loveline back in Season 1. This is like taking two steps forward, three steps back. They should have realised by now that no one wants to see THAT. Right now, I'm just finishing the introduction part and Seho continued to annoy me with his MC aspirations. Dude, take it somewhere else. This is a house, act like you are living in one and not MC-ing. It seems like the most watchable parts are the new members'. Hopefully the editing and the content get better.
Edit: I love the failed suprise birthday party! And Youngji trying to keep her food while laughing. The things that she has in her room... that leg massager was so random. Overall, it would've been a nicer episode without the whole Seho-Nana thing. Probably included to show it's her birthday and his parents giving the side dishes. I just wish it wasn't as long.

@ocha23 You need to upload your pictures first on photo hosting sites like photobucket or imageshack, then copy the link to 'Insert Image' button in the post box. Hopefully it works :D

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hmphhhh....... enlighten me plz... did i just missed a few scenes while watching the episode or did they just edited out those sceness (gukjoo visit jackson's room and their kitchen scene)..... ????!!! As i was watching the episode, i couldn't stop thinking abt those missing scenes.... *confused*

starts from 0:15 -0:20 (these 2 clips clearly were missing from the episode or perhaps they would show it in the next episode??)
n what's with this FORCED alarm  between that comedian man Se-ho and Nana :o ?????? Like seriously...???
come on, ph could have done more justice to nana's portion in the show............!!!! 
there are quite numbers of good looking men in the show,  i mean i don't mind if they show some CHEMISTRYwithout being too obvious!! *awkward* 
this so called couple  really can get cringe worthy at times eyy ....pfff
All in all, it abt ok epi....!!! missin PJ badly n his witty liners...  hopefully next episode will get better with the scenes n editing parts.. I_I

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Guest cascade7

lee-kuk-ju_1412540441_20141005_card1.jpg"The dangerous Kuk Joo-fatale! Paparazzi expert! Sungbuk-dong's Kuk Joo-patch! The NEW queen of the kitchen, 'hororok' chef! Talent: the trinity cover dance of fat, liveliness and showmanship."

Sunny's card: "I'm not the one you knew before~ I have a surprising attractiveness~ I got tired after laughing too much~ Sungbuk-dong 'hororok' drinker! Had a glass of liquor~ sleeping habits: snorting in my sleep."


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Guest cascade7

@ocha23, you're welcome :) the subs should be out by tomorrow :)
@alfalfa: oh, i'm so sorry i killed your expectations with my comment... T.T i should have held it in but man, i just had to rant cause i stream it live. i'll be more careful next time... so sorry...:(
I completely agree that the entire seho-nana part should have been MUCH shorter, like how long do you have to show them in the car driving there with only gukJoo at the back singing happy birthday or the nana-seho's mum interaction? i don't know... maybe they have a genuine oppa-dongsaeng relationship but it still seems like they're trying to force some romance into it. it's really because of this i fear that the ratings will drop.
Another thing, i think Seho was a little too much like a bully in the youngji eating scene. Showing her picture after picture in hopes that she laughs with her mouth open? i get it with one or two pictures but it was constant. MAybe it's just the editing... i feel for youngji at this point. btw, just have to add that her 'aniyo' during the ending was absolutely ADORABLE!
i love the failed birthday party too! hahaha... joon holding the two words the other way round!
@my010 If you ever find out, could you let me know? i want one too! 
@masticore i was waiting for them too and have been trying to figure out if they actually squeezed footage from two night's into the jackson preview. might be cause i can totally imagine Jackson coming back after the surprise birthday part to raid the fridge for something to eat. hehehe. did you love Joon's first morning surprise? :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

Sunny struggles with Pilates on 'Roommate'!

Girls' Generation's Sunny was found to be surprisingly less than limber on the latest episode of 'Roommate'!
She followed fellow 'Roommate' older sister Bae Jong Ok during one of her Pilates sessions, and quickly found herself over her head as Bae Jong Ok pushed her to try more exercises! "We should come together twice a week," she told Sunny, who merely groaned in answer!

-----'Roommate' family throws a surprise birthday party for Nana!
After School's Nana was pleasantly shocked when she was greeted with a surprise birthday party on the latest episode of 'Roommate'!
Although she caught wind of it early when the roommates weren't fully prepared for her earlier-than-expected arrival, she was still thankful for the impromptu surprise as the 'Roommate' members put on an Orange Caramel-themed show for Nana, who watched from the second floor with her special birthday cake!

Darn you SBS. Why you made this video available in my country.
-----Otani Ryohei Talks About the Ladies of “Roommate”
Model-actor Otani Ryohei has recently sat with isPlus for an interview wherein he talked about the ladies of the SBS variety show “Roommate,” among other things.

The model-actor from Japan who has built his acting career in Korea has mentioned that he is open to developing a love line with the ladies in “Roommate.”
“The ladies (in Roommate) are all attractive. I think there will be a good feeling if we spend more time together. Won’t there be a possibility with everyone? I wish there’s a chance to have a love line. Maybe it can be seen around this month,” said Otani Ryohei when asked whether there’s a chance for him to have some romantic relationship while inside the share house.
When asked to pick his ideal type among Bae Jong Ok, Lee Gook Joo, Sunny, and Heo Young Ji, the model-actor shyly replied, “I cannot choose. Even if there’s somebody (I like among them), I cannot say it. Haha!”
Otani Ryohei then talked about each of the ladies in “Roommate” and shared his feelings about them.
“There was that one time with Lee Gook Joo. I drank alcohol until late at night at the first floor and after going into my room (to sleep), I went down at around 5 a.m. to drink water and she was making kimbap. I thought, ‘She’s really enjoying Roommate.’ It’s just like going on a membership training (MT) with your college mates. The atmosphere is cheerful. I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with her at least once,” said Otani Ryohei on Lee Gook Joo.
Otani Ryohei also talked about Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. “Sunny is really cute. She’s a friend who always laughs when she talks and she is hardworking. I sometimes play volleyball and she comes to cheer me at my match. She just said she’ll come. I know that she has a very bright personality, (of course) she’s Girls’ Generation. But she really works hard and whenever I score a point, she cheers for me. She’s a cute and lovely character,” said Otani Ryohei.
Finally, Otani Ryohei talked about actress Bae Jong Ok. “Bae Jong Ok noona is a great senior but she told us not to approach her like that. She keeps an eye on things in the kitchen.”
However, Otani Ryohei mentioned that he cannot say much about Nana and KARA’s Heo Young Ji. “Because of their schedules, I couldn’t see Nana and Heo Young Ji often so I don’t know much about them yet.”
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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7′s Jackson: “I Really Liked Lee Gook Joo, But I Feel Disappointed”

GOT7‘s Jackson opened up about his friendly feelings toward comedienne Lee Gook Joo on the latest episode of SBS’ “Roommate 2.”
As the members took turns introducing themselves, Lee Gook Joo expressed her worries: “I am gaining weight. Despite being busy, I am not losing weight,” and revealed she felt most curious about actor Seo Kang Joon. “From the beginning, I have been wondering what kind of a person he is,” she explained.
When it was Jackson’s time to greet his roommates, he surprised everyone by confessing: “I really liked Gook Joo noona, but I am disappointed. She doesn’t like me as much as I like her.”
Hearing this, Lee Gook Joo asked, “Is it because I didn’t want to share a room with you?” but Jackson pretended to be upset, and replied, “That’s enough,” while others could not help but laugh over the situation.

When asked to share his reason for liking Lee Gook Joo, Jackson replied while spreading his arms wide, “She reminds me of my mother.” Seeing this, the comedienne complained jokingly, “Why are you spreading your arms all the time? How much wider are you going to get?” 
“Roommate 2″ airs on Sundays at 4:50 p.m.
-----GOT7′s Jackson Chooses Pork Over Sleep on “Roommate”
GOT7 member Jackson showed his immense love for meat on the latest episode of the SBS Sunday variety show “Roommate 2.”

In the episode that aired October 5, Jackson and his roommate, Seo Kang Joon, went out to eat near 4:00 a.m. in search for meat. Jackson revealed while on the search for a restaurant that he had to start working at 6 a.m., only two hours away, yet his hunger for meat was more important than sleep. “If I can’t eat, I can’t live,” said Jackson.
At the restaurant, Seo Kang Joon tried to order two servings for the two people, but Jackson corrected him, ordering three. “For two people, you have to eat three.” Seo Kang Joon could only nod his head in amazement.

When Jackson saw Seo Kang Joon struggling to cook the meat, he quickly took over, eager to get the pork cooked and into his stomach.

Earlier in the episode, Jackson also surprised his “roommates” when he revealed that he used to be a national fencing athlete in Hong Kong before he came to Korea. Jackson explained, “I prepared for the London Olympics, but because I wanted to be a singer, I came to Korea.”
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Guest cascade7

adikkeluangman said:

Otani Ryohei also talked about Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. “Sunny is really cute. She’s a friend who always laughs when she talks and she is hardworking. I sometimes play volleyball and she comes to cheer me at my match. She just said she’ll come. I know that she has a very bright personality, (of course) she’s Girls’ Generation. But she really works hard and whenever I score a point, she cheers for me. She’s a cute and lovely character,” said Otani Ryohei.

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Oh Ryohei, loveline is the last thing you should bait the viewers with. I like what he said about Gukjoo though. I want to see them having heart-to-heart talk too. And how cute is Sunny going to his volleyball matches?

@cascade7 Oh don't be sorry. I prefer being spoiled anyway. Better to have low expectations imo ;D Youngji's 'aniyo' at the end was so cute. I love that she's not gonna take up Gukjoo's suggestion to close her mouth. Kudos to her!
They have a graph to show where the rating drop and rise. That should indicate viewer's favourites. You would think they would have learned by now.
In case the PDs are reading this thread, let me break it down to you.
1. Don't dwell too long on one uninteresting scene. You have 11 cast members; there must be at least something to show, just a bit of what they are up to.
2. Don't show scenes in the preview if you are NOT going to put it in the show.

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