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[Variety] Roommate Season 2 (It's Okay, 룸메이트)


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just finished the last ep. sad to see that it is finally over.
again thanks to all for sharing this RmM journey and all the hard work posting pics and news.
gonna miss them so much. hope to see Ryohei in new drama or variety, he wasn't a very noticeable cast but as the season progressed, he slowly opened up. think the PD did a good job pairing him with Joon Hyung. good bye our dear mom and dad. and may you both be a bigger persons in your career in 2015 and beyond.
Bye Jong Ok, tot she will be an overpowering character but she is really a mother to all, sharing and guiding them along.
looking forward to Dong Wook new production(drama or movie). he was the reason for starting the RmM journey. will miss him the most.
for the girls, including Oei, all the best. never knew Sunny could be such a dynamic ball of fun.
see you all around! :((

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Guest adikkeluangman

Joon and Jackson meet up for dinner yesterday.

GOT7′s Jackson posed "with my dad....hahahahaha. Roommates is never over."

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Guest adikkeluangman

g.o.d, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook and Others Celebrate at Park Joon Hyung’s Wedding

g.o.d‘s Park Joon Hyung tied the knot on June 26, and his wedding ceremony was a star-studded event!


Fellow g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo was chosen to MC at the wedding, and Park Joon Hyung reunited with g.o.d to sing a special song to his bride at the ceremony.


Plenty of stars were in attendance, including Park Joon Hyung’s friends Insooni, Roy Kim, Kim Jae Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, and Kim Jong Kook all at one table. Kim Jong Kook uploaded a great video of the ceremony to his Instagram, which shows g.o.d’s performance as well as everyone at the table having a great time.

In addition to posting a photo of her table mates onto her Instagram, Insooni also shared her own video of the performance, with a caption that says she thinks she’s going to get a lot of love from g.o.d fans!

Some of Park Joon Hyung’s friends from his time on the reality show “Roommate” also came out to the wedding! Comedienne Lee Gook Joo uploaded a shot of their table to her Instagram. In the photo, she’s taking some shots with housemates GOT7‘s Jackson and KARA‘s Youngji, as well as guest Super Junior M‘s Henry.


Congratulations, Park Joon Hyung!



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Guest adikkeluangman

“Roommate 2″ Cast Gather for a Friendly Reunion

g.o.d‘s Park Joon Hyung shared a friendly snapshot from SBS’ “Roommate” season two reunion party with his Instagram followers this weekend, proving that the cast is still very much keeping in touch!

The photo shows Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho smiling brightly next to Park Joon Hyung, while their fellow cast members Nana, Park Min Woo, and Sunny look cute posing behind them. It appears that the dinner party was also attended by some “Roommate” producers and staff members.


Giving a shoutout to the roommates who were unable to make it, Park Joon Hyung writes on his Instagram, “Yo~ Lastnight hangin out with the Roommate fam was a blast~!!! Next time make sure u guys can make it too Jackson, YoungJi, RyoHei, KangJun and JongOk Nuna~ BBBAAAMMM~!!!”

Meanwhile, “Roommate” season two ended its run in April.


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