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lakorn tales ~ I can't believe I saw such a mature, emotional and very subtle break-up scene in a lakorn. somehow, that feels wrong. :lol: I feel like lakorn is always overdramatic, shrill and just loud. hahahahah... instead, we have two very sincere, respectful adults who care about each other but finally accepting they are not right for each other and are unable to make this relationship work and it is time to let go. I like that it stayed true to the characters of tej and doc girl who have very serious personalities. 

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lakorn tales ~ wow, ep 15 was super dramatic and went in directions that I didn't expect. now the fallout is being explored. I am still confused on how this lakorn is written well. I am so used to lakorns being hilariously weirdly flakey (in a good way)

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6 hours ago, partyon said:

Your muscle oppa is looking skinnier....

i think @Ameera Ali has worked him hard as a blender.. she probably gave him coconuts to break with bare fists



cr.: owner


crack some walnuts to juice as walnut milk



cr.: owner


and not feeding him as much protein!


but he looks better now!




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@partyon @Lmangla

@larus @joccu

@MayanEcho  @gm4queen 


 @Sleepy Owl 


 @Sky Kang 

@Ameera Ali @hsmz @pompyavi

@Ernie  @mirmz @elan1

hai chingus. :D cooperation between the method through add on or subtract to get sum. :D







have a good day, chingus. :D








glaring light.



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