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thanks @Min2206 i went to the minimart.. lays and ruffles totally sold out before cny.. i went to cheers, no salt n vinegar.. i came back with lays sour cream instead.. oh well.


sad andy samberg GIF by Saturday Night Live


30 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

is it a MUST to have kewpie mayo with California Walnut bread?

it makes me think i'm eating slightly healthier.. hahahaha self deceit to feel better?


episode 5 boss GIF


30 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

Lee Da Hee seems to get beating practically in every episodes. And,she can't fight at all.

she did appear strong to me in ep1 and 2.. or the impression of it.. except tough luck girl, she kept messing with the stronger ones!


29 minutes ago, Abs_ triggered said:

5 , 6 , first part of episode 7 feisty Luca don’t need shirt

whoa whoa.. glazed in oil too!

i wouldn't want to hug a guy that "sweaty" though.. please have a joowon shower first then come hug me hahahaha


@elan1 hahaha to me, any food served black is either squid ink or bamboo charcoal infused.. 






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hai everyone.. to a team add

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 @Thong Thin @4evrkdrama  @Ernie

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 @iksunijini5 to a team subtract @mirmz @elan1 @forme26 fi @NaYouSabi? , you are the kindest person, as flowers in springtime. :D


 old school hearts GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski


flowers GIF


visible skylight in the night. :D





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Hi everyone 



past two weeks were drowned with hectic schedules !


I planned to stop watching aired dramas (no time)


* Black Dog 

* Nobody knows

will binge watch both when I get a looongggg free time !

(am at the edge cant let them go ...but still i have to.. or else my ongoing dramas will be on pending list )


Lemme spare some time for ongoing dramas

Didnt start ongoing dramas yet :



*Hello its me


(don’t have much expectations for these dramas as lately kdramaland never fail to let down my expectations)


gonna watch Vincenzo tonight and will let you know my review.

Just reading Beyond Evil review I wanna watch it too !

will spare some time for it too !


Dropped Mr.Queen at ep 17 

anyone watched the special episodes of it ?




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@4evrkdrama Chingu, no problem, sometimes the RL does make it hard to watch dramas or start the new ones. For me, it was a busy week, and by the looks of it, its gonna be a busy week too. But let's hope for the best. Best thing of dramas is, they never run away. So if you could not start the new ones, look at the positive side, you can now binge watch their first few episodes :approves:


By the way, why did you drop Mr. Queen? Did you know how it will end and lost motivation or just dropped it? I can understand though, 17th episode onward the drama's pace dropped significantly, it was hard for me to complete the episodes too, despite fast forwarding.





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