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1 hour ago, Nodame said:

@Min2206 happy Sunday to you, still Saturday night for me.


Any fun plans ?


No plans nowadays..   Can't really go out much on visiting or gathering due to rising Covid cases, sadly.    More of doing necessary errands like helping mom doing grocery if outing OR at home, doing chores ... hehe.  Thank you for asking @Nodame  Am watching Mr Queen too.

Hello  @sadthe1st  @MayanEcho  Good morning 

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@Lmangla :heythere:


What time is it there? Almost midnight here. Watching my dramas and in 2 days caught up on Mr Queen. 


@Sleepy Owl @partyon oh my gosh,:omg: their kisses were hot and yup first base indeed. :smooches2:Did not expect to see. I def expect slippery pulse indeed at the rate we are going.:highonflowers:



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5 minutes ago, sadthe1st said:

hi @MayanEcho bye @MayanEcho that was fast!


hahaha i watched Mr Queen ep9 too! the period scene was hilarious!





@Thong Thin whoa cinnamon rolls!


hi @Lmangla




Period?... Hahaha..did he used sanitary pads or just a piece of cloth. I did not watch Mr Queen but base on your feedback... Ik how hilarious :loolz:


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12 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

Hahaha..did he used sanitary pads or just a piece of cloth.

hahaha i asked the same and @partyon definitely confirmed on the cloth!



the poor servant maid who had to wash it..

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i kind of lost interest in the Cheater drama.. i still haven't caught up the latest 2.. lol and time to catch up on Uncanny Counter! i saw @Sleepy Owl tagged me on the drama thread this morning.. gotta watch it like now!!! but.. my stack of clothes are still sitting on my couch.. HAHAHA SINCE THIS MORNING WHEN I SAID I NEED TO DO IT!!


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hai @iksunijini cats have an internal clock that signifies mealtimes. :D thank you and you have a nice day too.




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:waves:hai everyone.. @Sleepy Owl @Lmangla 

  @partyon @Nodame @larus @MayanEcho @sadthe1st 

  @Min2206 @Thong Thin   @Sejabin @Ameera Ali @Jillia 

  @mirmz  @joccu @forme26 fi  stay safe and healthy.. :D



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