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Hospital Playlist re-watch before season 2 starts   

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in participating in a re-watch before season 2 starts? (re-watch kicking off late April / early May)

    • Yes, count me in!
    • Maybe, depends on my schedule
    • No, too busy / Not even if Ms. Koko pays me will I watch it again....

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  • Poll closes on 04/27/2021 at 03:00 PM

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5 minutes ago, joccu said:


@Min2206 I though I would need coffee shower to wake up.  Luckily three cups of coffee did the trick.  I

Your caffein tolerance is HIGH .. wow!  
Lately I have been having bit of light-headedness after drinking a cup (stronger one), so now me opting for milder version- still can't get away
You noticed i have been offering tea instead ... hehehhehehhehhe

These 13 Tea GIFs Will Make You Feel Warm And Toasty | Cooking Panda




@MayanEcho  Morning ... a cuppa of tea for you?


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Hey there Chingus 




@Min2206 its good that you completed the drama :heartxoxo:

I am yet to watch the final 2 episodes. Hopefully my weekend will be free and will complete it then :wow1:


I am yet to post my thoughts on 13-14th episodes too, not sure when I will be able to do that, maybe I will do that along with my post on the final 2 episodes. :rubchin:



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3 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

That Chicken Kapsa, the rice is long grain, right ?

Looks like Briyani rice. Long time not eat...


Yes, biryani rice is also used for kapsa. Biryani and kapsa are similar, but biryani is often more spicy and richer. 



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