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21 minutes ago, Min2206 said:

What about you


It is still cold. :) 


Mr Queen side comment, watched until Ep8: Queen's cousin is too obvious of his feelings and too reckless to antagonise his ruler. Ruled by emotions. In short, weak.  



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7 minutes ago, Min2206 said:

Haha!  @Ameera Ali did you see the comment in MrQueen's thread, right after yours?  something about Choi Jin Hyuk - I don't see the connection LOL :D Wonder what @partyon will say ... :D

Which comment? The thread is so long... :D 



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1 hour ago, MayanEcho said:



@Thong Thin If only it can be couriered in exchange of rains!  :lol: Mornings are still very foggy here, and so far there's no need to use AC yet, until around next month. 



Envy you.. Over here even after out from shower, you still feel the heat. 



@Sleepy Owl missed you. Whatever you are currently doing, have fun, stay safe and take care.





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55 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

Envy you.. Over here even after out from shower, you still feel the heat. 


This won't be for long. After 2mo or so, it will be very humid and hot here. The electric bill would be × 3 or 4 of cold season bills. The AC will be non stop unless we go out. And if we go out too, it will be by night when there's lesser glare and a bit cooler.



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This was one of the crappiest endings I've seen in a while. Okay, since Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol... :rage:


I cannot believe how they discredited Bong Hwan like that. The King fell in love with his personality and it was shown on more than one occasion that Bong Hwan was in love with the King.


Both were separated from each other. Like what the hell?!?!?! I'm so angry!



Honestly this ending was even worse than the Chinese version. At least in that version, they showed that Bong Hwan was distraught from the separation and was missing the King, searching for him.


Just so that someone won't get their panties in a twist, they give us this ending.



I will be waiting to see the k-netz reactions. The international audience is so upset.



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30 minutes ago, sadthe1st said:

summarize me the ending please!!!

i just got home.. arghhhhh... and the drama thread is so chaotic!


I'm not even sure, but I think it went something like this:


1) Both SB and the King get hurt

2) When SB wakes up, Bong Hwan is gone and only SY is left in the body

3) BH wakes up in the hospital and runs out into the street in his hospital clothes

4) Lots of stuff happens...

5) In the end SY and the King live happily ever after, apparently the King never realizes that he's not married to SB anymore

6) Bong Hwan doesn't seem to miss the king one iota


The end



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