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Add and Subtract Game

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hai everyone.. night in the sockets rounds.   to a team add @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali    @iksunijini @corey @cenching    @Nodame   @pompyavi @larus @Jillia   @MayanEcho  @partyon @Lm

hai everyone.. the night was approaching..  to a team add @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @corey   @MayanEcho  @partyon   @iksunijini@sadthe1st @Min2206 @Thong Thin   @pompyavi @mirmz @larus @joccu  @M

hai everyone.. putting that zoom camera set up to good use.    @Lmangla @partyon @Jillia          @Ameera Ali @iksunijini @Sleepy Owl  @Thong Thin   @MayanEcho @Min2206 @joccu @sadthe1st

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5 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

haha i actually stared at the plusle and "what's the other one called?" for the full dance!


The other pokemon is minun :lol: Have you seen the Pokemon Gotta Dance short movie? It was so hilarious, and it used to be in YT, but I read somewhere it eventually got banned. 


5 hours ago, joccu said:

friend salmon with herbs and spices and sweet potato fries. 


Tasty lunch you got there! ^_^



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:waves:  and good morning.,


@mirmz  Congratz on your "promotion" to cousin.


@partyon  hope the event goes smoothly.


@sadthe1st  omo !.... whatif the delivery fees does not go down, will you go on diet.


@corey by any chance you have the recipe for that cake. I would love to try baking it.


@Sejabin  bad me, I totally forgot about baby, hope he/she is fever free now.


@Jillia  I have no words to describe that abs  !   :heart2beat:  


@partyon  It's Friday ! ................let's party 





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Good morning everyone :issohappy: Have a nice day :blush:



@Thong Thin hi Chingu :kiss_wink: ahaha. Yes baby is okay and you’re not bad my dear friend :) 

on my way in a official trip to a district now. Only by car and not far. 78 kilometers. I am only eating and talking in the car now hahaha ^_* 

wish I could watch post partum ep 8 today :bawling:




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8 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

love Indian series, they got best trope . But I love freezing moment whenever the two lead eye meet or when music start playing whenever they meet  :joy:

guess what, i remembered randomly switching channels at my mom's place one of those weekends and ended up watching this




it's really one of those super light hearted movie minus the typical one beat up one hundred plot. and it talks about BALD.


major league baseball sport GIF by MLB


congrats @mirmz!


good morning @Thong Thin @Sejabin!


i was replying while backreading and then, lost the post i was typing!! grr..


@MayanEcho i din watch the pokemon movie but i did play the niantic pokemon go game last time hahaha then it got crazily troublesome with all the shiny and lucky pokemons i gave up on the game totally.


i'm drinking mint choc vitasoy.. and it's surprisingly not bad lol



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