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Add and Subtract Game

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5 minutes ago, partyon said:

Hello chingus!

Shall I reset the counter now? :kiss_wink:


Your wish Noona, but how did we get to 588 when we were on 600 and 598? :rubchin:


But I think we could also shuffle teams for this temporary round   



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  • partyon changed the title to Add and Subtract Game [Temporary rule change +-5]
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Temporary Add-Subtract Rule Change !


Temporary rule: Add - Subtract 5


Reason: Poll Result


Validity: One round


Counter starts from 500









tagging: @mirmz @Sleepy Owl @MayanEcho @Min2206 @Ameera Ali @Lmangla@sadthe1st @Ernie @MY15 @larus @Jillia @Sejabin @corey @joccu @pompyavi @kokodus @Thong Thin


EDIT: SUSPENDED for now. Might try this again on Monday when more people from Team Add are present. The rules are +- 2 until then.

Edited by partyon
Rule change suspended for now
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BTW @Sleepy Owl, coming back to my yesterday's list on T-Drama vs K-Drama, I forgot one of the crucial factors that really turned me off K-Dramas - namely the "quality" of Female Leads. Honestly, there are only one or two K-Dramas where the female lead is not dumb beyond belief/repulsive/doormat/behaving as if she had brain damage. I honestly could not stand it any more. The last recommendation (I think it was @partyon who recommended Accidental Couple?) had all the factors that I dislike in K-Drama:

- FL was simply repulsive

- married couple did not have sex

- the father of the second lead opposed to everything his son wanted because of his ambition

- this time ML behaved like a doormat and clearly liked the FL for her looks (because it could not have been her shining qualities, really)

- younger sibling of ML - the most annoying person in the world


I did watch the drama.


And the Taiwanese drama I am watching now - what an incredible thing - the FL is smart and a nice person and kissed the ML first!

A sight unseen in the majority of K-Dramas.



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@Ameera Ali I tried to search for your hubby's abs with "Go Joon + abs". All I could find was this video with Lee Joon's abs. :joy:



His fashion choices are highly questionable. :joy: Not that I'm complaining....


@corey The FL turned into a nice person half-way though. Also why did you finish it if you didn't like it? :joy:



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  • partyon changed the title to Add and Subtract Game

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