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2 minutes ago, Min2206 said:

She can really move.

i've never seen her in a modern drama before HAHAHAHA and her moves were smooth!! she must have practised loads from chasing after the Queen


Running Man Yes GIF by The Swoon


5 minutes ago, Min2206 said:

Woooo ... saw your wi wi wi .. hahahahha!

@Sleepy Owl will recognise him from 18 Again lol



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@pompyavi Chingu, @sadthe1st ever happened that you get attached to a certain character in webtoon, Manga or anime you are watching that their death hit you really hard? 


I watched Attack on Titan S4 episode 8th right now, and while I am updated in Manga and knew that this episode would have a major character death, but the episode hit me really hard. The usage of soundtrack, and seeing her actually speak out her final words, were too sad and painful for me, and I can imagine how hard it would be for anime only, since they didn't even see it coming. 


Interesting fact is that, the author wanted to kill her long back, in a scene where she dies while saving a girl from a mindless titan, and the publisher cried for hours when he received the chapter, but the author decided it would too cruel for her to die like that. 



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12 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

i bought one medium sized wrapped in.. banana leaf? or what leaf? lol and a small box of nian gao pieces rolled in fresh coconut shavings!!


haha i'm back home already.. i still have to work on more reports tomorrow morning lol







Yes, the traditional ones are wrapped in banana leaves and they taste better and oh... you have to those

coated in shredded coconut, how nice. we dont get here.


Good Morning  @sadthe1st @mirmz @MayanEcho @Min2206


BrB....work calling.


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hectic morning.. i was rushing to do reports and the new application used for pulling data had problems

idris elba table flip GIF


hi @Sleepy Owl i tagged u cos the IG i shared was the baseball star lol


good almost afternoon @Thong Thin @Min2206 @twinkle_little_star @iksunijini @forme26 fi @joccu @MayanEcho @4evrkdrama @larus @Lmangla @Ameera Ali



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Guess who is here oh myyyyy



Run on cameo 


Just comeback onscreen in a new drama this year itself please (hmmm after resting well ....you must be busy though ) 





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