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Hospital Playlist Season 2 - Let's make it into a success!  

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  1. 1. Have you watched season 1?

  2. 2. Do you think season 2 would be even more lit if it were made into makjang?

    • Absolutely. Let Sleepy Owl and partyon send in their makjang suggestions to the writers.
    • Maybe. A little kimchi slap and birth secret here and there couldn't hurt.
    • No. And no again. I'm with Ms. Koko, larus and Abs_triggered.
  3. 3. Which makjang elements would you enjoy seeing in season 2? (choose as many as you like)

    • Truck of doom hits Andrea and he suffers from memory loss. He forgets his love and becomes a priest. In the end, he recovers his memory and leaves the priesthood and searches for his love Dr Jang
    • But Dr. Jang is angry at Andrea for leaving her and gets revenge by marrying Kim Jun Wan (cardiothoraic surgeon) after he was dumped by his soldier girlfiend (Ik Jun's sister)
    • It's revealed that Ik Jun (general surgeon) is actually the brother of Dr.Jang making it all super awkward, because his friend Kim Jun Wan has dated one of his sisters (soldier) and married his other sister (Dr Jang).
    • Distressed by his brother Andrea's memory loss and depression for losing his love Dr Jang, Andrea's oldest brother (played by Sung Dong Il) decides to join the mafia to get revenge on Dr. Jang and the truck driver
    • Neurosurgeon Song Hwa and OB gyn Yang Seok Hyeong go camping but get lost in the mountains. Seok Hyeong and Song Hwa connect on a romantic level when he saves her from a bear attack.
    • OB gyn Yang Seok Hyeong's betrayed girlfriend Chu Min Ha goes on a rampage in the hospital, seaweed slapping everyone who comes at her way!
    • Priest Oppa Andrea's mom meets up with Dr. Jang, "Divorce your current husband Jun Wan, get back with my son or you both have to leave the hospital' (incoming water splash)
    • Meanwhile, Ik Jun is visited by his ex-gf(played by Go Ara) in the hospital. She wants him back, but he's like nah... "I'm tired of all women! They have all betrayed me! I'm gonna stay single"
    • The seaweed slapping Chu Min Ha (betrayed gf) has now reached a sad Ik Jun, but the camera slows down as she aims a seaweed slap at him. We hear romantic music! She slips but he holds her back preventing her from falling. Their eyes lock and BOOM!
    • New scene: Andrea is crying loudly in a bar in Italy, unable to forget Dr. Jang. An Italian girl comforts him and soon they become more than friends.... Turns out she belongs to the mafia though! The Cassano family. Her brother's name is Vincenzo..
    • But Andrea is still sad, so his oldest brother(Sung Dong Il) and his new Italian girlfriend decide to get revenge on Dr. Jang so that Andrea can finally move on. Cue on dramatic music.
    • As they arrive at the hospital, ready to kill everyone in their way, they meet the truck driver. Bam! He's a goner!
    • Cue in on Dr Jang who has just found out that her husband Kim Jun Wan is cheating on her with her and Ik Jun's sister (Jun Wan's soldier ex girlfriend).( Incoming water splash and kimchi slap 2.0)
    • Andrea's brother and girlfriend aim a gun at Dr Jang but her brother Ik Jun saves her. Andrea's gf shoots cheating Kim Jun Wan instead and sadly he doesn't make it. Dramatic music. Police arrive and arrest Sung Dong Il and the Italian lady
    • Ik Jun's seaweed slapping gf Chu Min Ha goes to the police station angry at Ik Jun for getting into danger like that. She seaweed slaps him! Boom!
    • Andrea hears of all of this and is shocked his brother and gf could do such a heinous act. But cue in on ANOTHER truck of doom that hits him as he is on his way to the police station. Dr. Jang spots a lifeless and bleeding Andrea, operates on him and saves him.
    • Dr. Jang is distressed after having lost her cheating husband Jun Wan and after having saved her ex-love Andrea, so she quits the hospital and becomes the manager of a chocopie factory.
    • Andrea has forgotten everything post truck of doom 1.0, and thinks he is still dating Dr. Jang and starts searching for her again.
    • (Time leap to 1 year later.) Dr Jang and Andrea meet by chance in the chocopie factory after Andrea's bus breaks down in front of it. Cue in on romantic music when they look at each other lovingly and kiss... Happy ending!
    • Ms. Koko: "partyon and Sleepy Owl - you're in big trouble!" (partyon and Sleepy Owl run away....)

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17 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Well I hope she isn't still under probabtion for her drug abuse a couple years ago. But looks like that's not the case. I mean her career has been more or less dead unfortunately. I was impressed by her cameo role in Birthcare Center though. So I kind of hoped she would start looking into roles again. But I guess she got other problems to take care of first.

Yes, she’s been in a lot of trouble during the last years. I really hope she will try to work on her issues. That being said, the entertainment world is a jungle and trying to survive probably causes all kinds of problems in many celebrities....




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@pompyavi Hi HI! 


@Jillia Always good to see you! :sparklyeyes:


@partyon I agree I hope she can get things together. LIke you, I loved her cameo in the drama recently. She killed it. The entertainment industry is no joke. Plus getting emotional help or support is not as accepted or normal as in the West, though slowly getting better. Still.  Also thanks about TUNNEL, I have a list to catch up on and hope I can be on time (But I not sure but def interested as I love REWATCH parties. As I said before, the people in it kept me to finish Empress Ki.)


@sadthe1st I never watched WWW --I wanted to after seeing clips of Lee Jae wook though kissing his partner in the drama. One drama I am curious about I am not going to lie.:coolshades:


Hope you ALL are well in  your part of world.:approves:



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@Jillia AWWW yeah! I haven't gone to the other forums to  post as I have new side job and that takes up my weekends now! (Trying to move forward to attack debt and save money this year! as ONE big goal among others) so mean less time on Soompi Forums.


Hope you are well in your neck of the world. Forgive me if I asked already, where are you? I am in North East USA 

by the water. :heart4:



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2 minutes ago, Nodame said:

How is yours going?


Alright so far, thanks for asking. :) Just had some persimmon slices, it's early dinner for me tonight 


I pop in when I could, posting here and in a few other threads. Have a good lunch later @Nodame


Hi @Jillia! Good to see you!



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@larus even I found that drama so-so, they could have made it much better even keeping the same concept. I would have wanted it to be a proper suspense/mystery/psychological thriller, but I found this one kind of interesting too. But the overall story telling and direction was not really that good. Looking forward to Namgoong Min's upcoming work in 2021. 


@partyon, @Jillia just when I thought we will be seeing more of her soon, she got caught in this. Drunk driving is never acceptable, and let's see how things will be for her. As Jillia said, even I am unsure she is still on her pronation or not, if she is, then this will be a bigger trouble for her. I too like others was happy to see her in a cameo role in "Birthcare Centre" and her role in "When My Love Blooms" she returned after almost 2 years, and let us see after this incident when we will see hr back.



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@Lmangla No need to watch makjang dramas when you can just read Koala's Playground

I just read the latest blog post and my feeling right now is:

What the heck did I just read?

Jeff Goldblum What GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden


C-actress Zheng Shuang Embroiled in Scandal of Discarding Surrogate Babies and Divorce with Ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng


Confusing title? Wait until you read the article.

x factor what GIF





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26 minutes ago, partyon said:

C-actress Zheng Shuang Embroiled in Scandal of Discarding Surrogate Babies and Divorce with Ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng


Classic life imitates art, plus more.


Don't know her, but if it's true, she has to do the right thing. She should at least do her part so that her children will have their official documents to go home.


It's so irksome when some people do or decide on something and then they chicken out when they mess up, or are in tight spot. Worse, they would never accept their responsibilities and pass the buck even to those who've nothing to do with it.


Facing the music and doing the right thing. Huh. It's hard for some to do it when they think they haven't done anything wrong, or they're on it coz it gives them some sort of publicity, attention they don't deserve in the first place.


Edit: well, well, well, Google her and Prada ended her brand ambassadorship. Kudos for not tolerating her extreme brattiness.



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