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Add and Subtract Game

How do you drink your morning coffee?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. I prefer my morning coffee:

    • black
    • with milk (or cream)
    • with milk (or cream) and sugar
    • with sugar
    • with condensed milk
    • with condensed milk and sugar
    • with vodka
    • as a specialty coffee (latte, cappuccino, flat white, espresso, etc.)
    • I don't drink coffee in the mornings (gasp)

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  • Poll closes on 10/01/2020 at 04:00 AM

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9 minutes ago, H0ney said:


Ep 4 is too good too :bawling:



I stop now at mins 10 because of it is too good hahahah.. oh my heart. This is feel like Reply 1988 in modern version 

must I continue? Write about ep 3 first then continue or continue then write at once ep 3 and 4? Hahahaaaa  


the more I watch the more I like this drama 



btw is it weird if my pajamas mostly pink with cartoon motives? Like rabbit or ballerina? Is this a childish habbit? 

Should I bought new pajamas with flower motives? Would it be more sexier and mature? 

I have pajamas with flower motives but I only wear them on holidays trip or any trip because of I want to wear pretty pajamas on holidays hahahaaaaa.. 


or perhaps we should wear pretty pajamas in any day? 


please give me your thoughts about pajamas chingus 





I like the parts when they were under the umbrella,  the convo bit when they were resting on the steps -- Hye Jun telling  J-Ha , its ok to like him ... and more ... then the drinking session .. i forgive you
best - the last bit when HJun acted as badass

Pyjamas -  I used to wear the long sleeves , long pants type ... that was way back during pre -teens.  Those were like cotton fabric types -- prints and prints and prints.    Now just top tee and short shorts - something like this


Avidlove Women's Shorts Pajama Set Short Sleeve Sleepwear Nightwear Pjs  S-XXL | Womens pajama shorts, Short pajama set, Pajamas women


Where i come from, its very humid .. the softer the material, the better

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11 hours ago, H0ney said:

@Berou happy wednesday. I like your butterfly dp 

Happy wednesday to you and everyone else :heart1:


Ohh I didnt know my DP would get such reactions. @mirmz likes it too.


I hesitated between the one I chose for my DP and this one :





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